corruption graphicDecember 18, 2014 – Michigan Stop Smart Meters expresses its support for much of what was said in a recent editorial “Standing Up to the Sleaze and Rot That Kills” posted by in California.

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While there are parts of that editorial that promote a world view with which we do not agree, below are quotes from that piece with which we particularly DO agree:

“The attack on public health and safety and the highway robbery the smart grid represents is not the result of some “misunderstanding” or “lack of information.”

“All of this is intentional and it will only stop when the criminals behind the program are forced to stop.  If a PUC commissioner suddenly woke up and realized the truth and started to actively challenge the system, the system would have them removed.  No question.  Commissioners are vetted carefully for any hint of rebellion before they are appointed.”

“Activists trying (in many cases valiantly and at great personal and financial sacrifice) have seen how fruitless it is to try and get one government agency to censure another, when the stakes are as high as a trillion dollar industry driving the global economy.”

What are the alternatives?  Are we doomed to submit comments to be ignored at the PUC and accept the consequences of smart grid proliferation?  Spend thousands of dollars on lawsuits just to be tossed out of court by corrupt, system-loyal judges?”

“Watch as our friends and families and perhaps ourselves get sick and die of cancer?  As our homes burn down at 3am and the utility blames the wiring?  As we are disconnected one by one from essential services because we refuse to agree to pay not to be harmed?”

“What we need is a resistance movement that protects environmental health and safety by whatever means necessary.   A group of committed individuals who will stand up against state power and refuse to back down- no matter what- in the face of injustice.  Yes we need the intelligent, well-informed critiques of current policy to spread awareness and provide fodder for those willing to take the time to analyze the truth (and lies) behind these industry documents.  But intellectual debate and discussion- or even active awareness raising campaigns- are not going to win it alone.”

What then do we do?  Your comments please.


April 24th, 2012 -On Monday evening about 35 people gathered in the Ferndale Public Library to hear a program presented by Michigan Stop Smart Meters.  Three speakers presented an overview of smart meters, the failed business case, the radiation hazards and the threat to privacy.

Speakers included Diana Ostermann, retired from a managerial career in the cell phone industry, Dr. Richard Meltzer with background in research methodology, and David Sheldon MBA with undergraduate degree in physics and economics.

Following the presentations there was a spirited discussion of what we can do as individuals and as a group to encourage a just resolution of the crisis through either regulatory action or new legislation.  Individuals expressed an interest in attending future public meetings, networking with each other, and participating in possible future demonstrations or other activities to promote public awareness of this stealth technology.

Michigan Stop Smart Meters will be sponsoring another of these informational meetings on May 23rd at the Plymouth City Library.  More details will be posted as they become available.