Vermont Smart Meter RF Study

January 24th, 2013 – Richard Tell Associates Hired by State of Vermont to do RF Study on Smart Meters.  This private consulting firm was apparently tasked, by Vermont state government, with determining whether or not smart meter radiation is within limits set by the FCC.  Mr. Tell has impressive qualifications in that he worked within the FCC and OSHA for twenty some years before starting a private consulting practice helping industry to stay in compliance with the federal standards.

The firm issued a report on this date indicating that smart meters are well within FCC standards  These results are said to hold even when large numbers of meters are grouped together as is typical in apartment buildings.

The consulting firm was careful to use measuring instruments that distinguished between the peak energy level of short duration pulses vs the averaged energy level of those pulses.

While we have no reason to question the integrity of the study, we are concerned that the results of the study were perhaps a foregone conclusion because of the way the question was framed.  The firm was apparently tasked only with determining if smart meters were in compliance with FCC exposure limits.  These standards are believed by most independent health experts who have published research to be woefully inadequate as they are based on what a 200 pound healthy male can stand in a short term industrial exposure.  The FCC standards were never developed to establish what would be a safe level for 24/7 exposure for people of all ages and health conditions.

The problem with this study then is that the consulting firm was not tasked with determining if the RF energy from a smart meter was safe, but only if it was legal.

Click here to read the study report.

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