Wireless or Not, Smart Meters Harm Your Health

by Diana Ostermann*

Diana resides in South Haven, Michigan, and is a retired wireless data strategy manager with 22 years experience.  The author has drawn on some material earlier published in an article written by Mary Beth Brangan and James Heddle. A link to that work may be found at the end of this article.

Utility companies nationwide are moving toward installing transmitting electrical, gas, and water meters at each customer’s service.  The new digital meters being installed on electrical services are a type of meter being called “smart” meters because they can do time of day metering, keep very close track of energy usage, and potentially perform other functions.  In the case of both Consumers Energy and DTE, and most other utilities, the “smart” meters selected are (wireless) transmitting “smart” meters.  The transmitting electrical rate meters typically transmit in strong bursts every few seconds 24 hours per day 7 days a week.  The other utility meters also transmit similarly.

In addition to transmitting in strong bursts, transmitting “smart” meters can also overexpose the general population to high frequencies by putting high frequencies on home and building wiring, either deliberately through signaling or inadvertently through poor engineering.  This is potentially dangerous in the long-term for everyone; however, for people who already have radio frequency sickness, sometimes called ‘Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity or EHS, this exposure can cause disability nearly immediately.  Experts estimate that 3-15% of the general population is electro sensitive, and continued chronic exposure could drive that number to 50% in five years.

Radio frequency sickness results from overexposure to radio frequency radiation.  The symptoms include headaches, ear ringing (tinnitus), nausea, fatigue, skin rashes, irregular and/or racing heart beats, muscle twitches, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, memory problems, high blood pressure and more.  Radio frequency sickness is not a disease.  It is an environmentally induced functional impairment.  Radio frequency sickness has real and disabling consequences.  People with radio frequency sickness experience illness (or even death) upon exposure to radio frequency radiation.  The most common sources are electrical pollution – high frequencies that travel on building wiring, – and transmitters – all wireless devices.

In addition to its radio frequency transmitter, each wireless digital meter also has a component called the ‘switching-mode power supply’ (SMPS) – switching power supply for short.  Its function is to ‘step down’ the 240v alternating current (AC) coming in from the utility pole power lines to the 2 to 10 volts of direct current (DC) required to run the meter’s digital electronics which record the electricity usage data.

The SMPS function emits sharp spikes of millisecond bursts constantly, 24/7. The SMPS on the OWS 514 NIC model, for instance, which is the smart meter model widely installed by PG&E throughout its territory (notably, California), has been measured to emit spikes of up to 50,000 hz and higher. This constant pulsing of high frequencies, in addition to the RF function, is causing not only interference with other electric and electronic equipment in many homes with smart meters installed, but also is causing havoc with biological systems (plants, animals and humans) in its field of exposure.

When current flows through the wiring of a building it generates a surrounding electro-magnetic field that radiates outward all around the wires at right angles to the direction of the current’s flow and reaches out into the room.  It is well known that switching power supplies can generate spikes of so-called electromagnetic interference (EMI), or high frequency transients, which then travel along the wiring in the walls, radiating outward in the wiring’s electromagnetic field.  Such spikes are known as ‘dirty electricity’ and can be conducted to a human body that is within the range of the radiating field. This function is on all smart meters used by all utilities and is on constantly, 24/7.

One engineer explains it this way:
“Extensive measurements have demonstrated that all of the meters measured so far, including ABB, GE, and Landis Gyr, emit noise on the customer’s electric wiring in the form of high frequency voltage spikes, typically with an amplitude of 2 volts, but a frequency anywhere from 4,000 Hertz, up to 60,000 Hz. The actual frequency of the phenomena is influenced by the devices that are plugged into the customer’s power. Some houses are much worse than others, and this observation has been confirmed by PG&E installers that have talked to us.”

Wikipedia agrees that SMPSs have this drawback:
“Disadvantages include greater complexity, the generation of high-amplitude, high-frequency energy that the low-pass filter must block to avoid electromagnetic interference (EMI), and a ripple voltage at the switching frequency and the harmonic frequencies thereof.  Very low cost SMPSs may couple electrical switching noise back onto the mains power line, causing interference with A/V equipment connected to the same phase. Non-power-factor-corrected SMPSs also cause harmonic distortion.’ ”

Many believe that it is this ‘dirty electricity’ generated by the smart meters’ switching power supplies that is a major contributor to the symptoms being reported by growing numbers of people in association with the smart meters thus far installed.

The ‘opt-out-for-a-price’ arrangement put forward by some utilities (in Naperville, IL for instance), in which the wireless meters would, at the ratepayer’s expense, have its RF transmitting function turned off, would still not eliminate the ‘dirty electricity’ flowing into the buildings wiring, and so would not prevent negative health effects in the buildings’ occupants.

What does all this mean to you?  It means that in their current form, all smart meters negatively affect the health of nearly everyone.  Those who are electrically sensitive (EHS) are immediately affected.  Others may not notice the effects for years, even decades.  However, both the wireless radiation from the transmitters, and the ‘dirty electricity’ are suspected carcinogens.  They have also been associated with autism, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, MS and asthma.  The only safe path for the time being is to continue to use the old analog meters.  The industry needs to redesign the digital meters before they can safely be placed on homes and businesses everywhere.

New Critical Problem with ‘Smart’ Meters: The Switching-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) by Mary Beth Brangan and James Heddle.

171 thoughts on “Wireless or Not, Smart Meters Harm Your Health

  1. If everyone around has the smart meter does it still have the same effect on me. How do you fight back for being charged a fee for having my meter read because I opt out.
    Are all these meters the same. I was told these are safer from PSEG.

    • I gather from the utility you mention, that you are in New Jersey. I am not familiar with laws in your state. Some states don’t allow opt-outs at all, some states allow you to have an analog opt-out meter, some only allow you to have a smart meter with transmitter turned off, or a digital meter. Most states that allow any kind of opt-out do have an opt-out fee. You should be able to keep your analog meter and NOT have to pay for the privilege of not being harmed. That is only common sense. But legislators in most states are very much under the influence of the utilities and other corporate interests, such as telecoms. These companies fund their re-election campaigns and they do their bidding. So do the courts in most places. So there really is no way to fight back other than to get your own generator or solar panels and go off grid.

      • If everyone around you has a smart meter and you don’t you can still be affected, just not as hard and everyone has the same smart meters. Opt out amounts, if the meter is outside the company will come over and change the meter weather you like it or not or like some in Michigan they were locking the analog meters sothe company started shutting off the power to the house. I had my analog water meter till 3 months ago because the company raised the opt out amount to a100.00. While Canada and California are removing smart meters because of health problems and fire, everyone else are fighting to get them off the houses.

    • NJ ,ERT is one way transmitter causes disease,diabetes,etc. I don’t think covered by insurance as I believe it falls under “ pollutant “ as well. Please double check but in my humble opinion it’s still causing RF radiation. I finally have confirmation from my insurance company , explaining that Dirty electricity, electro smog,emf not covered.. Pollutions is excluded they do not specify type of smog with smog over all is excluded.

  2. Disappointingly, Nikola Tesla was murdered by orders stemming from the same agenda to prevent us from knowing our Earth’s natural energy grid. These smart meters and RFs/EMFs aren’t even necessary.
    Fact: Energy is free.
    Solution: We all unite as the loving human beings we really are. Research zero point energy. Share our findings. Impose free (healthy) energy to our governments worldwide as they had done to our unsuspecting grandparents and future generations.

  3. I live in Staten Island
    In my house for 36 yrs paid my taxes n never bother anyone
    Last week they installed an antenna transmitter and 2 other boxes on a pole by my curb which is several feet fr my dining room window
    I ask if they could put it somewhere else but they said no way this is final spot
    I’m really afraid for my family’s health
    I won’t be happy till they remove it
    There’s an island across the street why couldn’t they put it there
    My neighbor two house fr me also had it installed on her pole but they faced it away fr her house
    I don’t know what else to do
    I just spend $30,000 to improve my outside house. I know this will create a problem when I go to seek my home
    If there’s any help you can recommend pls call me 917-797-1479 ty joe mauro

    • Hate to tell you this Joe, but sounds like they installed 5G which is more harmful then the smart meters. There are countries that banned the 5G because of the radiation it puts out, it’s very dangerous from what I have been reading. There are hundreds of people that are fighting the 5G, butthe US don’t give a crap what we think or what it will do to people.

  4. Hello. I am interested in swapping my smart meter for a non communicating digital meter, as analogue is apparently not an option.

    I am wondering if there is significant benefit to doing This? I imagine it would eliminate the wireless frequencies which is important, but what about the price increases people have been seeing with smart meters? Would a non communicating digital meter still have the possibility of incorrect readings like the smart meters do?

    Is there any way to get an analogue meter installed even if consumers themselves doesn’t supply them? Any laws that allow me to use my own equipment if I pay consumers to install it?

    So my questions are about the costs and health benefits of doing to a plain digital meter and if there is any way to be able to use analogue.

    • The non communication meters are just as bad for you and they do still send out radio waves, they lie when they say they don’t, and even if they were better for you, the company wouldn’t let you switch. In Michigan the power and water companies are getting so bad that if you don’t let them put in a smart meter they are shutting the power and water off and then make you wait 2 weeks after you decide to let them put a smart meter on before they will hook you back up. What they are doing is illegal and there are lawsuits starting, butthe companies don’t care. I even went up against the Mayor of Bay City for the smart meters because I have been dealing with a bunch of medical problems from the meters and have proof from doctors, but all the mayor did was laugh at me. I also heard anyone in the government don’t have a single smart meter on their home. Hate to say it, but we are stuck with smart meters as they kill us slowly.

  5. I opted out of the electric smart meter, in 2014 I started getting a rash all over my body and I have always had perfect skin and healthy. Went to my doctors and he asked if I had a smart meter, told him no, went home and looked, I had a smart meter, they changed it one day I was gone. Been 5 years now and still have the rash all over my body, ringing in my ears, tired all the time and other problems I never had. I live in Bay City Mi and opted out of the digital water meter which is 3 feet from my bed and is inside, they just raised the amount from 14.00 to 38.00 a month which I can’t afford to shell out money like that, but if a smart meter is but in by my bed and inside, it will kill me, and it’s bull they raised it that much and no warning.

  6. I moved into a property that had a smart Water meter. The meter was in the kitchen cupboard.
    Which was the place i used to sit alot and cook about 3 feet away from the meter and wash up about 4 or 5 feet away from the meter. My bedroom was just above where the kitchen as well. For 4 years I lived there and for those 4 years I was ill with all kinds of things that are on the list of symptoms. I never put 2 and 2 together to even think that smart meters where bad. I ended up having a low thyroid. I have since moved and all my symptoms have gone accept for my low thyroid which I still have. I don’t know if you can prove that a smart meter was the the thing making me ill.

  7. For the life of me.my whole family has anger issues and snap easily.then it hit me last night.
    It all started right after they tresspassed on our property and installed a smarter meter
    on our private property/ home.without our permission.anput a year ago.

    NOTE:our bill went from $200 per month.more or less.to over $500 for a few months and goes up and down.
    Rip off!!!!! Scammers!!!

  8. They also use the energy in your home to commit the crime of electronic harrassment, voice to skull,v2k,synthetic telepathy is what they call..to manipulate your mentality …

    • Margaret, if you have DTE as your electric company you cannot avoid a smart meter – short of terminating your service and living off grid. If you have Consumers Energy you may be able to get them to install a digital meter that is not a smart meter, but will have to pay opt-out fees.

      • Those “digital meters” ARE Death Meters (aka “smart” ugh makes me sick to call it that!). Don’t believe their LIES!!! Digital meters are just generic smart meters. Like Paxil is to Prozac. They are LIARS JUST LIKE THEIR FATHER SATAN. They charge you to “opt out” and give you the exact SAME SCREWING !!! Even the “analog” opt outs are retrofitted with RF transmitters! These psychopaths are snorting up their sleeves with Duper’s Delight every time someone “opts out” of their Orwellian Control Grid program!

  9. I can’t help but be curious as to how these meters were authorized to be used or passed inspection with such harmful potential to plants, animals and humans. Does this sound to you like a conspiracy or big cover-up and perhaps somebody higher up is getting a huge financial kick back at the cost of human lives? a close friend of mine is currently battling this kind of situation in Colorado and having difficulty finding a place to live that doesn’t put him right in the crosshairs of all the RF and EMF. It’s very concerning but how does one protect oneself when these radio frequencies are everywhere, from our cell phones to the very neighborhoods we live in? Thank you for any replies.

    • Karen, There are some steps a person can take to minimize exposure to RF: (1) don’t use a cellphone or cordless phone in your own home. Use a landline. Save the cellphone for situations where a landline is not available. (2) insist on a non-transmitting smart utility meter and hookup a whole house filter to filter out the dirty electricity from the smart meter. (3) Don’t have wi-fi in your home or, if you do, be sure to turn it off at night. (4) Don’t buy any new appliance that contains a smart chip. Buy dumb appliances or used appliances. (5) Buy a handheld RF meter (about $165) so you can determine other sources of RF in your home, that could, for example, be coming from a nearby cell tower. Learn how to properly shield your home from external sources of RF and install the appropriate materials on or in walls, ceilings, covering windows, etc.

      • What they call “SMART” is what is really DUMB!! And what we are calling “dumb” was SMART TO BEGIN WITH! “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for. bitter.” Isaiah 5:20 Smart Technology = Secret Militarized Armament of Residential Technology. Silent wars with quiet weapons…..

    • Hi Karen, it is truly unbelievable that these meters have been installed WITHOUT ASKING PERMISSION on so many homes, and not to mention that they are slowly killing us, but rates have risen to pay for these meters we never even authorized. F**king ridiculous. I have been doing a lot of research on this, and there is a crystal called Shungite that drastically reduces EMFs. You can watch videos of people putting it in between an EMF meter and a microwave and the reading goes from several hundred to almost zero. However, don’t buy the cheap stuff of ebay, because much of it is fake. Etsy or online shops you research or find through recs on YouTube are the best and most reputable. if it seems too cheap to be true, it is.

  10. I suffered from this since I moved into this condo 8 years ago, just yesterday I decided to disconnect my router and some relief but the pulse and sharp pain at the center of my forehead persist.
    I have gone to doctors only to be told it’s anxiety and they tried to prescribe medication, which I refused. After disconnecting my router I am in firm belief that the 18 smart meter connected to my building are have a negative effect on my health. What can I do about it?

    • Dear Michael, a smart meter almost killed me. If you stay in this environment, your health will continue to deteriorate, and I am telling you, the symptoms get more horrifying as the brain is assaulted by the pulse. YOU MUST MOVE and save your own life, no one will do it for you. You must get to a place where you can be away from all this stuff, especially smart routers and smart meters. Good Luck, you can do it. I live in New York, where we still can opt out and my husband removed the smart meter himself, and then called the water authority and told them it was out and staying out. This is a kill agenda, 5G is coming and it is wifi on steroids. The idea is part of an covert program called U.N. Agenda 2030, to take the world’s global population to 500,000,000, it is written and it is happening and it is a Leftist Progressive Global Elite agenda and the Right has been sucked into it by the lobbyists and big business. Big Tech is running this world thru the global elite. We are not wanted anymore!

  11. Our family has and continues to have near death illnesses.
    As a Nurse I find this to be deplorable.
    We share at every opportunity to inform People of Their Options!
    God save us from these utility companies!

    • I do know my health has suffered since OG&E put this smart meter in my home and I wasn’t ask if I wanted it they just installed it, then I noticed a ringing in both my ears which has all but driven me mad!! I have beautiful heavenly bamboo that grows along the back of my house for years, I don’t use any chemicals at all in my yard because of my dogs and the wildlife but the one heavenly bamboo that sits right directly in from of that smart meter is totally dead!! There has to be something the public can do about these meters. OG&E told me I would be charged a monthly fee to have it removed.

      • If you are in New York state, you can opt out. You MUST have it removed, even if it means paying for it. In the meantime, you can purchase a shield online, or even wrap it in foil for now, until it is removed. You risk grave illness should this meter stay on your home.

  12. This is an atrosity being forced on the general populus at large, most being totally unaware, all for the love of money and control!

    • If you live in DTE or Consumers service territory, these are your options:

      1) Move to an area not served by these two utilities, where the local utility has announced no plan to introduce smart meters. Or where the local utility actually allows people to have an analog meter.
      2) Go off grid with some combination of solar, generator and batteries.
      3) Help us pass meter choice legislation, such as Michigan House Bill 4220, which has been stalled in the House Energy Committee for over a year now. Write to your representative, and to all members of the Energy Committee, expressing support for HB 4220. Also write to your state senator and ask that a similar bill in support of meter choice be introduced in the Michigan Senate.

  13. Thank you for your work on this issue. Please see TelecomPowerGrab.org for information about preemption laws for wireless transmitters. Our work is based in New York but we are transitioning to a national awareness site for all things wireless. Let us know if you would like to be on our contact list. Also see the video we put up this morning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_2PftrN5EM

  14. A smart metor was put on my home without permission. I have since had ringing in my ears,horrible headaches,flu like symptoms,can’t sleep & im so concerned with why all this is going on.I truly believe I am very sensitive to all this new radiation from this smart box.

    • To whom it may concern,

      I am the unwitting victim of radiation poisoning from a smart meter, installed in my home, without our permission back in 2010 by Suffolk County Water Authority. I nearly killed me. If my husband hadn’t found the smart meter, manufactured by “Itron”, in our basement, in 2013, I would be dead.

      There is no way humanity will survive the onslaught of all this wireless. Cellphones are bad enough, smart meters are killing us and 5G will destroy the world, all its animals, trees, plants and babies.

      I was a perfectly healthy and vibrant mother of three amazing children. Suddenly and without warning, I started to feel my life slipping away. I was getting horrific heart palpitations, uncontrollable, shortness of breath; waking up to heaving in the middle of the night. I had body pain over my entire body, from my toes all the way to my head, terrible, non-stop headaches. I had brain fog so bad, I couldn’t think straight or drive my car. My sense of direction was gone.

      I was being electrocuted from the inside out, like I was being microwaved. I couldn’t sleep at all and I was having terrible anxiety and food allergies, along with chemical sensitivities were cropping up, out of the blue. It was only when my husband found the device and removed it himself, that my symptoms started to dissipate. But I told him I wanted to die before that.

      I am now slowly regaining some of myself back, but I cannot work anymore, as I am permanently now sensitive to all things wireless. This has pretty much destroyed my life. I can’t visit my kids at their colleges or stay in hotels or fly in airplanes. My life was stolen and I can’t even collect disability, as the U.S. has not recognized this illness as of yet, although many other countries have and are helping their citizens, we here in the states are backwards and going ahead with the installation of lethal pulsed radiating and wireless technology.

      This must be stopped. I am urging you all to listen to me, I am but just one canary in this coal mine and this is not going to bode well for anyone, especially the young and the elderly, but all are on the firing lines with 5G, it is not something to take lightly; this is a massive experiment and genocide will be the outcome.
      It must not go forward, we need all legislators on board to stop the mayhem and roll out of 5G.

      The industry is going to make trillions, while people perish in huge numbers and doctors will be of no help whatsoever, as they don’t recognize the dangers or symptoms emanating from wireless technology.

      Please feel free to contact me, with questions. I speak out locally and warn those who are getting sick to look at their homes for smart meters and have them removed.

      WE the People are in harm’s way and big business does not care.

      Sincerely, Susan Burke
      Please email this woman, she is fighting the installation of 5G. We all need to get involved and write to our legislators. mailto:brenschl@gmail.com (Time is slipping)

    • Mike, yes they are far worse than cell phones for two reasons: (1) the whole body radiation exposure from a smart meter is, on average, equal to the whole body radiation from 100 cell phones, and (2) you can turn a cellphone off during sleep hours or when not in use or not use a cellphone at all if you are highly sensitive to this kind of radiation.
      Here is link to study done by Daniel Hirsch comparing radiation from smart meter vs. cellphone:

      • I was struck down by a smart meter. It has rendered me unable to work as I am now sensitive to all wireless and other emf’s in my environment, and they are many. It has taken me four years to get my body back in balance from the severe assault from a two way transmitting device, also known as a “smart meter”. These things are killing people across the entire globe, and many do not know and their families will never know that the heart attack, stroke or cancer was caused by the intense frequencies produced by smart technology. This is a war on the people and the crimes against humanity are immense; one day this will all be out in the open and those who are responsible will be held accountable. It may take years, but it is in the works. MORE

  15. Please, how do I get my analogs back and how can I be sure they are not the opt out meters they chg you for?

  16. Please tell me how to get my analog meter back, I am sick since they put all three on my house. Water,gas,electric. They have radiated me so bad with an Open Wave meter that it was like tons of electricity purging thru me. All done before or after hrs with no notice. Do it on purpose or when not home. Even got into home for water meter w/o notification. I believe as I was even sleeping,since my door not locked in morning. They say they replaced the water meter, and then they already increased the bill by bout three dollars and add another $13.50 to have a meter reader come out. How do I fight this and how do I know if I get a safe meter if they do replace it. Also chg you $130.00 to replace something you did not want in the first place. I know I will end up with cancer from them burning my liver and pancreas from the inside out

  17. We are experiencing noises and my son has been having ringing in his ears pulsating noises, electromagnetic problems in his room. When he leaves the house he is fine. He says that he finds people with gadgets on their cars making noises that bother him. 25 years ago a neighbor died from cancer suddenly taken ill. I had a heart attack my son says its from the smart machines in our home. My husband had thyroid cancer 14 years ago. Does all this technology have anything to do with it?

  18. My cat and I both got tumors after the Advanced So Cal Gas Smart meters were installed on my block. An engineering friend said they generate 50 watts or 50,000 milliwatts per meter. They run on batteries but my house has been buzzing since they were installed on neighbors homes ( I opted out).
    Any info you have to help on a legal case to get them off my block?

  19. For me the worst rf is bluetooth. If i leave a bluetooth connection to a speaker left connected overnight i have a dramatic effect. A dull headache, a heavyness and bad sleep and sinuses are blocked (it is this i think leads to lack of oxygen while sleeping causing headaches and terrible sleep.) To recover I need to turn off bluetooth and wifi and go outside for a day or two and clear my head of the fog. i have no issue with wifi unless a device is very close to my head all day. but bluetooth wow…it must affect the body way more. leave a few bluetooth connected devices running overnight and see what i mean. is it cooking my head? is it irritating the lining of breathing tubes? i dont know. all i know is it is the symptoms of blocked sinuses and headache, and bluetooth is the worst, because you forget it is connected!

    • Within a couple of weeks of having a smart meter installed, all my gold fish died the meter was placed about 10 inches from fish tank.

  20. I live in an apartment in Victoria, BC Canada, there are 2 buildings on the lot 35 snart meters per building , our driveway is lined with houses which all have 2 AMI meters as well. There is this continuous pulsing modulated frequency heard throughout our apartment in every room. When I go to bed at night , I feel as though I am being microwaved in my bed. This sound is like a voltage sound with this pulsed signal coming through the bed. I purchased the stetzer filters , but they do not stop the audible pulses, they cut back on the loudness. I wanted to say that this pulsing goes right through me , the back of my head. I have asked BC Hydro to turn off the radio transmitter, they said NO. I told them we are both sick and I wanted to opt out to analogue meter , they said NO. What kind of a country do we live in, they know these meters are radiating us to death, all my friends are sick with dizzyness,vertigo, heart arrthymia, nausea, vomiting, not being able to sleep properly.

    • Carolyn, The only practical suggestion I can make is get out of that apartment. Rent a single family home that has some land separating it from surrounding structures. Make sure the smart meter on that home is not near bedrooms. Then turn off most circuit breakers at night or during sleep hours so your home wiring is not acting as a giant antenna for the dirty electricity the meter generates.

  21. If you cover the smart or digital meter on your bedroom with tinfoil, Will it reflect the radiation back into the house. Our power company refused to remove our digital meter(same as a smart meter) all the wiring in the house has high readings.
    I want to cover it with tinfoil, can you leave it on when the power company reads the meters from their vehicles?
    Thank you,

    • Julie, It is certainly possible that radiation could get reflected back into the house. If you are going to do that you should probably have a large area of aluminum foil on the inside of the wall nearest the smart meter to block radiation in that direction. Moreover you should buy or borrow a handheld RF meter to check that you are actually improving the situation. The Cornet RF meter can be purchased through stopsmartmeters.org for about $130. You also mention all the wiring in the house having high readings. That is probably frequencies in the kilohertz range, not RF. Foil around the meter won’t stop that. Your best option for that would be to turn off most of your circuits at night, except for refrigerator and furnace. People who do that seem to get a better night’s sleep. As to your last point, smart meters are not read from drive by vehicles. Rather they are putting out radio signals thousands of times per day that go to fixed receivers on poles. If you cover your meter too completely the utility may not get the signal and then they may require you to remove the foil.

    • Hi Julie – I agree with Vigilant Dave. As an option, you could place a large photo or paining on the wall behind where the smart meter is located. This would provide some asthestics to the problem of repelling radiation back outside. Another solution is to use a mirror (old type) that has a silver coating on the back, as such coatings have good EMR reflective properties. If not, then aluminium foil on the back will do.
      Also, I believe everyone living in cities these days needs a meter like to Cornet. Purchase one and take the Before and After readings when adding foil to the wall of the house.
      Also, you may have a high level of dirty-electricity in your home. You need to have this measured and then apply some filters to neutralize it. Have a look at the links below and see what you think.

      • Heading up to a cabin in the Adirondacks for a little rest while dealing with EHS symptoms, we found the house to be highly charged, and as soon as I walked in I could feel this imbalance and uncomfortable effect coming over me. WE wrapped the meter, securely and proceed to place three sheets of foil on the inside wall where the smart meter was located and this worked extremely well for keeping out the frequencies and I enjoyed the next three days without disturbance. Blocking the interior walls with metal or foil definitely worked, at least for me it did. Now after three or so years of dealing with EHS, I am going to an NAET specialist, after 11 sessions of clearing energies and balancing my brain and body, creating harmony, my specialist wants to do magnet therapy, it seems that I have a depleted or deficient energy field in one direction, toward the west. He seems to think, and I have read up on this, called “Veritex” magnetic shielding, that this may help to alleviate some of the other symptoms, such as pain across shoulders and into neck, fluttering in my heart, vibrations in the head and body and sleep problems. I am sleeping on my grounding sheet, nightly and sleeping has improved, also taking “Adrenal Support” by Gaia, helping as well. I am resisting wifi and going to the mall again with little discomfort or I am able to quickly re adjust and decrease the symptoms on my own. This is a maladjustment in the nervous system and our deficient earth’s magnetic fields are influencing our biological bodies. Not all will be affected, but many will and it will get worse as 5G is now being rolled out. In NY State, you have the right to OPT OUT; use it.

      • Has anyone experienced an electric shock the day a smart meter or AMI smarthub was installed. This happened to me this week. I thought it was a metal strip between my bathroom and utility room I stood on and got a terrible electric shock that went up through my neck ;up into my head. I have a DVT clot in calf and thought the clot had broken loose. Could you e mail me if you have experienced something similar as I am in contact with electric company. I was not asked if I wanted this meter. I was happy with analog Possible that as they use contractors to install these meters that possibly it was not installed correctly and caused me to have that awful electric shock. I am not a happy camper as I just spent the afternoon in the ER. sukisammy@comcast.net

      • Mary, I experienced an electric shock from the DECT phone, after the smart meter was installed. What happens, and it took time for me to research and find this out, but the smart meter frequency is corrupting all the other frequencies, over-riding or piggybacking, setting up this grid of criss-crossed frequencies and then we are getting shocked. This is alarming. After I was shocked by the hands free phone, I threw it across the yard and went it and started to clean up my home and get rid of all things that were dangerous; CFL bulbs, dimmer switches, transformers, chargers, wireless everything and I started to heal, but we had to completely disarm the SCWA smart meter and remove it. I would not live with that evil thing in my house. My husband actually found it and he took it out. I started feeling better, but it almost killed me. I knew doctors wouldn’t help, it became a spiritual journey back to health. I am permanently sensitive to all things wireless, but I can tolerate it and know how what therapies I need to feel better. I am unable to work, however and my life has been completely side-railed. Smart meters are destroying lives and must be completely banned. I am bringing attention to them regularly, but the leaders and our politicians are useless, they are all bought and paid for by special interest groups and lobbyists to see to it that this shit keeps going in on ever corner. The next thing is 5G, we won’t make it thru this massive assault. Tesla was right, he said this should would take down humanity and it is. Kathy Bates has a great book out. I have to get the name of it for you. YOu should order it ASAP on Amazon. It is “Getting Well God’s Way” Western medicine will be useless in the next hundred years as we succumb to electrically related illnesses. Doctors are not schooled in treating EHS; electromagnetic hypersensitivity which will be the “Black Plague” of the future. We are being distracted by politics, terrorism and nonsense, so as not to think that the real problem is WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY. THE NEXT NICOTINE CRISIS IS WIFI OVERLOAD.

  22. I just moved into a new home. I’ve been having really weird nausea, a strange headache that doesn’t make sense, ringing in my ears, causing vertigo. Someone suggested it might be my smart meter

    • There is a large part of the population that cannot withstand the frequencies emitted from smart meters. A smart meter was the catalyst that threw my body over the edge and made me sick and supersensitive to all things wireless. It has taken three years to get back my health and balance and I have not seen ONE western doctor to accomplish this. What you have to understand is that pulsed radiation causes an imbalance in the body and actually, as it has for me, depletes our own biological magnetic shield, leaving us all vulnerable to electromagnetic pollution which then further distorts our biology and causes dis-ease in the body. I am having magnet therapy done by my NAET therapist next week to correct this imbalance. There is hope for all, but I suggest you remove your smart meter ASAP or cover it with foil for now, it will help, but cover it tightly and securely, but not for long, just a quick fix and to determine if you symptoms dissipate from the wrapping. I am including an article for you to read and share.
      Please read up on Veritex and the deficiency in magnetic shielding of the earth and now of humans. Good luck and get the meter out, also take all wireless out and get hard wired. Get rid of CFL bulbs and digital alarm clocks. Turn off cellphones at night and wifi routers as well. Calm down the house, it will save your life and the lives of your children.

    • I have these exact same symptoms. We just moved into a new house 2 weeks ago and I just figured out the cause.

  23. Why are we treated like lab rats…not healthy…what happens when everbody sues for these sicknesses!? As soon as l got a new meter by bill got considerable higher…!!!

  24. Hello we are in Arizona and many smart meters, but we moved again and now have a digital meter in a subdivision. I called the power company out of bull head city and they refused to remove and replace this digital meter with high emf readings on my cornet and other meter called a triafield meter. I am suffering severe symptoms and they are getting worse. AZ is a dirty electricity state and Payson AZ has a cancer cluster of smart meters. Please advise, I am displaced and ready to escape again except my husband is worse off with signs and symptoms and will not move so soon.
    Please help,
    Thank you,

  25. As a very active, healthy, vibrant mother of three, eating healthy, taking no drugs, not a drinker, and no meds; primarily a clean diet, exercise and overall great health, I was struck down by pulsed radiation from a smart meter. SCWA here on Long Island installed it without my permission or regard for its harmful health effects on the human body, brain and cell tissue. It has taken me 3 years to recover from devastating illness brought on by the meter. I will not recount all I have done to heal, I kept spending to a minimum, that much I can tell you. The best twenty bucks spent on a “still point” inducer by John Upledger, and a grounding sheet, used from time to time. I confronted the enemy, in my case, wifi and wireless and other radiating devices, HEAD ON, living not in fear but in stark contrast, I went into battle mode and became an active participant in my healing plan. I am now glad to say that I am living a mostly normal, comfortable life again. Even going to restaurants and bars, mall and libraries for small intervals. I want to share with you the idea and therapy called: NAET; Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique. This has proven, for me, to me very helpful. Discovering, that, for the most part, radiation acts like an allergy on the body, but more importantly, that our bodies have become quite out of balance and out of sync and are being compromised by many other allergens or irritants. I read the book first called: “Say Goodbye to Illness” by Nambudripad and sought out a specialist in my area who practices and understands balance issues and uses energy therapy to reduce imbalance in the body and brain. I am so excited about this and will talk about more it in blogs and other groups I am in on social media. For me, stress and para sympathetic nervous system disorder incurred by the pulsed radiation, set my body up for a break down, all systems were being affected by the radiation. So now, I am getting my systems back up and running and feeling much better, positive and happy again. Check out this therapy as well as “Biosyntonie” also an energy and balance therapy. Our bodies take on too much and too much of an irritant, becomes an allergic reaction, our bodies defense becomes hyper vigilant and turns inside out. Getting it right side up is crucial; but it can be done. As for all this other talk about politics and getting Trump on board, you are wasting your time. All we can do is be super vigilant in our own lives and communities and hope and pray that these meters will be banned and that chem trail spraying will be stopped. The world is messy, it always has been and always will be as long as man is here to mess it up. One thing is for sure, we have the God-given right to revolt against such egregious technology and we should and I am ready to stand up and speak up and have been doing so now for over three years, helping those in my community to OPT OUT and TAKE OUT the smart meters. We have a lot of work to do. But I do know smart meters are lethal killing machines and must be eradicated from the earth. 🙂

    • E.N. Land, Your only real choices at this point, for eliminating the problem at its source, would be a lawsuit or go off grid. The Public Service Commission in Michigan helps nobody with these issues and courts here have so far supported the Commission. However there are some things you can do to mitigate the damage. If your utility offers you an option to have a “non-transmitting” smart meter you may eliminate part of the bad health effects by opting for that. But there is also the fact that any electronic meter puts “dirty electricity” on the wiring of your home. There may be filters you can purchase that will help with this problem. Also you can install shielding to stop radio waves from nearby cell towers from entering your home. Large sheets of metal foil, properly grounded, can help with this but you should only do this if you can buy or borrow a handheld meter (such as the Cornet feautured at stopsmartmeters.org) to measure radio frequency strength. Taking measurements will help to determine that you are blocking radiation and not reflecting it back into the house.

  26. I just moved into a condo and noticed a bank of eight smart meters just off my patio. All the pine trees surrounding the meters are dying and I am getting migraines, skin rashes, twitching muscles, am dizzy and have brain fog. I told the condo association after a trip to the ER and the physician asked if something environmental was causing the sharp increase in migraines, they contacted the Board of Public Works which denied it could be their meters making me sick. They said the meters are safer than a cellphone. The condo association is agreeing with the BPW. The seal in my patio broke so there is fogging between the glass and you can see a symmetrical pattern in the fog where the waves hit the back of my condo.

    I don’t know what to do but something has to be done or I’ll have to move again.

  27. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nysenate.gov%2Flegislation%2Fbills%2F2013%2FS3379&h=uAQEN6HWH

    Here is an opportunity to vote on legislation and make it law. The OPT OUT option is being considered in New York State and we can all make a difference. Utility companies here on Long Island are allowing us to JUST SAY NO to a smart meter, such as I have done, with all three utility companies and they are all complicit to my plight and honoring my option to stay safe in our home. Vote “Aye” on this bill and make it law. We get to choose, NO SMART METER and wellness for all. Disconnect from wireless, your life depends on it. Wireless is going to be the number one cause of death in the near future. Mark my words. And they will avoid telling you the truth, just like nicotine and asbestos, until they can’t deny it or refute it anymore. Dave National Grid is our Gas utility and they are allowing us to opt out, because so many are sick and know it is from pulsed radiation, there is no refuting this truth anymore…it is a vast deployment of a sinister and terroristic weapon of mass destruction on humanity.

    • john, only about 5% of the population will experience immediate symptoms. The rest will experience the effects much later, perhaps 15-20 years later, with increased risk for neurological illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and some forms of Alzheimers.

    • No. They will charge you a one time fee of $69.50 for having the so called opt out meter plus just under $10/month ongoing for manually reading your meter.

  28. I have a right bundle blockage. 2 years ago, I did not have. DTE installed the smart meter about 2 years ago. Is it possible it may have caused this problem?

    • All we know is that this is a condition affecting the nerve that delivers electrical impulses to the heart muscle on the right side of heart. Whether this was brought on by a smart meter or other source of electromagnetic radiation we do not know.

  29. This smart meter on my home is basically killing me why dont somebody help us all get out of this hell we are living in this is not fair for utilities to do this to anyone I can no longer live a normal life I am not happy no more I feel at times that I am suffering so severe that I feel like my life is over I have never been so sick in my life.I can even cook in my kichen anymore its splitting me away from my family I love so dearly. I cry everyday because I want my life back. My head hurts so bad with this smart meter on my home I need the state legislation to help me and others suffering please somebody help us all from these meters please let them bring back the analog meters for our health.

    • You must remove the smart meter ASAP, take it off and buy an analog meter on line. YOu have much work to do to recover, but you can recover. I was violently ill in 2013 by a smart meter, we took it out and I am recovering, not whole, but so much better. You must do cranial sacral therapy to relieve stress on nervous system.

      • my crappy electric company threatened to sue me if i switched out my meter. they called it stealing from them. i do not know what to do. I can feel the EMF’s. I wonder if the people in charge at the utilities have these horrible things on their homes. I feel helpless, i have a baby in the house and young kids I’m concerned about.

      • Andrea, You are perfectly justified in changing your own meter under the circumstances. It is the only way to get complete relief from all the harm being caused you by the smart meter. That said, expect the utility to respond to your changing the meter. They will likely turn off your power, claiming that you have created a safety issue by your action. But it is not a crime to change your own meter to avoid the harm of the smart meter – so long as your purpose is NOT to steal electricity. To date, we have not heard of anyone being prosecuted for doing this. Nevertheless, I cannot recommend this course of action unless you are prepared to live off your own generator or do without electric service.

        There are some other less risky things you can do. You can put up a radio frequency screen on the inside wall of the room nearest your meter. Covering that wall with aluminum window screen material may be a good way. You might also want to screen any wall that is near a neighbor’s smart meter. You should buy or borrow a handheld RF meter (cost about $135 new) to make measurements to be sure your screens are helping the situation and not causing unwanted reflections of RF from other sources. The other things you can do is get rid of wi-fi, cordless phones and turnoff at bedtime all your electric circuits at the breaker panel -except for the refrigerator circuit and furnace circuit (or anything else essential). If these circuits are dead during sleep hours then any dirty electricity caused by the smart meter will not be circulating in walls near you while you sleep.

  30. 10/14/2015 If the wifi smart meter onslaught is successful, it means the end of life
    in America where one might easily traverse many decades without ever thinking about
    or hearing others opine about utility meters. Analog meters were reliable and relatively
    very safe. When they malfunctioned it was a mechanical event and not likely to be mysterious. The Advent of wifi smart -microchip- utility-meters is a new deal and a very bad one. Eventually everyone will realize that utility meters will be often a matter of
    discussion and usually due to some intrusion from un-provable experiences of overbilling
    to having utility appliances or even utility service remotely shut off because some distant
    area will pay a premium for electricity and one will be able to complain, perhaps three tiers or more of alternative complaint options but time will show that resistance is futile an
    the complaint process defuses your fury and you can never prove overbilling. The
    (spy capability + remote shut-off ability of all appliances) constitutes probably the key
    reason for the wifi smart meter deployment as it is fundamentally a weaponized meter device that will bath the dwelling in RF radiation long term rendering the inhabitants
    subjects in an unacknowledged experiment utilizing their homes as laboratories.
    But you might not notice and if you are not critical of people in or in control of government you might never notice the spy capacity nor incur much attention from authorities.
    Eventually if decision makers in charge of your utility company are a bit greedy you might
    have some occasional shock experiences with high bills that you know can’t be correct
    and you will complain and point out initially how the billed usage is much greater daily than anything in your billing history. Can you prove that your wifi smart meter inflated your usage reading and caused an overbilling? Nope. Then you must pay the full bill.
    Eventually inflated episodic bills and maybe low level of continuous inflated usage will
    seem normal and not so out of whack compared to previous inflated bills and anyway
    you have to pay it. Or for some it will be that the computer is remotely shut off or the
    TV throwing the home routine into disarray and causing fury as those things supposedly are not to be remotely shut off. You can start the three or maybe four tier complaint process…
    On another note:
    I recently read an article called “The Structure Report” by Sandi Maurer from March 2015
    on this website in California: emfsafetynetwork.org.
    In the brief article Ms Maurer discusses several emails that Pacific Gas and Electric Co
    released amidst a court ordered release of 65,000 emails relating to the crony relationship
    between top officials of PG&E and the California Public Utilities Commission, a state taxpayer funded agency with a $300,000,000.00 annual budget. The several addressed
    in the Maurer article deal with a capacity of the wifi smart meter [microchipped smart]
    technology to inflate utility usage by a couple of identified mechanisms. They are
    mentioned as if viewed as aberrant; one of the modalities for inflated usage reading
    is in the presence of high temperatures of between 100 and 115 degrees F. Not too much of a problem in most of PG&E territory but not rare in summer and in Southern California
    very common range for four months at least of the year. I have not seen this capacity to inflate usage readings mentioned anywhere and even with the PG&E email release
    whose focus was not at all over billing, there seems to be no comment including by
    the CPUC which seems never to have addressed the matter publicly. Yet in the years since 2010 overbilling complaints are legion and there is no recourse other than to
    complain to the CPUC where you must be able to prove that the wifi smart meter caused an inflated usage reading resulting in overbilling. Quite impossible. Even if you could
    hire experts to probe the microchip for possible stealth inflated utility usage reading programmed capacities, the owners of the proprietary microchip technology would never
    allow that. Only a powerful government agency with the will to discover such a thing might
    hope to succeed but then doing could it successfully deter such programming from
    ever being included in the smart and secret microchips?
    Another reason to choose an opt-out analog meter as long as it is an option.

  31. We have the smart meter in my building and I didn’t know it could make you sick, I didn’t like the smart meter because my bill has gone up 3 times of what I was paying before they put it in but I have been pretty sick lately and I didn’t know where it was coming from. I have nausea, fatigue, a skin rash on my arm, I difficulty concentrating and I had a really good tooth just come out and I have no idea why and my husband has insomnia, high blood pressure, memory loss and his heart beat is very fast at times. Could these things be coming from the use of the smart meter, yes it could. I just know that all these problems i’m having now I didn’t have before and now more than ever I want the smart meter gone.

  32. I have severe long term illnesses, including being pacemaker reliant. Since we got the meters I am better when I’m not at home and am at a place where there are no meters. For example at a cottage recently on a lake. How can I get the smart meter removed

    • Cynthia, you must remove it yourself and replace it with a traditional analog meter you can buy on the internet. There is no other way. Expect some reaction from the utility. DTE has never removed a smart meter once installed, even when individual customers provide doctor’s letters. You have a right to defend your life and your health.

      • DTE said they would remove it for a onetime $69.99 fee and then $9.99 a month which is ridiculous because I never asked for it in the first place, they will crook you anyway they can.

  33. IOWA AMERICAN WATER, (Susan Story, CEO, PO Box 578, Alton, IL 62002) violated our trust and deprived me of the information on what they were really doing when they came to my house under the guise of getting an actual reading. They switched our wired water meter for a wireless “smart” meter without our knowledge or consent. This deception speaks to their character. I called to get them to replace this but they tell me (Eunice Santiago, Floor Manager for Collections, filling in for Customer Service’s overflow of complaints, said today 22 Sept 2015). We want this OUT of our house, but they said we have “NO CHOICE.” – Dr. Kenneth Tennant KTennantDC@Gmail.com (563) 343-5565 Acct# 1011-210001367381

  34. Pingback: FPL replacing analog meters with digital ones, without permission? | Stop "Smart" Meters, Florida!

    • I live in a 16 unit apartment building. Directly below my bedroom are 32 PG&E “Smart Meters”
      What are the dangers and
      what can I do to get these removed

      • P_Calvey, The dangers are many – to your health (per above article), to your privacy, and to your ability to control your own thermostat and appliances to mention a few. Some smart meters have been the cause of homes burning to the ground. There were so many fires in Pennsylvania the entire program had to be put on hold. In Saskatchewan the government ultimately ordered all the smart meters replaced because of fire concerns. Getting a smart meter removed can be very difficult in most U.S. states now. Many people have found that utilities will not remove them even with letters from doctors. Many have resorted to self help – removing the smart meter themselves and replacing with an analog meter they bought. Since you are in California I would recommend the website stopsmartmeters.org run by Josh Hart. I would start by checking his FAQ page. There you will find a long list of local smart meter groups in different cities in California as well as groups in other states. Try to hookup with a local group in your area. You can also contact his website by email. TRY FAQ BEFORE WRITING. info[at]stopsmartmeters[dot]org No attachments please.

  35. The utilities across this country has always been concerned with profits first and people, wildlife, and the environment have always followed as second, third, and fourth respectively.

  36. Wow. That’s just horrible! Hopefully we can end this for GOOD! So come on America, make a change!

    • In reply to “Meter Man” post just below:

    Walk a day in the shoes of someone who has been struck down in the middle of a vibrant life, while raising three amazing kids. A woman who doesn’t drink, smoke, or eat crappy food, who is positive and healthy, (or was), who is immersed in her community and surrounded by the friends and family she has known all her life. Tell this woman and thousands of other men and women like her that RF’s are not a problem. I dare you to put yourself in the lion’s den and walk through the fire, and God forbid, you should ever be struck down by a cell phone, a laptop, ipad, pc or other electromagnetic radiating device; suddenly and without warning, turning your face the color of beets and your body heating up like you are in a microwave, being cooked from the inside out..head screaming in pain, while your chest his heaving in convulsions, short of breath, writhing with the pulse of electrical current pushing its way through your body.

    I hope to God, you never know this horrifying agony. A smart meter did this to me, and it is doing this to thousands and thousands of people across the world. You are ignorant and in denial. Your day will come. Just yesterday, a perfectly healthy teacher, was crying to me, so sick, she thinks she may not live. When she goes into the school, she gets worse. Wifi and routers, commercial grade are killing are. Yes, I can sit at this monitor, because it is hardwired, so is my telephone and there is no wifi in the house. Wifi is my drug of choice. For some, it is overhead power lines and cell towers. Our bodies can only withstand so much RF radiation and then BAM, your toast. Sorry, you are wrong about this. You need to get your head out of the sand and listen in to the world that is crumbling around you. GMO’s, geo-engineering, and so on. Its a world of hurt, and we are the injured. And soon, you will be enlightened.

    • Susan, I, for one, don’t doubt for one minute that you are suffering. I don’t think you would be making all this up. I It is very rare for someone to report such symptoms and be lying about it.
      What concerns me is that while you are attributing your symptoms to electromagnetic radiation there may be another, treatable, cause. What makes you believe you are suffering because of smart meters or other electronic devices? Have you conducted any kind of test on yourself to prove this cause. e.g. sit near a UHF walkie talkie while somebody else transmits randomly to see if you can tell whether it is on or off. (Walkie talkies are far greater power than a smart meter. Most of them are 5 Watt devices and their frequency is similar to smart meters).
      You may be suffering from chemical sensitivity or general anxiety disorder. Both of these things can be debilitating diseases. Have you been to a doctor to see if you have another problem?
      I’m not prying into your personal medical details but I genuinely feel sorry for your distress.

      • P.S. Dave, I did not know I had a SCWA smart meter in my basement. It was installed illegally, without my consent. I started getting sick with unexplainable symptoms, I had never had before. Shortness of breath, heart palpitations, body pain, fatigue, brain fog, dizziness, imbalance problems and then an electrical shock to the brain. All of this over a two year period and we had no idea where it was coming from. My daughter’s period stopped for NO reason, and my other daughter was getting headaches as was I. Now I was not going off to seek the help of useless allopathic doctors who would have had us all drugged. NO. I kept searching, as did my husband, cause we knew it was lurking in my house, a house I have lived in for 24 years with NO problems. My husband is in telecommunications (no more) he got out, because he was getting sick from RF radiation in the past year. He found a device, finally, attached to our water meter. He didn’t tell me, but he covered it with FOIL, and yes in less the one minute, I stopped being electrocuted. Nevertheless, he took it out the next day. I started healing immediately but was permanently disabled and no longer able to tolerate any RF or EMF frequencies for a long time. As of today, I can go quickly in and out of buildings, stores, banks and libraries. I cannot tolerate huge doses of radiation or I feel very sick, my vision gets blurry and I have a feeling of being fried or sizzled from the inside out. NOT ONCE have I had a panic attack or experienced anxiety. I have a very strong, resolute woman and got right into reading about EMF and EHS, and learned this is a growing pandemic, not unlike “agent orange” or “asbestos”. We are just beginning to see what RF will do to humans and animals. The tip of a very disastrous iceberg. In 20 years or less the world will suffer the greatest and most catastrophic health crisis, much bigger and much more devastating then any plague on earth. As the earth is destroyed and man goes down with the ship. I am not a realist and an activist. I am not scared. I am the canary. God gave me reason to use my illness, serving others to WAKE UP.

    • http://takebackyourpower.us7.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=e30a0b351de8b882a8ad63b20&id=9ae660602d&e=ef2b3c4f87 In addition, not only are the RF and EMF frequencies harming our bodies, but they are crumbling our infrastructure. There is scientific evidence that proves that the ground beneath our feet is eroding away. I have evidence right across my street, where a ten foot perimeter of property, hedges and grass will not grow under a transformer. Our sink holes are caused by the vibration stemming from all this radiation. Our trees are dying, our plant life is not blooming and our animal kingdom is dropping out of the sky and hurling themselves out of the water. They are no longer able to survive in a world that corrupts their own natural frequencies. Which is exactly what these powerful RF frequencies are doing to the human brain and body. Hence rioting and now 400 people in a brawl just yesterday in a casino. Their minds were blown to smithereens and I know why. Yes, Dave, I have been in controlled environments, to test my theory, without me knowing it. It was a clever ruse by a very clever naturopath and he lost and I won. All cellphones adversely affect me, it takes one minute of being near one and my body lights up. I have never had a panic attack or anxiety, a good sleeper, never took a medication for anything and have a fruitful and bountiful relationship with my God. I am not a fanatic about anything and don’t go out looking for trouble anywhere. I am a passionate person who hates to see people suffer at the hands of corrupt government and “Big Pharma” and “Big Business”. I believe we are being dummied down and I believe the media is a large part of the problem; but they are being told what to put on the news. We never hear about “geo-engineering” and the chemtrails lacing our blue skies on a daily basis. WHY? We never hear about GMO’s lacing our land. WHY? We never hear that not all babies can accept these vaccines, 1 in 42 will end up speechless. WHY? We never hear that because they prefer to scare us with “Isis”, “Ebola”, “Racism”, “Politics”, and Hillary Dumb Clinton. WHY? Because there would be a massive revolution and the people would rise up and they would march the hell on Washington and shoot the very bastards who are allowing lobbyists to run the agenda and slowly kill off the population; of which they have clearly decided there are too many. Smart meters are part of the problem. They are blowing up and exploding, and making us sick and die. The food is killing us and the vaccines are turning our babies into fools. While new babies are born without noses and look like alien beings. All in the name of modern technology. Sad but true.

      • Susan, Some of your comments above seem a bit “over the top”. What is your evidence that sinkholes are caused by RF? Or that RF is “crumbling our infrastructure”?

      • Interestingly, although I’ve been a bit of a skeptic about some of the RF radiation/health claims made here, the link supplied by Susan has a number of objections to smart meters that I agree with completely.
        Smart Meters:-
        1. are enshrouded in fiscal negligence;
        2. are not shown to save energy;
        3.are linked with systemic billing inaccuracy and widespread increase of bills;
        4.facilitate “time-of-use” billing and future artificial austerity measures;
        5.facilitate monitoring of your activities and external control of your home;
        open the door to unprecedented hacking vulnerabilities.

        All these claims are verifiable and I have no doubt that energy companies have installed these devices for their own benefit and to the detriment of the customer.

      • Susan, You are 100% right. The gov’t and big corporations are out for themselves; however, when you try to explain these things to layman people or over-educated fools, they will not believe it. Although, they have seen the chemtrials, the fish washing ashore drying in mass numbers, the birds dropping out of the sky and so on. They rather listen to the media and be lied to. The gov”t is always talking about the NWO, the New World Order is real and they are not building Fema Camps for the hell of it.

      • Susan I share your reaction to the brainwashed fools who believe something they can not feel(at least consciously) must not exist! Yes pulsed rf over broadband has been researched for at least 50 years as a weaponized frequency!!!??? And for some true believer in the religion of surrender your power the minute you walk into a ‘savior”s office/ never question your priest in a lab coat ; tell us how growing your virus cultures in LIVE CANCER CELL LINES!? does not mean you are injecting these same live cancer cells into the patient!

      • What we have are advanced, highly-effective propaganda-delivery systems which are claimed to be “news.“ Satan’s Mouthpiece (the Corporate Media)

  37. This is a crazy blog. Honestly, I feel that due to people not being knowledgeable on the facts and science, using “facts” they found on Wikipedia and all over the web truly need to do more research where they found their info. In all honesty, the most logical person once was Dave, who used his knowledge, years of experience and factual findings with thorough research to provide a clear thought and response unlike many here. I sit nowhere on anyone’s side but do believe that the findings that everyone else has made, is a load of crap.

    People, this is not a way for the governments to test frequencies on us, this isn’t to spy on us, this isn’t to do anything other than to make a cleaner and more efficient future by lessening the use of fossil fuels by using other forms of energy such as wind and solar and hydro, instead of using coal, which is non renewable.

    To the masses of people viewing and reading this, I say this: Obviously like everything else on this planet, there are risks, the Internet rose, there was a risk, we all know what risks there are now with it.

    Cell phones; there is a risk, and this is where I am going to stop. If you recall, how many people bitched about how cell phones were causing problems, cancer, etc. Then I’m sure you know that in due time it was dealt with cause the people spoke and studies have been made. Obviously you have spoke, keep your word out there but don’t shove your crap on us that either don’t care or don’t have a problem. And another thing, if you say that you cannot stand being around any RF, why are you in front a monitor while reading and posting here, tv, near cell towers, have power running through your house, use a microwave, go in your car, listen to the radio, or even step outside. There is radiation from everything, everywhere. You can die from walking across the street, from food poisoning, from falling down your stairs trying to stay away from radiation and these smart meters, you can even die because God said you had to. Don’t live your life in fear, especially to a stupid “smart meter” or technology, it’s allowing you to read this.

  38. Oh, Dave I am so sorry I did not make myself clear enough to you. Here let me try again, simply, for you, since you missed it: PACEMAKERS ARE DIRECTLY AFFECTED BY all wireless technology, i.e., smart meters, cellphones, cordless handsets, routers, wifi and anything else that interrupts the flow of electricity, to our electrical bodies. If you happen to need a pacemaker, a cellphone and or smart meter could and may and has killed people. Don’t be so smug, Dave, unless you are completely misguided yourself to understand my simply stated fact. You can die if you use a pacemaker in today’s highly wired world. Period. There. And trust me Dave, I know all to well what I am talking about, but so many like yourself are uninformed and missing the EHS boat. Electromagnetic smog is killing all of us, one way or the other. EAch will manifest a different sentence. Thanks to all this modern technology and the beast that is mankind, the cancer of this world. I hate arrogant people who judge others as to not knowing what they say. Pompous and stupid people already fill the seats and positions of this world; enough already. My job is to stay alive after being destroyed by a smart meter. My other job is to keep my children alive in a very unhealthy and very dangerous world. It is not to educate the idiots~

  39. SMART METERS are just as dangerous, if not more, then cellphones. They radiate continuous low grade pulsed frequency at higher levels then a cellphone. If you are just at your threshold for EMF’s, a cellphone won’t necessarily send you over the edge, but I can tell you, unequivocally, that a smart meter, in your home will do it. It has taken me a year and a half to regain some normal sense of my life. I will never be completely able to enjoy my life, at 55, the way I did for the first 54 years, completely healthy, with NO medical problems, no medications, and impeccable status as a thriving, high spirited and fun loving person. This EHS has taken everything I have to stay sane and to continue to enjoy my friends and family. I cannot work and I cannot enjoy even going to a movie or the library. The crimes against humanity are so vast and so wide on so many levels, it is incomprehensible. If you have a smart meter in or on your home, it needs to be removed at once, or covered. If you have a bank of them on your apartment, you need to move at once, you are in serious danger. The FCC is completely out to lunch and has no clue as to how these are corrupting all other wireless frequencies in the home. The utility companies need to be told “NO WAY” to the install. Please be proactive, and call local legislators and go to town hall meetings to address your concerns to board members. This is my mission now, to call out the leaders and share with my community, joining FB clubs and helping others to heal from what I have learned; the different therapies, at home, mostly and healing practices, which have pretty much saved my life. It is important to reinvent yourself, get angry and voice it, you may also need to surround yourself with people who will support and understand what EHS is, if they don’t, then kick them to the curb.

    • Susan,I was actually addressing the potential effect of different devices on a pacemaker. I have no idea what you are talking about, neither, it seems, do you.

    • Tommy, There have been a few cases where a pacemaker stopped working in presence of a smart meter. I have heard this could be an issue with some of the older models. In most cases there is not a problem. To be sure I would check with the manufacturer of the device, and your doctor.

      • Power Density in Microwatts per square centimeter (µW/cm2)

        Adjacent to a gas SmartMeter™ (1 foot) 0.00166
        Adjacent to an electric SmartMeter™ (10 feet) 0.1
        Adjacent to an electric SmartMeter™ (1 foot) 8.8
        Microwave oven nearby (1 meter) 10
        Wi-Fi wireless routers, laptop computers, cyber cafes, etc., maximum (~1 meter for laptops, 2 – 5 meters for access points) 10 – 20
        Cell phones (at head) 30 – 10,000
        Walkie-Talkies (at head) 500 – 42,000

        Tommy, I would be far more worried about a person using a cell phone(30-10,000uW/cm2) near you that waste your time worrying about smart meters (0.1 uW/cm2).
        In other words a cell phone has 300 times the power density of a smart meter and at times 100,000 times greater or more.

      • Dave, As I have noted before in response to one of your earlier comments, you cite no source for these claimed power density readings. Our readers should be given a source they can check out if these readings are to be given any credibility.

      • The figures I have quoted come from Pacific Gas and Electric.
        I predict that any figures I use will be disputed or claims will be made that the data is wrong. I cannot possibly prove otherwise as I’m here in Australia and can’t drag anybody to a smart meter with a field strength meter and show them. I have actually done readings like this some time ago on various devices and the PG&E data seems reasonable to me

    • Yes, if you have a pacemaker, a smart meter can interrupt it. The smart meter pulses low grade continuous radiation 24/7. Anyone who tells you differently is not telling you the truth. There have been deaths of people who wear pacemakers from smart meters. It is documented and there are case histories and testimonies regarding this matter. Dave, I replied above to you smug remark.

    • Vigilant Dave. can I see your data please? that is, the scientifically acquired, peer reviewed, published data you have based you argument on that smart meters make you sick. Anecdotal evidence does not evidence make.

  40. Dave, thanks for being the voice of a critic below. Here is my reply to you:
     Radiofrequency/microwave radiation affects every cell in the body. That is why people experience a variety of ill impacts. Each person has physical weaknesses and genetics, age or other illnesses that mean this general degenerative toxic exposure will affect each person differently. This is why some people do not “feel” what it is doing to their bodies right away. They are the ones to develop cancers or die unexpectedly at younger ages from sudden heart problems, etc.
     Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe explains the scientific mechanisms of harm at youtube in “2014 Children and EMF.”
     BabySafe Project is another source of the science showing the need to back off of wireless to protect fetal development. What is the safe type and amount of microwave radiation for a fetus? Barrie Trower says the brain has NO protection against radiation of any kind in the first 100 days. He was a microwave weapon expert/educator in the UK during the Cold War.
     Why some people with Christian faith say this is evil is, well, it is evil. Selling devices/systems that cause degenerative harm IS evil. The asbestos and tobacco industries were also evil – in these terms. To understand the level of DECEPTION from wireless industry regulatory agencies, see the film, “Microwaves, Science and Lies.”

  41. @Patty Kenny~please email me directly at suedb@optonline.net. We can talk more about this topic and others. I love blogging and feel the telling of our story is powerful, not only for our own healing but for others as well. There is a direct link between “smart meters” and the other already existing wifi and wireless technology in the home, and the FCC and all other government agents and agencies around the world are benign and either don’t know what is going on or don’t care and want to keep their jobs, so they stay quiet. We must all continue to fight for our freedom and our health; our children’s lives are at stake. I have taken a faith-based approach to this epic battle and know I will be the victor. Lyme’s disease is a serious situation and it seems to be very dire indeed. I recently listened to the story and plight of Yolanda Foster regarding her illness with Lyme Disease, and I was so sad to see what she is going through and feel the same for you. We are all on the front lines today and our officials and leaders are leading with ignorance and fear-mongering, which is no way to lead at all. We must take back our power and we must not allow the system to dupe us into installing these devices. My home is free from all wifi and the biosyntonie along with other remedies I have been using over the past year have made all the difference. I implore all who seek help with EMF and other environmental illness and sickness to try biosyntonie as well. I will paste links to sites that will help you understand more about it. Naturopaths are onto something that NO western doctor has a clue about. As a matter of fact, my healing has not included one copay or visit to a western doctor. I now go to them to tell them what they are doing wrong and how to start practicing better medicine by treating for environmental illness from EMF smog. Get in touch. Susan

  42. Dave, my theory is that Edison and Tesla, who together created electricity, and state unequivocally, that man and his brain would take this technology and destroy themselves and the world we live in. Now, I don’t say that the devil inhabits the meter. I say that the devil inhabits the man (mostly men) very few women :0), who then creates the beast who then bites back and kills the man. The beast, or satan or the devil is mankind. My theory is that the smart meter takes our already existing electricity and pulses it into chaotic and frenzied frequencies, completely out of the norm, rendering it lethal and creating the dirty electricity now being pulsed violently through our air and into our bodies and our little tiny children’s very vulnerable brains. One year of extensive research and one year of activism in my community and one year of calling our state, local and federal legislators, politicians and leaders and I know what I am talking about. One year later, after finding the beast, made by man (Itron Manufacturing on the west coast) who will not take a call from any consumer regarding its very lethal and very defective device, having never tested it on humans or otherwise. “We the people” and our stupid government has been duped by a multi-trillion dollar industry, in fact, two multi-trillion dollar industries: “Big Business” and The # 1 culprit, Telecommunications industry. OUr government is blind to the schemes of these two industries, as well as Big Pharma, whose sole purpose is to create consumers of medicine, not to heal us at all. The devil resides in each of those at the top who has declared money more important then human wellness and life on earth. By the way, did you know Steve Jobs wouldn’t allow his own children to have any of the gadgets he invented. He said he knew what they could do, make you sick and kill you. He is dead. He was the devil in man form. Have a nice day and keep learning and tuning into the deviant world that we now inhabit filled with smart devices, smart cars, smart phones, smart boards, smart appliances, smart meters and so on. They are not smart at all, but deadly, all of it; anything smart, is truly stupid, even people!

    • Susan, Well said! While I do not share your belief in a literal ‘satan’ or ‘devil’, I nonetheless agree with most of what you have said here. There is such a thing as ‘evil’ in the world and, unfortunately, many high level decision makers in our modern society seem to exemplify what we mean by that word. The bit about Steve Jobs I had not heard before. Do you have a link to some news story to back that up?

      • Here is the article about Steve Jobs and his position: http://theunboundedspirit.com/why-steve-jobs-didnt-let-his-kids-use-ipads/
        And here is another article relating to the FCC codes and so on, sent to me just now, I figured I would share it, though I have not read it in its entirety. I am speaking in my community about the dangers of these devices and how to shield our homes, by using metal or aluminum to block the radiation, it works or wrapping them, whatever one has to do, short of disarming and dismantling them. But they MUST be blocked somehow. My neighbors are complying by not allowing them in their homes or blocking them to help me stay safe. We all are in this together and must help each other as much as possible. It is a good idea to make the calls and go to the town hall meetings to speak about this most important issue, our health and lives depend on it.

    • Susan,
      You have managed to make a web page/blog transform from a usually dull set of viewpoints to something that I can’t wait to get to on my computer every day to see what you have said next.
      I have shared your theories on a Facebook page (no names of course). You are a minor sensation.
      Could you please explain how the “dirty electricity” or “frenzied frequencies” actually get to affect the human body?
      Keep up the good work.

      • Dave, anyone interested in reading my facebook posts is welcome to be a friend of mine. I am involved in grass roots activism at home, going door to door, handing out pamphlets and alerting my neighbors to the dangers of these smart meters. It seems everyone is suffering from some bizarre symptom or set of symptoms and finding they have a smart meter to UNINSTALL. My FB name is: Susan Ryan Burke. If you like these posts, then surely you will like the book I am writing. One day, I hope to publish my personal journey of healing through faith and a deep desire and passion to know the truth. Regards, and by all means, keep reading and supporting what, so far, I know to be true. Our children were smart enough and we never needed an electronic device to make them any smarter, and render them sick or cancer ridden or hemmed down by ADHD or mental illness and depression. Thanks for nothing, telecom!

      • Here is an interesting article for ALL to read: http://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com/student-science-experiment-finds-plants-wont-grow-near-wi-fi-router/
        In this age of technological and communications exploration (this is untested, unchartered waters, so it is pure experimental and the outcome is becoming apparent.) Take a look at what one classroom has discovered. If food can’t grow, life can not be sustained. Our earth will crumble and it is clearly doing that already. I believe that we are witnessing the demise of our own “Mother Earth.”

    • Hi, this is an update on my healing process from extreme MCS and then EMF sensitivity. Currently I am seeing a holistic, naturopath and a doctor of herbal medicine. I started seeing them two weeks ago. It seems my imbalance problems can be cured and I can return to a normal life, so says, and I believe, Dr. Norman Suhu of NYC and Glen Cove, L.I., he says I need to harmonize my home as well as my body. Therapy consists of using ancient stone, ceramic discs, placed on the meridians of my body, clearing congestion and moving Qi around and out, much like acupuncture. An herbal 3X a day remedy of natural supplements, crushed and drank with warm water, drinking lots of pure Lurisia mineral water, NO DAIRY, for me and putting the elements found in nature in our basement, specifically located and gotten from regions around the area and nearby, the furthest was pink sand, which I had to buy and the rest are available. I have to eat a pure diet of clean, organic foods and clear teas and liquids. I am not taking any other supplements at this time. This regimen is seeming to have a very positive outcome and my sensitivity seems to be lessoning. My daughter has been using her smart phone a little more in the home and the heating system, which once bothered me, is no longer a problem. I am finding this miraculous and the timing amazing. My son met a couple who sees Dr. Suhu, and the told my son I should see him. Dr. Suhu, opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities through his therapy, designed by him, using elements in nature and meridian pinpoints to clear imbalance. This is what I want to share with you. Our sickness and disease is imbalance, brought on my artificial devices that our bodies can’t handle. Our biological weakness is interupted and the flow stimmied and sickness takes hole. For me, a smart meter was the catalyst then sent my biorhythms out of whack, and a wonderful naturopath has brought me back. If you have any questions, feel free. I believe I can help. Susan

  43. Yes, there have been studies done that reveal smart meters do effect medical implants. I have an elderly gentlemen in my group that had to have a kidney transplant, because he had 13 smart meters on is apartment that rendered two of his dialysis machines unable to function.

  44. DAVE up above; God speaks to me everyday through the Holy Spirit and that is how I found the smart meter, it was through prayers and great determination to find healing and it came through the power of God which led us to seek the “beast” in our home, which was the devil disguised as a “DEADLY SMART METER”. And yes, it is written in the bible just not in layman’s terms. It is stated in the seven deadly sins as well, where God is against: “GREED”, and greed is what is going on in this world today. I am glad you asked the question. And there is your answer. God hates evil, Dave. Smart meters are evil. I am healing, thanks be to God, as well. For He alone can give us the strength to heal when we seek Him and ask. Ask and you shall receive. I asked and I received because I was open and did not listen to the quackery of allopathic doctors who are completely misguided when it comes to today’s health problems. We must go back to ancient wisdom, ancient medicine and ancient books for the answers. The wheel is round and we will go back to exactly where we came, sooner then later, as technology destroys this earth and all the people living on it. ❤

    • Thank you Susan for your reply. I an glad you are feeling better now.
      Did the meter get removed or did you manage to get the Devil out of it by an exorcism or blessing or something like that? I had a car once that I was sure was possessed by the Devil. It was a Ford Cortina, the worst car ever manufactured here in Australia. I cursed it and towed it to the rubbish dump. It is probably still there but buried very deep.
      Vigilant Dave and others here think the medical problems are caused by “dirty electricity” and electro-magnetic fields. Do you agree with this? or do you think that this is simply the way the Devil works in our technological world.
      I am intrigued because I always thought the Devil worked by tempting you to sin, not by inhabiting smart meters. You probably know more about this that I do so I would be happy if you could expand further on your theory.

  45. This video would be hilariously funny if it wasn’t for the serious nature of this guy’s medical condition. Whilst being carefully led by the interviewer he describes how he had symptoms before, during and after the installation of the smart meter and continued to have symptoms ever when he was nowhere near a smart meter . He claims that his heart actually stopped because of the meter but his pacemaker (the one that doesn’t work properly near the smart meter) started it up again. He would be torn to shreds in a cross -examination. If this is evidence against smart meters then I would consider dropping it.

  46. I have been experiencing a lot of health issues since our meter was changed. Extreme fatigue, headaches and muscle pain. I’ve been to Doc and they can’t find anything wrong. I do have a pacemaker and wonder if this meter can affect it.

  47. Reed City, Michigan I need to purchase an ElectroSmogMeter for at least 8 Gigahertz and ask where can I get one at a reasonable price. I was flatly refused by my electric company to get an analog meter even tho I have a heart implant and a multitude of symptoms. Anyone can help? Thanks

  48. Homes are full of switching power supplies. If you are using a computer, you are exposed to more RF energy. Stop using your computer if you are so scared

    • No one is scared J.D., we are living on a battle field, and no one told us we were going to war and to be armed. We were left in the dark and smart meters are the killing machines of this 21st Century. I can sit at this computer because it is hardwired. I cannot put a cellphone to my head or anywhere near me. I cannot hold a handsfree cordless phone either. I cannot have dimmer switches or fluorescent bulbs in my home or over my head. I cannot have the dishwasher on, the dryer or the washer while I am at home. The car can make me sick. Going into homes is impossible because of wifi and routers. Wireless printers make me sick. I am 55 and was never sick a day in my life until a smart meter was installed. I now live like a leper in my own home as do many hundreds of thousands across this once great land. We are not afraid, though many, many are very ignorant, and naive as to what this technology is doing to them, their bodies and their children’s brains. I am onto our government as it very quietly and stealthily leads us down a very dark and deadly path, while weeding out the weak, the sick and the poor, so as to have a more sustainable country. 😉

  49. Hi from Victoria Australia,

    The Smart Meter Rollout here has been a disaster for Victorians.

    Many people are suffering the effects of the EMR emitted by these meters, and the government will not support those impacted by high bills, the health issues or house fires. The power companies are disconnecting people from the grid in their attempt to force the installation of their smart meter. The situation is a disgrace because the authorities know we can do nothing.

    Watch this 37 minute video about Sofia’s predicament, and learn how she has suffered from the smart meter that was illegally installed into her power box.


    • As a resident in New York, I have been made terribly sick by a smart meter. I am now engaging many, many legislators, Federal agents and local and state agents and government offices to look into the enormous consequence and health risks due to smart meters. I was a perfectly healthy 55 year old mother of three, and I am now permanently disabled from the pulsed radiation of a smart meter. I have opted out, but am being strong-armed into fees and charges. We must continue this battle to keep our families safe and restore our civil liberties under the constitution. We are all in trouble as this is quite honestly the largest human experiment to date and the crimes against humanity rate on a scale of 9/11, probably worse. I will not sit still now or ever as I fight the battle against the installation of these lethal meters, which are making our children sick and killing innocent people. Keep fighting the good fight. God is on our side and we will beat the monsters and get these meters banned or recalled. I will not rest until I get some resolution. S. Burke

      • Susan, sorry to hear you are so sick.
        Just one question. how do you know God dislikes smart meters? I have scoured my bible and can find no mention of smart meters, electricity or electronics. In fact I can’t see any mention of technology beyond the first century. Did god speak to you personally about this matter?

      • I’m originally from NY, Living in Northern California now and my health was severely impacted by 6 meters on my home. I’m having a local showing of Take Back Your Power by Josh Del Sol and community decision with guest speakers on Nov 7th. It was important to me to educate my community first, as we are greater in groups. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. Berry 530-277-6070

      • Susan I heard your story on Llyod Burells show about Light that Heals I am very impressed by your determination to get the info out about smart meters and dirty electricity. I have been communicating with Donna Fisher about these issues. I have had a lot of problems with the same type of symptoms plus I have Lyme disease on top of it all I am trying to find a resolution to all this I have been aware of complications from wireless technologies since the early 90’s because of my symptoms and the research done in Europe for many years. I was really not able to talk to people about this because people would think you were crazy but now people are realizing the harm that is doing to their bodies. I hope you are feeling well and that your family is doing well and again I congratulate you on your efforts to get the word out to the public and the work that you were doing in this field.
        I would love to talk with you in regards Thank you

        Patty Kenney

      • Patty, I would like to put you in touch with another family that is dealing with Lime disease in relation to smart meter and wi-fi radiation. Will email you on that.

  50. Hello Michigan,

    Please help us to circulate this petition to: HALT EMR NOISE POLLUTION HARMING HUMANS AND WILDLIFE
    President of the United States
    U.S. Senate
    U.S. House of Representatives

    April 1, 2014

    I am signing this petition because I am adversely affected by the Global AMI (automated metering infrastructure) for the following reason(s):
    1. I hear the ongoing noise pollution 24/7 causing deleterious effects.
    2. I am experiencing physical symptoms impacting my daily life and ability to function in my daily life. http://www.epa.gov/air/noise.html
    3. and/or I do not want to be exposed to harmful, unhealthy, EMR (electro-magnetic radiation) pollution. I demand my government to halt these emissions immediately and mitigate the public Health hazard causing deliberate illness and increased mortality to humans and wildlife.

    https://www.change.org/petitions/president-of-the-united-states-halt-the-emr-noise-pollution-harming-humans-and-wildlife TO READ FULL LETTER.AND SIGN.


  51. Dr. Klinghardt – “Smart Meters & EMR: The Crisis of Our Time”
    Just see and listen:

  52. I personally do not have wifi, we do not have tv as well, we use the computer for work, but when we are done, we turn it off and it does not send rf while on. Smart meters emit continuosly as I hear from experts in the field. But thank you for educating. Also, in the book Healinh the Gerson way, it talks about what plants absorve emf, and it is good to have in the house, a stidy made by the national Aeronautics and Space administration. Get rhe book is excellent source for all to have.

    • Zohar. Smart meters emit a tiny radio signal for up to 4 minutes each day. You would get more exposure to next doors cell phone. I don’t know which “experts” you have been listening to but they are wrong. Vigilent Dave and others claim that the small power supply in the smart meter can make you sick. The same sort of power supply is used in almost every electronic device.
      Everything absorbs EM radiation. The “EMF” you refer to is not any kind of radiation but stands for “Electro Magnetic Force” i.e. voltage. A battery has an EMF.

      • David C, The abbreviaton “EMF” can mean either electromagnetic force or electromagnetic field. In the context of this website it clearly means the latter. Hence we are talking about a varying field in which the electrical and magnetic components are at right angles to one another. When you make statements like “emit tiny radio signal for up to 4 minutes each day” you are beginning to sound more and more like an industry apologist and not someone who is committed to following the truth wherever that might lead. That statement is straight out of industry propaganda – and seeks to cover the fact that smart meters radiate a high intensity pulse of only a few milliseconds seconds duration but at very high power and do so every few seconds 24/7/365. In Michigan we have tested the Itron meters used here and found they emit such a pulse about every 15 seconds. In California they are emitting about every 8-9 seconds. The peak energy level of these pulses is much higher than our FCC standards allow but they are getting away with it because only average energy is measured instead of peak energy. An RF meter with a “capture and hold” feature is needed to display the peak levels. Peak level, not average level, is what matters in biological systems. You are also ignoring the fact that the SMPS in a smart meter is exempt from most regulation and likely is poorly filtered compared to other household devices. Sickness caused by ‘dirty electricity’ is a phenomenon that has been widely written about in scientific journals all over the world.

      • Vigilant Dave is quite correct that EMF can stand also for Electro Magnetic field. As an ex technician years ago in the two way radio business we called this the RF field and I had forgotten that technically it is indeed an Electro. Magnetic field. Excuse my failing memory.
        Vigilent Dave considers me an apologist for the energy industry which in fact I am not. What I am is a person with a background in science and engineering who worries about this kind of “black magic” scare mongering. What next? burn some witches in Salem?
        Dave, what do you consider “high power” as far as RF radiation is concerned? It seems that you consider any radiation “high power” and and any EM field dangerous. It is true, of course, that if you stuck your head in a microwave oven then it would certainly cook your brain. If you stood in front of a large radar dish you could also suffer damage so EM radiation is not intrinsically safe.
        You claim to have measured Michigan ltron meter.
        With what instrument? by whom? at what distance. And you measured what frequency? Which qualified testing authority did this and for what reason? Where are the results of this study?
        I will read you references on “dirty electricity” and reserve further comment on this until I have.
        You have also made some other claims about peak level (of what) and it’s effect on “biological systems”. Reference please?

  53. Vigilant Dave
    Here is the same reference you gave me I think.
    from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switched-mode_power_supply

    (SMPSs have a) “Smaller transformer (if used; else inductor) due to higher operating frequency (typically 50 kHz – 1 MHz). Size and weight of adequate RF shielding may be significant. Most modern SMPSs run at a frequency greater than 150kHz.

    I design SMPSs so I have hundreds of references to how they work. I didn’t want to bore anybody with the huge volume of literature on this fascinating subject.
    Yes, you are correct a SMPS can radiate and cause interference with other devices.
    but what we are talking about here in a smart meter is a very small SMPS with very little radiated energy. I have a document that is a report on the measurement of this energy in a quite extensive survey done here in Melbourne Australia.

    I just can’t understand why you are attributing the symptoms some people suffer to this device and not to any other cause. It is also interesting that most of the symptoms people complain of are also associated with anxiety and stress.
    My hypothesis (if I may) is that the presence of the meter is causing people anxiety due to their misunderstanding of the technology.

    The meters do make me very anxious as well. Especially when the bill arrives.

    • Well Dave, I can tell you that just because the science isn’t yet there to figure out why some people are so adversely affected by the small amout of power that yu keep talking about doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. Most of the peopel afffected didn’t even know they had a smart meter or dind’t care that they had one until they started getting sick. Like tey said, some of us got sick right away. We aren’t sick when we aren’t exposed to Rf’s. DUH! It isn’t htat hard to figure out what is making us il;l. We may not know WHY it is making us ill but we are’t stupid Dave. If being exposed brings on symptoms and not being exposed causes the symptoms to stop–then we can conclude what may be casuing it. Remember that the absence of evidence is NOT theenvidence of absence. They didn’t know at one time what caused ulcers and attributed it to ‘stress’. The ydidn’t know what caused Lyme disease until they discovered it! It took the medical community 50 years to figure out that not washng thier hands after doing autopsys and working wit hcadavers casued the trasfer of bacteria and cuased the death of thousands and thousands of women and children to ‘child bed fever’. Even after Dr. Sammelweis pointed out how he was able to eliminate the deaths by handwashing–the medical community refused to look at it becasue they didn’t have anyway to see the ‘invisible’ agents (germs) and didn’t have acohesive theory for why it happened. However, Dave, people still dies all over the place while they ‘figured it out!’. In this case, people are getting ill and science and medicine haven’t yet figured it out yet–mostly due to industy draining funding away from research adn punishing those who dare to say that it is tru. Why do you feel the need to punish people who are already suffering from biological symptoms caused by environemntal influences? We are already duffering and beinbg minimized and dismissed. Why can’t people just say–o.k. some people are sensitive to this–like peope are sensitive to wool, or kittens, or sea food. Individual epigen\etics can make peopel vulnerable to many things. Our entire body and cells operate wit helectrical stimulation. Our brains, heart and cells all use it. Why is it beyond the relm of understanding for some closed mineded people that some of us–a small portion–but still some of us are affected. Some of our bodies cuple wit hte signal and it creates unpleasant biological effects. Does it lead to diaease? I don’t yet know that but I can confirm without a doubt that it leads to uncomfortable biological sensations and causes great discomfort. The industry said the dame thing about cigartettes, lead, asbestos, mercury, DES, Thalidimide,…… the list goes on and on. It will continue to go on and on as long as ther are gulllible people who refunse to actually look at what is happening to people. Years down the line when this is accepted, people will wonder why it took so long. However, those of us suffering now–from the discomfort nd the stigmatization–will not be compensated. Just l;ikethe first peopel to die of lung cancer from sloking or heart disease from secon hand smoking. Similiar to the people hwo dies of asbestos–both workers and those in their famioly who becasme ill from the secon hand exposure to the asbestos. Symptoms from radiofrequency radition hae been around for decades–it was called radio wave sickness. Because it affects a minority, it is acceptable. Becasue we are just sacrificed for the good of the wireless industry and the addicive behaviors of trhose who can’t live without their devices. I’m not against technology–I had an ipay, roku box, wifi, and a cell phone and a dect phone., When I wasn’t sensitive to it–it didn’t bother me. it wasn’t until the meters were put on that I got sick. That and we moved near 85 cell toer antenna’s. Now I am painfully aware of everyone of those items. WE no longer have those devices and use hardwired computers, however, our neighbors wifi passes into my home and so does the thousands of smartmeter emissions come into my home
      I don’t want to be likethis. To say that peopel are tech phobic is ignorant. Most people try like hell to find ways to work around the sensitivity with shielding and low output computers, hardwiiring etc. We don’t want his anymore than the guy woring in the industry wanted asbestosis. It is debilitationg and difficult to deal with in the world today.
      People said that people with eliplpsy were mental at one time. They also said that ulcers and lyme were not real. They still want to say that migraines, CFS, and MCS aren’t real–but people stilll get sick wit htem anyway. When they find out what causes them–they willl have to realign their thinging. Even now, the are finding that volted-gated calcium channels are disrupted by RF’s causing a cascading effect in the body. This should have created a paradigm shift if the world were right side up! However, special interests keep the information quiet and ignorance abounds in the average person.
      Please have some compassion for those of us who are suffering. We aren’t trying t otake away your toys–we are only trying to survive. it soesn’t make the truth go away becasue you belittle those suffering. We need help, understnading and research money to help us function in the world that exists now. Would you get so angry if a person had a hypersensitivity to peanuts? WHy act that way toward those of us sufering from a hypersensitivity that is inconvenient to both you and to us! Please read ther stories of thsoe suffering. They weren’t drug addicts or people who are mental. i am a 50 year old mother of three with a mastrers degree and 17 years of wrok experience. i loved my roku box and only wathced t.v through it. Now I can’t even watch a regular t.v. I can only be on line for a short time before they symptpos get to bad for me to function. My head hurts and my skin burns when I am expsoed to Rf’s–even cell towers cause heart palpataions–even when they are out of the line of sight. Ican feel them before I see them. Please, take a kindenss pill and try for just a second to think what life must be life for those of us who have this condition. I beg the general public to wathc themselves fdor signs of this and to be kind to those of us who are already affected. God bless.

      • Veronica,
        Let us assume you are completely correct and people get symptoms and illness due to electromagnetic fields emitted from smart meters. I ask again (how many times I can’t remember) Why are you attributing these symptoms to electricity meters and not to other devices in the home that put out much more powerful fields? Where is the science upon which you base your claims about the cause of your illness?
        Your missive is so full of logic and factual errors I will not bore you with a run down of them all, but you have used the following logical fallacies:-
        Non sequitur . (does not follow)
        Argument from personal incredulity.
        Fallacy of he single cause.
        Post hoc ergo propter hoc (it happen after, therefore caused by)
        False analogy
        Ad Hominem (attack the arguer)
        Appeal to motive.
        Straw man argument.
        ……the list goes on but I’m sure you have studied all this stuff in your Masters Degree and I don’t really have to spell it out for you. Judging by your typing errors and bad spelling you obviously wrote what you did in a hurry without giving it too much thought or even re-reading it.
        I’m not here to dismiss your concerns, be unkind, call you a liar or deny you have symptoms. I’m not even in favor of smart meters. What I want to do is encourage rational enquiry. Much of the writing and comments on this site is simply not logical and have a basis in ignorance. Sorry if that upsets you but it is simply true.
        (don’t bother sending you god’s blessing because I’m an Atheist as well.)

      • Oh, Dave, Dave, Dave; “Where for art thou” Dave? Yesterday, a nice, young man from National Grid knocked on my door, with a roll of stickers in his hand. He said, “Ms, I am here to put a sticker on your meter, so that NO ONE will ever come in your home and put a smart meter on your gas meter”. I said “Halleluiah”, there is a God and someone is listening. Dave. I wanted to kill myself, in 2013, because a smart meter was electrocuting me from the inside out. I knew it, my husband found it and I got well after he removed it. Now I strongly suggest to all my friends and everyone I meet in the street, in the stores and to anyone who will listen. TAKE OUT THE SMART METER ASAP. IT WILL KILL YOU. I am not going to entertain any response from you as you are so far out in left field in not understanding how a two-way radio transmitting device is pulsing radiation into our very sensitive bodies and brains, not to mention children’s bodies and brains and making us all sick and causing death. Like weaponized weather warfare, smart meters are a stealthy and discreet way of killing off humanity, but these governments around the world think we are so stupid, we will not suspect the weather or a stupid piece of shit plastic lego-looking toy, posing as a killing machine in drag. WAKE UP AMERICA, we are under attack on our own homeland. Weather is killing innocent people, manufactured, manipulated and coursing through our country with alarming ferocity. Smart meters are more of the same. I would know. I am healing from deadly symptoms from pulsed radiation. My home was fine until a smart meter was installed. I am writing a book about it and I hope everyone will write their own comeback story, if they live to tell it.

      • Susan, I think we could all use some more details on this. Who is “National Grid”? What state are you in? Is National Grid the contractor who installs meters in your area? What prompted them to take this action?

  54. The SMPS in a smart meter is a very low power device (a few Watts). The SMPS in a TV set is relatively large ( a few hundred Watts) and gives off much more RF than a smart meter. Why is nobody accusing TV sets of making them sick? (except for FOX which makes all of us sick) . The SMPS in my computer is 500 Watts, nobody is worried about their computer making them sick. As for RF radiation why is nobody turning off the WiFi which transmits continuously and blames a smart meter which transmits perhaps 1.5 secs per day?

    • David C, You raise an interesting question. First, the issue with SMPS’s is emf fields but not RF. The frequencies involved are much lower than RF because they are harmonics of the basic 60 cycle power frequency that radiate from all the wiring and electrical devices within a home. The RF from a smart meter is approx 900 Mhz (and will be turned off if you pay the “opt-out” fees). The dirty electricity is 120, 240,480, 960, 1920 cycles/sec. My answer to you is threefold: (1) All of the other exposures you mention are VOLUNTARY in nature. People who are electro-sensitive do limit their exposures. Some have told me they cannot use a computer at all, or can only use for at most an hour/day. Most of these folks do NOT have wi-fi in their homes and also limit their tv viewing. (2) Not all SMPS’s are the same, or generate dirty electricity in direct proportion to the amount of power they furnish. SMPS’s can be filtered to eliminate most of the bad effects. Filtering costs money and utilities are trying to implement their program on the cheap. Utilities are exempt from most regulations that apply to manufactured goods. The SMPS’s in computers and tvs may, in fact, be better filtered than those in the new meters. (3) The human body can stand a fair amount of dirty electricity if there is a period of remission from it every day – for example during sleep hours. The body heals during periods of remission. There is no period of remission with the dirty electricity generated by smart meter SMPS’s. Not ever – not in your own home, friend’s homes, public places, libraries, even your doctor’s office.

      • Vigilant Dave,
        1. I referred to RF because any radiating field is often referred to as RF by us engineers even though it is not intended to be a “radio signal”. All radiating signals are electro-magnetic in nature, both RF and what you call “dirty electricity” (a term I’ve never heard before)
        2. The radiation from a switch mode power supply is not necessarily a harmonic of the main frequency but derives from the switching frequency of the converter which can be usually between 100kHz and 1MHz.. There are harmonic components that are indeed at radio frequencies but these are usually small. Basically the SMPS works by rectifying the AC mains voltage to convert it to DC and then switches this DC voltage (using a transistor) across a transformer primary (at 100s of kHz) producing a waveform that is rectified to finally produce a required DC voltage on the output. In a smart meter this SMPS is only used to drive the internal electronic components like a microprocessor and measuring circuitry as well as a small RF transmitter for communication. The amount of radiation is miniscule compared to other common electronic devices found in the home.
        3. The modern world is full of “involuntary” electromagnetic signals. They are in nearly every building and outside in the street. These “sensitive” people seem to be fixated with a very small component of the EM produced in our modern world.
        4. SMPSs are all filtered and screened. They also have to pass stringent tests as the amount of interference they can cause to other equipment. These test are compulsory and stringent. I don’t know about ulitity companies being exempt but here in Australia they are not exempt. we use virtually the same technology as you for the smart meter.
        5. You have made claims about the effect of “dirty electricity” on the human body for which you have not given a scientific reference. I cannot find any double blind scientific study that backs up you claims so I take it that you actually do have some hard evidence that EM fields cause illness and you are keeping this to yourself for some reason.

        I am strongly opposed to “smart meters: but not for any of the reasons stated on this site. I am against them because they are simply a means for energy companies to charge us more and claim the doing us a favor by providing cheaper energy at 2 am.

        I think it would be better to object to these devices on grounds that are scientifically or economically verifiable rather than make baseless claims that the companies can easily dismiss.

      • David C, I have added three technical articles about ‘dirty electricity’ to our site. See https://michiganstopsmartmeters.com/the-dirty-electricity-problem/. Each of these articles in turn have extensive references to other technical articles. I hope this addresses some of your concerns. You have, in turn, made an assertion that the dirty electricity will not just be harmonics of the 60 cycle because the “switching frequency of the SMPS is betwen 100 Khz and 1 Mhz. It would be helpful if you could supply references to some authority to backup that statement. Also understand that requirements in the U.S. for utilities may be far less stringent than in Australia when it comes to filtering. U.S. utilities for example, are specifically exempted from a requirement to have their meters tested or approved by Underwriters Laboratories, which is generally required of all other electrical equipment in the home. We take your point about smart meters being a means to charge more through time of use billing.

      • Vigilant Dave,
        Well I spent some time reading a paper you have given as a reference. One of the authors is David Stetzer. What does he do for a living? He sells devices that he claims reduces the effect of “dirty electricity”. Hardly an unbiased researcher. The “Academic” he has written the paper with seems to see no problem co-authoring a paper with such a “tainted” person.
        Most of the paper is nonsense. The graphs presented amount to nothing and the “proof” of any “disease” seems to be entirely subjective. How about some science?

  55. I just refused the new meter, but my neighbor next door had it installed. And their meter is just next to my bedroom. There is a cement wall to divide us, but not tall enough. I can still see her meter. Shall we build a taller wall?will it help to build a taller cement wall? Or what can we do?

    • zohar, I have heard that aluminum screening is an effective way to block the radio frequency radiation. You might want to experiment with that. You should buy or borrow an RF meter so you can tell if your attempts to block the radiation are effective. Blocking RF radiation is a tricky business. If it is done the wrong way you can actually make things worse. It probably will require experimentation. Check your results with a hand held RF meter.

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  57. Do smart meters radiate up Or sideways out? I ask because my apt sits atop 13 of them & a boiler.thx

    • Linda – the most common antenna designs tend to radiate most of their energy in expanding circles in one plane, with little energy in the direction perpendicular to that plane. In the case of typical installations of smart meters on houses (in a “mesh system” such as Detroit Edison uses) we would expect most of the energy to be radiated horizontally and not vertically since each meter must communicate with smart meters on other nearby houses. But in your case it sounds like the 13 meters may be in a basement (since you also mention boiler). So if the nearest receiving devices are well above ground – on power poles or meters of nearby buildings – the meters may be adjusted to send their signals upward to reach those targets. The only way to know for sure would be to purchase or borrow a handheld emf meter (approx cost $125)and directly measure the radiation strength. You would want a meter that can measure in the 900 Mhz frequency range and that can measure and store peak energy. In a “mesh system” high intensity pulses will be transmitted about every 10 seconds or so, with quiet periods between those pulses. If you are in Consumers service territory, a non mesh system is used where each meter communicates directly with a cell phone tower. These communications will be far less frequent but with higher energy pulses (because they must travel a greater distance). Again, if your meters are in a basement, their antennas may well be configured to send those pulses upward since the cell phone towers will be far above ground level.

  58. Did the author of this article realize that nearly every electronic device these days comes equipped with an SMPS? Your TV, computer, and DVD players contain SMPS’s in order to adjust the frequency and voltage of the 120VAC line to something better suited to the device, and are thousands of times more powerful than the ones that power the Smart Meters. Even your cell-phone charger wall-wart contains an SMPS. All together, the SMPS’s in a normal American home, even homes of impoverished families, produce a million or more times electrical noise inside the home than the a small one that is on the outside of your wall to power a Smart Meter.
    If you feel the need to base your fight against Smart Meters on SMPS’s (which have been common since the mid 90’s) then go ahead. I still think it’s a ridiculous claim, that weakens your overall position, but it is your right to completely mismanage your argument. But blaming the infiltration of SMPS’s solely on Smart Meters would be like blaming Subaru for all the air pollution caused by automobiles around the world. Sure, they contribute, but their contribution is a small amount compared to the whole industry, and they joined the industry rather late in the game.

    • Paul, Your points are well taken but what you are evidently not seeing is that (1) the dirty electricity from a smart meter is 24/7/365, so there is no respite during sleeping hours, and (2) this is not a VOLUNTARY exposure like the other devices you mention, which electro-sensitive people can choose not to have in their homes, or choose to use sparingly during limited hours of the day.

    • Not entirely accurate. “Wall warts” used to recharge cellphones and other lower-power wireless devices are NOT typically switched power supplies. Typically they are simply a transformer and a rectifier, much simpler and less expensive than a switching power supply, and also radiating less energy of any frequency. Want verification? Just search for the schematic diagram of any commercially-available wall-wart in the 5-15V range at less than 2A.

  59. The one mounted by our kitchen window IS SLOWLY KILLING MY MOTHER since it’s installation. She has since developed dementia and Alzheimer’s symptoms.
    The only thing I can do is put a bullet through this meter. Doing that I would be charged with vandalism/property damage (even though it’s not on Their property) and they would only replace it with another smart meter–and charge us for it.
    I live in NJ not California or Canada. Nobody listens to me. Not even our doctors.
    In fact my doctor thinks it’s a mental delusion or form of paranoia on my part for so much as bringing up such a concept!

    • Your doctor has failed to take continuing educational courses for medical credits which specifically teach the extreme hazards of ultra low frequencies. Apparently he is not aware that long before these frequencies were rebranded as convenient wireless devices able to surveil and radiate, they were originally designed to do this as military weapons of mass destruction, also at ultra low frequencies. Tell you doctor to take a course from IHF and then join all the doctors who are aware of the fact that electromagnetic radiation causes electrical induction, by polarizing and depolarizing of all nerves and muscles, forcibly overriding and coupling to the bioelectrical system of everything biological, and flipping on and off the switches of the body like a strobe light, literally billions of times a second, while shredding the DNA irreparably. If your doctor had bothered to be up to date at all, even if only by simply reading the serious warnings to avoid these frequencies and to avoid them if any patient has any electronic medical implants, be it deep brain implants, pacemaker defibrillators, insulin pumps, perhaps this might lessen such ignorance. 900 megahertz and 2.4 gigahertz were designed to and are best suited to induce a myriad kinds of health damage. Shield your meter as well as the entire interior wall behind it with Reflectix type double walled foil house insulation. Box in the meter with a Faraday cage made of aluminium mosquito screening, before you become irreversibly sick as well. Your mother’s cognitive impairment needs bentonite clay to rid the body of radiation, spirulina to stop damage. Tell your doctor to take EMF/EMR hazards as part of continuing education. This way perhaps it will be easier to professionally recognize countless other EMR created, induced and exacerbated neurodegenerative diseases, including but not limited to MS, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, polymyalgia, dementia, and far far worse.

      • This reply is typical of the technical incoherence that damages the argument against smart meters to anyone with any common sense. You argue that these devices emit damaging “ultra low frequencies” but your examples are not the infrasonic but instead 50kHz SMPS spikes and RF radiation in 900MHz and 2.5GHz bands. You are obviously parroting (incorrect) information you know nothing about in order to feed the paranoia. Stop.

      • Mark, I don’t find any reference to 50 kHz spikes in the reply by Xyila that you criticized. I think your comment more appropriately goes to the author of the article who did use the phrase “up t0 50 kHz spikes”. I believe she was referring to the harmonics of the 60 cycle power frequency caused by the switched mode power supply (SMPS), e.g. 120 cps, 180 cps, 240 cps, and so on. These harmonics are the “ultra low frequencies” Xyila probably had in mind. Some of these harmonics could, however, go “up to 50 kHz”. Perhaps this could be said in a different way so as not to create confusion. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    • These meters are affecting people. They have affected me. I have electromagnetic hypersensitivity since being exposed to the meters on my home. I never had these problems before. I cannot even stay in my home. Maybe you can see an Environmental Doctor. They are a little more familiar with effects from pulsed radiation. I feel for you and your mother. There is no place to hide from this and nobody is listening to us. I can’t even believe that this is the United States where we are forced to suffer and left with no place to run. Groups need to be formed and we need to take a stand!

    • By using common law, carefully constructed to prevent it.
      Check out bcfreedom.wordpress.com.
      Ask how such documents could perhaps be altered for your situaiton

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