Presented by Michigan Stop Smart Meters

Wednesday, May 23rd, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Plymouth District Library
223 South Main Street
Plymouth, MI
Community Room

Free Admission

Light Refreshments

This program will be similar to the public meeting
we sponsored in Ferndale but with added
presentation of our remedies as the MPSC may
provide and our remedies under the
Opsommer and McMillin bills.


Richard Meltzer, Phd – Introduction
Dr. Meltzer will explain how we got to this point, some of the touted benefits of the new meters, and how and why the regulators have failed to ask the righ questions or obtained meaningful evidence on which to base decisions. 

Diana Ostermann – Harmful Radio Pulses
Diana will draw on her background as a retired manager
in the cell phone industry to explain how this
radiation is much worse than that of cell phones!

Intermission – 10 minutes.

David Sheldon (1) The Privacy Threat, and
(2) Our remedies under MPSC and under pending legislation.

 David will draw on his background in physics and economics to explain why the invasion of our privacy is not only technically possible but economically inevitable – if we allow it.


YOUR ideas on how we can go forward from here
to get an outcome that will protect all of us!