The Stenman Case

LawThis is a case that began with a refusal by DTE to remove a smart meter from the Stenman home after being informed that meter was making Mrs. Stenman ill. The Stenmans believed they had no other choice but to remove the meter themselves, and for that they were sued by DTE in Oakland Circuit Court. Difficulty finding an attorney conversant with this subject forced the Stenmans to represent themselves. Judge Rudy Nichols granted DTE a summary judgment, ignoring the fact that there were many factual issues in dispute that should have warranted a trial.

Judge Nichols decision has been appealed to the Michigan Court of Appeals and oral arguments will be heard June 9th, 2015 in Detroit. The Stenmans have, near the end of the case, found an attorney who will present the oral argument.

(1) DTE’s Complaint <Click here>

(2) Stenmans’ Answer to the Complaint <Click here>

(3) DTE’s Motion for Summary Jugment <Click here>

(4) Stenmans’ Answer to the Motion
for Summary Judgment <Click here>

(5) Judge Nichols’ Order <Click here>

(6) Stenmans’ Appeal Brief <Click here>


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