What Can I Do? (Checklist)

(It is suggested that I print out this list for easy reference)

(Editor’s note: This article, originally published in 2012,
has been updated, as of May 2017, to reflect the current
proposed legislation, House Bill 4220, the “Glenn bill”.)

[ X I have the first thing done already by visiting this website.

[    ]  Click the “Follow” button on this website.  Enter my email so that I will receive an alert whenever there is some new development posted. To find the “Follow” button just scroll down the right hand panel on the Home page.

[    ] Send a letter to my elected representatives in the Michigan Legislature urging that a law be passed (such as the “Glenn bill”) to protect the rights of utility customers not to have their health assaulted or their privacy violated by a utility imposing an electric meter that is not necessary to measure power consumption. Urge that any new law cover professional practices and businesses as well as residential customers, and that entire communities have the right to opt-out of so called ‘advanced’ meters.

[    ]   Send a letter to the office of Michigan’s Attorney General, ENRA Division, asking the AG to aggressively represent the interests of Michigan utility customers to keep or get back their safe analog electric meters. Note that it is the ONLY meter on the market today that does not create “dirty electricity” and the only meter that is not objectionable on privacy grounds.  

Things to do to protect my own home (if I still have an analog meter):

[    ]  Put a sign on my electric meter stating:
“Installer: I do not consent to the installation of a ‘smart’ meter.”

[    ]  Make it difficult for an installer to sneak onto my property and replace my analog meter with a ‘smart’ meter or ‘advanced’ meter. In the past we have recommended people simply put a padlock through the loop at the bottom of the meter housing.  Recent experience, beginning in late 2013, has shown at least one Michigan utility becoming very aggressive in defeating such a simple protection.  Padlocks have been cut with bolt cutters.  Loops have been cut.  We now recommend a new method of protecting your existing analog meter.  <More>

[    ]  Send a certified letter to my utility company stating:
“I do not consent to the installation of a ‘smart’ meter on my home,  as I believe that such a meter is an entirely illegal intrusion upon my privacy and a threat to my health.

[    ]  Buy or borrow a radio frequency (RF) meter to determine if RF radiation in my home caused by neighbors’ smart meters (or a home Wi-Fi system) is putting me at risk. Consider installing some form of electromagnetic shielding for key areas of my home. This is particularly important if a neighbor’s smart meter is less than 50 feet from one of my bedrooms or another area where I spend a lot of time, such as a kitchen or study.  Always use an RF meter to make sure that any shielding installed is effective.

[    ]  Replace Wi-Fi system with hard wired internet connection plugs.  Get rid of cordless phones.  Use cellphones when necessary but never as a substitute for hard wired phones.

Things to do to protect my own home (if my analog meter has been taken away):

[    ]  Send a certified letter to my utility company stating:
“You have installed a ‘smart’ meter upon my home without my knowledge or consent.  As it is a surveillance device and a Class 2B carcinogen, I demand it be removed.   If arrangements are not made to remove it within 14 days, I will replace it myself and return your meter to you.”

[    ]  Purchase my own analog meter and instructions on how to install.  (See detailed instructions elsewhere on this web site.)

[    ]  After 14 days with no response from utility, arrange for a qualified person to replace the meter, taking note of the final reading on the smart meter.  Notify the utility the same day that I have done so, and report the final reading on the smart meter and the initial reading on my own new analog meter.

[    ]  Take a photograph of the undamaged smart meter and return or ship it to the utility by secure means, with proof of delivery or shipment.

Keeping the ‘smart’ meter off my own home will protect my family’s privacy but may not be enough to protect my family from health destroying radiation since we will still be getting that from our neighbor’s smart meters and from the mesh network that allows all these meters to communicate.  Things to do to make my entire neighborhood safe:

[    ]  Write a letter to the editor of my local newspaper.

[    ]  Go to a meeting of my City Council and speak to the Council during the time reserved for public comments.  Ask Council to pass a resolution urging the Public Service Commission to impose an immediate moratorium on any further smart meter installations until they have completed their own review of the health, safety and privacy issues surrounding these meters.

[    ]  Talk this issue up among my neighbors, and in any community organization to which I belong.  Urge others to come to the City Council and request action.

[    ]  Contact my representatives in Lansing by phone or letter and let them know how I feel about this issue.

[    ]  Email my friends or use Facebook and Twitter to get the word out.

[    ]  Reply to this website using the “Leave a Reply” window, to advise what actions I have taken and any success achieved.  You will need to leave us your email but may use first name only if you prefer.  This may well be an inspiration to others.


46 thoughts on “What Can I Do? (Checklist)

  1. I have been a die hard a held out keeping my analog meter. This morning DTE showed up and bullied their way onto my property in spite of my protests and telling them to get off my property. They shut me off at the pole. And left a letter saying I had to get a smart meter. I can not find any new activity on any Bill’s, and most of the elected officials that supported the bill are no longer in office. I have a substantial farm with livestock and need power. What do I do now?

  2. Has any one realized that the only way you are going to win this fight is to take the power away from them and hit them where it hurts the most! The bottom line is what they only care about is money! So why not take that power away from them and stop giving them your money! Why not be your own power company and be Energy Independent and go off-grid solar power now! No need to beg the mafia(DTE) or battling for years to get the MPSC to recognize that it DOES HAVE JURISDICTION? We can help you be independent and go off-grid now! Call us 248.489.3008 Mathews Electric Inc

  3. Can anyone confirm that the new smart meters are hooked up in a way to withdraw the power that goes into the house, that isnt used, back out? A very smart inventor and electrician in the UK says they suck the power back out, which causes us to pay again and again for the same power if you will.

    • fireleo87, Electrical power does not work the way you described it. The only power that goes into a house is that which is being consumed. If it is not being consumed by the various lights, devices and appliances (and the smart meter itself) then it does not go into the house in the first place.

  4. OPT OUT is a trojan horse trap!!! NEVER opt out in writing to anything in writing without a “conditional acceptance” contract for THEM to sign, admitting hazards, the will not sign. Go to freedomtaker.com watch “how to say no” video, download form A4. works on ALL contracts. This is for PRE- smart meter customers and smart people who don’t want to be poisoned by vaccines. Once installed, I believe removal and replacement is in order. Watch all videos by Jerry Day and do it lawfully and safely. God bless and we must stand united or fall. Americaagain.net is the answer!

    • SMART METERS, NO FEDERAL MANDATE: We can’t be forced to accept or keep or have THESE deadly AMI smart meters. I called Disability Network of Wayne County (313) 469-1196. Told them my civil rights under ADA (Americans with Disability Act) had been denied twice and DTE was dishonest with civil rights. My AMI gas was changed back to analog hex. I don’t like hex in my basement so i am going to have put outside. It is legal for them to disconnect people who put locks on their meters. I told reader for electric ANALOG about SMART METERS NO FEDERAL MANDATE and he had strange look on his face. I still have analog electric meter I had put in last year. I wouldn’t let the guy take it. He got reading of analog.

  5. I would love any updates on removing the smart meter. DTE told me that they would charge me an additional $67 and $9 per month charge to replace it with an analog. Thanks!!

    • Collette, There has probably been some confusion about DTE’s “opt-out” plan. They don’t re-install analog meters once a smart meter has been installed. Their attitude is that the smart meter is there to stay. The only thing they will do for you for the fees you mentioned, is send someone out to turn off the radio transmitter in the meter you now have. Even that is not certain. We are getting reports of people paying the opt-out fees, getting a sticker on their meter that says “Radio Off”, yet they still have a meter that is emitting pulsed radiation every 15 seconds or so all day every day. See for example the video linked here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxVNPNLX0XcmVUxmRjBYMXp4YTg/view?usp=sharing There is only one way to get back an analog meter – that is to purchase one yourself, remove the smart meter yourself and install the analog. Be prepared for a bumpy ride though. They will probably accuse you of “meter tampering” and may turn off your power.

  6. It has been stated how to install and ANALOG meter, but not the fact that when you are purchasing an ANALOG, that I have encountered there is 2 types. No.1:A-base used in.Michigan:;::: No2:;a type which. Has plugs on back behind number plate. PLEASE be more informative of accurate instructions, would truly.appreciate a little more so as to not waste time when purchasing and ANALOG. As I have already done and received wrong meter type for Michigan residential use.

  7. Even with opt-out, smart Meters will still be forced on people according to letter I received from michigan public service commission. Mpsc also stated utility has RIGHT to enter your PROPERTY because it is their meter! I have purchased my own analog, i will inform utility of such change! I will post this notice :ANALOG METER IS PROPERTY OF HOMEOWNERS, NOT UTILITY, ANYONE ATTEMPTING REMOVAL WILL. BE PROSECUTED. THIS ANALOG. METER IS ALSO MEDICALLY ORDERED BY DOCTOR. I WILL PLACE I FORMAL NOTICE AT LOCAL POLICE STATION TO COVER Myself again ,with proof of purchased analog and medical form

  8. I have informed dte that I am a diagnosed allergy prone person. Smart meters are crippling me. Growths have APPEARED on my body. MUSCLES of. Legs, hands, ,feet are AFFECTED. Eyes burn and itch. Body itches. Headaches.HEAR signal from meters. The mayors have a federal law at their uśė, 125.486 Public Nuisance. Which Is for health and environment of a home . Mayors are choosing not to avail themselves of use of this law. . The meters are crippling me and killing me. It’s a slow murder and product liability.

  9. I live in bay city and was told my water meter would also be replaced. I said I would like to opt out and was told my water would be shut off if I didn’t let them replace my electric meter and water meter.
    What can I do?

  10. “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Vln-uuu_aI”
    Class Action Suit in CA against Smart Meters

    • April 21, 2014
      Concerned readers. Someone filed a law suit against charging people a fee per month of $9.72 per month for refusing the smart meter. Also a one time charge of $67.00 for refusing the smart meter. What ever happened to the law suit filed in Lansing , Michigan? Contact me with your reply.

      • Diane, There are 3 appeals currently pending with the Michigan Court of Appeals on MPSC’s decision to let DTE and Consumers charge opt-out fees. It may be another 6-9 months before these cases are decided.

  11. So we have yet to get these smart meters here in Grosse Pointe (MI), but I am well aware of the dangers of EMF’s. I have young healthy children and I’d like them to remain healthy. Anyone who wants to know more about the dangers should research a guy named Barrie Trower (he spent his life working in this area) and look up the Bioinitiative Report. We haven’t had Wi-Fi in our home for years. We don’t have cordless phones either. We do own cell phones, but they have radiation shields installed. We also wear EMF shields (Rayguard) which have been third party tested and proven to be effective. We also follow the principles of Earthing and ground ourselves when we sleep and work on a PC.

    As for the Smart meters, we have posted a legal paper on our home’s analog meter stating that it is unlawful for anyone to attempt to replace it with a smart meter. I do believe I will be installing one of the lock’s metioned on this site now as well.

    Another suggestion… what about building a Faraday cage around a Smart Meter once installed? Perhaps together with some of the Graham Stetzer filters for dirty electricity, these would significantly reduce any EMF’s being produced by the home’s smart meter. Of course, additional shielding of the home would be advised if one was near neighbors with smart meters.

    • Andy, I have not been encouraging people to put Faraday cages around their meters for these reasons (1) most cages you can buy only block radiation from the front and sides of the meter, when what you mostly need to block is what is coming out the back of the meter, (2) caging the meter does nothing to protect your privacy, and (3) to the extent your blocking is at all effective it will probably prevent utility from receiving a signal from your meter – leading to a site visit and a demand you remove the cage and/or sign up for the opt-out program where they turn the transmitter off. A better (though more expensive) approach is to install large sheets of shielding material on the walls of bedrooms or other much used areas. I have heard that aluminum window screen material may be effective for that purpose and that it should be grounded. Any shield installed should be tested with a handheld RF meter to make sure it is helping the situation and not making things worse. The Stetzer filters may help with the dirty electricity problem all digital meters seem to cause, but the effectiveness of that should be checked with a handheld meter that can measure low frequency magnetic fields in the room, such as the TriField meter.

      • How much protection does everyone really believe these guards will give? Line from the pole is clear of radiation. Electricity going through the Smart meter, then the fuse box, then every electrical wires in your house surrounding us with radiation , no guards can stop that. Turning off The RADIO doesn’t stop. The affects, I’m proof, physically. I am being crippled by smart meters .

  12. We put the sign on our meter, sent letter to Consumers Power and sent a letter to Arlan Meekhof, our State Senator.

    We have had two letters from Consumers energy stating that since we did not allow the smart meter, they are going to charge us once $100 and $10 extra each month for not allowing the smart meter.


  13. We had one installed with out us knowing. Not sure when they put it in but the last 2 bills shows our usage has jumped 110% from same time last year. We have not done anything different. We do not heat our home with electric. We put a new roof on and have done energy saving things and yet they say their meter is fine that it is something we are doing or something to do with our appliances or our electric wiring. None of that has changed except our dishwasher broke and we don’t use it. So how is our small not even 1000 sq home using that much. Our bill has never been $252.59 in April. Maybe July when we have run central air. I have chatted with them and they are no help they try to say our usage went up before they put the new meter in. They say our old meter was getting old and was not registering right. Were can I go to get help. I paid last months but can’t afford to keep paying $250 something a month. I know people with lot larger homes that heat with electric and leave lots of things running and they aren’t this high.

    • Sandy,

      We have heard these lies from one Michigan utility over and over and over again. Of course you are not using that much electricity in a small house in the month of April with no electric heat and no A/C running. There is only one course of action open to you when you are dealing with this kind of larceny and deception. You must replace your own meter with an analog meter, after giving reasonable notice to the utility and safely returning their meter to them. See instructions elsewhere on this website. Be prepared to go to court on this if necessary.

  14. Hi friends
    My friends and I would like to take the smart meter opt out matter to the county commission. We would like to ask them to oppose this manditory change on our houses and create a opt. out that will be reasonable. Is there a way to get a copy of what other countys and citys have passed for an example. Thanks…

      • Back in 2008 I had a house fire (electrical) the electric company took the meter off my home until an electrician updated the wiring and electric box. When the time came to have the meter reinstalled they installed a smart meter and told me I didn’t have a choice. Unaware of the problems these meters cause and wanting to get back into my home I didn’t know enough to refuse the meter. Since I’ve been back in my home I have been suffering from migraine headaches, so has my 9 year old son. How can I get this meter removed from my home, the electric company told me I cannot have it removed. I believe this meter is the cause of the headaches, prior to moving back into the house after the fire I barely ever got a headache especially not the debilitating migraines I suffer from now. More concerning for me is the frequency in which my nine year old tends to get the migraine headaches. I want this meter removed and I don’t care what the cost is, I will pay anything just so I don’t have to see my son continue to suffer. If anybody can give me information on how to get this meter removed please email me at vicmar411@aol.com thank you in advance.

      • Vickie – It would help if you told us what state you live in and the name of the electric utility. If you are in Michigan and DTE is your utility the only answer may well be to remove the meter yourself after giving the utility written notice and opportunity to remove the meter. If you live elsewhere the best course of action might be different and you may want to seek out a smart meter resistance group in your state. If you decide to proceed you can purchase a tested analog meter with a certificate of accuracy from the Hialeah Meter Company in Hialeah, Florida for probably under $25. Watch the video on our site for information on how to change your own meter.

  15. HELP! I live in an apartment in Berkley, Michigan and I have 17 of these new Smart Meters DIRECTLY below my bed. I couldn’t figure out why I started having constant headaches, because I have never suffered from headaches. Any advice, short of having to move? I also work from home and so I am here most of the time.

    • Wormy Joe,
      You are in a most unfortunate situation! You are getting radio waves traveling in straight lines throught the air from all those meters through your floor to you. You are also getting exposed to electromagnetic fields every time you stand near a light switch or electrical appliance. This is caused by the “dirty electricity” that the power supplies in all those smart meters generate – even if the radio transmitters were turned off. What I would suggest, short of moving, is that you do two things: (1) Put some aluminum foil down on the floor of your bedroom and on the floor where you spend most of your daytime hours. You might do this by gluing or taping foil to the underside of an area rug. Consider grounding the foil also by a wire from the foil to a water pipe; (2) Purchase some Stetzer filters from the Stetzer Electric Company in Wisconsin. These you plug into electrical outlets. What they do is filter out the “dirty electricity” that is put on your wiring by all those smart meters. They also sell an inexpensive handheld meter that will allow you to determine when you have installed enough filters. Another thing you might do is consider spending much of your daytime hours outside of the apartment I would also hope that you do not have wi-fi installed in your apartment. Your computer’s internet connection should be hardwired – preferably to a cable service or to DSL service on a phone line. You should also keep use of a cell phone to an absolute minimum. Electro-sensitivity is something that often builds up gradually over the years based on your total cumulative exposure to all forms of emf.

  16. Would love to have you speak in Franklin, They are installing those things all over and people are not aware of them as DTE does NOT ask, forewarn or send cards making the ennoblement. Beverly HIlls and Southfield may have them now too. Busy DTE has been.

  17. How can i make DTE in Michigan Replace the digital one they put on my home in 2009 ? My Bill has went sky high and my whole family has been having ringing ears , my dogshave been getting sick and I have Noticed our MOODS SWINGS have been very BAD ! My Spouse has heart Issues (a stent from a heart attack ) also back problems , and Our health is not getting better , I JUST turned 47 and i have 2 teens ( girl 16 – Boy 15 ) and i have noticed a Big change in everyone and everything since they put the digital meter in ! Can i Make DTE put one of the old ones back in ??? Please i am begging for help … We are Low income due to my Spouse being disabled and i am also Disabled …

    • Darlene,

      If you have had this meter since 2009 I wonder if it is really one of the new smart meters. What you may have is one of the electronic digital meters. They can cause health problems too, even though they contain no radio transmitters, because they contain something called a “switched mode power supply” which will put “dirty electricity” on all the wiring inside your home.

      The first thing would be to try to determine which kind of meter you have. If you can find any mention of an FCC license on the face of the meter then you almost certainly have a smart meter. If there is a blue faceplate on the meter your almost certainly have a smart meter.

      There is also an older style meter that has a digital display (like a car odometer) but is entirely mechanical. This type of meter would not produce dirty electricity or send out any radio signals and almost certainly could cause you no harm. But this is one of the older style meters which they probably were not installing as recently as 2009.

      Why don’t you take a photo of the face of your meter and send it to me as an email attachment. I will take a look and see if I can help you figure it out. Also please let me know what city you are in!

      David Sheldon fdshel@yahoo.com

      • I am In Romulus Michigan , I’m trying to figure out how to send the video i did , with phone , I will Send it to you as soon as i can figure it out … We have Detroit Metro Airport a mile or less from our house we live in and planes are always flying over somethimes it sounds like its going to land on the house … Thank you for replying to my post … The name on the meter is Itron and says WATTHOUR UNDER THAT …

    • Nov.10,2013

      Yes, you can get your analog meter back, no joke! A man with the name Jerry Day is warning people about the dangers of these devices. He is on you tube and listen carefully.

      One of those videos shows the meter can be replaced. The company is called Freedomtaker.com. He tells us
      How it is done Safely. Watch this video and see for yourself. Changing the meter MUST be done by a electrician because of the high voltage coming off the meter. It can kill you if the steps to disengage the meter.

      Knowledge is power! Research information smart meter on you tube and yahoo. Email me Back.


    • Pearl – I would recommend you FIRST send out a certified letter stating that you do no consent to the installation of a ‘smart’ electric meter and post a sign next to the meter as well. Then it might also be a good idea to call DTE’s main phone number and tell the customer service representative that you “WANT TO BE PLACED ON THE ‘DELAY’ LIST”. They have such a list and will put you on it if you are insistent. What the list does is keep them from installing a smart meter for the next few months at least – or until the MPSC makes a decision about opt-out policy. It is a kick the can down the road solution but it may be a fairly good interim solution.

  18. I’m wondering if there’s any information available about how to replace a gas smart meter. We managed so far to head off an electric smart meter, but the gas smart meter was installed without our knowing it. I’ve sent a letter giving them 14 days to remove or I will, but don’t know how. Thank you!

    • You raise an excellent question! Our understanding is that a ‘smart’ gas meter is just a standard gas meter (probably the one you had before) but with a ‘smart module’ attached to it that transmits the information by radio waves to the utility. So removal probably could mean only removing the attached module. We have no information at present on what difficulties there might be in doing that, or whether you would do better to buy your own gas meter and replace the whole thing. We will try to get some information together on this – maybe a kit or something with instructions. You may need to call in a professional to help you do this.

  19. i live in california and I am so frustrated with this killing monster that I called SCE (my electric company) and told them I wanted the meter out i had thirty seven treatments of radiation two years ago and now wake up with radiatiion burns on my body the radiation that the meter contains (spurts out every four milnutes d) spurged through my bedroom wall where it is located and connected with my personal amount of radiation within my body So called SCE to tell them to come once again to take it out and they said they would put me on OPT take down within three months to a year. I was so irrate that I told them I am going to call the new media and have them come and be witness to me sticking my finger into the meter and go down in flames as they do in war zones hahahahha
    She advised me not to tamper with the meter it’s agianst the law
    an hour later a sherff pulls up and questions me about the finger in the meter
    By the time that filled him in to what was happen with the killer monster I told him about the utube entry “DARK SIDE OF SMART METER also “FEDERAL GOVERMENT AND SMART METER” He started to share the greif of what I was going through told me he has grandkids and five kids all grown when he left his thought where spinning into wonderment. He heard of Smart Meters and what they can do but found the darkside of the smart meter utube he is going to do more research.
    I called out to him”please don’t stick you finger into the meter after you read that utupe conncetion we giggled. I came into the house and noticed they are now into my computer and deleted my files that had notations on how I reported my siruation to the SCE and then they re entered he notations ….wowo
    thatis my reply
    I am going to start a peaceful sounding instead of the white knuckles rage and we going about this without fear becasue we have God and The Angels here on sight and no one is more powerful then the support
    love and kisses
    Josette Vettel

  20. Your MichiganstopSmartmeters web site is an enviable aid to humanity. I have measured the electrical radiation with a digital meter like the one you show and found the EMF to be >100 milliGauss. I thank MPSC for inquiring about the issue! However, I wonder how MPSC staff will evaluate the radiation since MPSC Docket U-13934 fails to recognize airborne radiation as a source of EMF emanating from Switch mode AC-DC power supplies useed to power radiofrequency devices such as radio transmitters, cell phones, and a million other devices already contaminating their electrical supplies.

  21. Thanks for helping all of us to protect ourselves from DTE, How could they acutally install a device the is a health Hazard ?

  22. Actually, the utilities are exmpet from many NEC codes.One example is the service drop to residential buildings using overhead feeds.The service conductors bundled together call triplex for a 225 amp and under service are #2 aluminum run in free air with no overcurrent protection from the transformer. But once it reaches the customers weatherhead, (the point of demarcation) the customer must run at least 2/o copper in the riser to the meter for a 200 amp service, and 3/o copper for any branch circuits that are 200 amps.The utility companies are exmpet from all NEC codes, and a private citizen or contractor has to strictly adhere to these codes.But what about sub-contractors working for the utilities installing their watt hour billing meters on private residential properties ?It is very important to know that all electrical equipment on any building is provided for by the building owner, that includes the weatherhead, riser, meter enclosure/main disconnect, and of course the main load center and all other sub-panels , the distribution network and any and all devices or appliances being fed by the meter on the building. Only the meter is owned by the utility, so shouldn’t citizens in possession of the property have a right to decide what they want to allow to be installed on their property ? I think that everyone has a right to decide for themselves ?. I decided that I don’t want a new SmartMeter installed on my privately owned equipment and refused the installation a year ago. So far so good, they sent a couple of stupid letters stating that the meters are required if I want to continue to have electrical service. What a joke !. I ignored the letters and I still have electrical service.I think the utilities are just trying to be the big bad bully on the block, but if some people challenge them in a court of law about private property rights, maybe some new revelations will come out in favor of private citizens. WE SHALL FIGHT AND PREVAIL !!

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