Very Short Sample Letter to State Rep

(your street address)
(your city,state, zip)

(date you will send letter)

Representative (name of Your representative)
(street address of your representative)
Lansing, MI  (your rep’s zip code)

Subject: Need for new law to protect utility customers.

Dear Representative:

DTE has been forcing people to accept “smart” electric meters.  Medical people and scientists the world over have reached a consensus that these meters cause harm.

The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) has turned a deaf ear to many hundreds of complaints against DTE about these meters.  On May 15th, 2013 they issued a ruling endorsing the proposals of the utilities that the utilities be allowed to impose an extra initial charge and ongoing monthly charges for customers requesting a “non-transmitting meter” (radio off). This ruling made no provision for any customer to receive a traditional meter instead of a smart meter.

The MPSC “opt-out” policy is no opt-out at all.  The real solution would be a new law that defines the rights of Michigan utility customers to refuse harmful new technology.  Utility customers should have the right to retain the traditional electro-mechanical (analog) meter.  A proposed amendment to Act 3 of 1939 is being proposed called the “Utility Meter Freedom of Choice Amendment”. The full text of the proposed law may be viewed here:

Please consider becoming a sponsor or co-sponsor of this proposal and using your influence to see that the proposal gets fair consideration to provide much needed relief for your constituents.


(your signature, if sent by snail mail)

(your name, printed)

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