The ‘Dirty Electricity’ Problem

We have often referred to the fact that the new ‘smart’ electric meters being installed by DTE in southeastern Michigan cause ‘dirty electricity’ to circulate through a home’s wiring even when the radio transmitter is turned off.  We have numerous examples of electro-sensitive people being made ill by this problem as well as by the RF emissions. This is one of the reasons why the new “opt-out meter” DTE is offering (a smart meter with the RF transmitter turned off) does not solve the problem for those with health issues.

Here are some resources for those who want to understand this problem in more depth:

article by Magda Havas and David Stetzer

a study that was done in Sweden where the electric utility actually cooperated by installing filtering equipment until there was no more problem from its smart meter.

this is direct testimony in 2009 before the Virginia Corporation Commission showing harmful effects of low frequency emf exposure

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