February 7th, 2017 – On this day the first (organizational) meeting took place for the Energy Committee of the Michigan House of Representatives, mich-house-energy-policy-committee-2017Chaired by Rep Gary Glenn. This is a new day for meter choice legislation because the new chairman, unlike his predecessor, strongly supports our cause and the cause of energy consumers generally.

We think all Michigan smart meter activists will be heartened to watch the entire first meeting under Rep Glenn’s leadership. Clearly he intends to fight for energy consumers at all levels – residential customers, school systems and large industrial users of electricity. He makes the point that school systems, for example, will be able to hire more teachers with the money they save when they have a choice of energy provider.

Rep Glenn believes the whole matter of whether DTE and Consumers should have a full monopoly in their respective service territories should be re-evaluated, notwithstanding the legislation that was passed in December of 2016.

Glenn stresses that the smart meter issue is basically one of property rights and a monopoly utility being able to force new and unwanted technology on its customers. Smart meter activists will find his remarks on that subject 12 minutes and 30 seconds into the meeting, which can be viewed HERE.



Poisoning of Drinking Water, Schools and Homes
By David Sheldon

There is much in the news about the Flint Water Crisis and rightly so. But the countless individuals and families who have been forced to accept a cancer causing surveillance device in their homes are not being so reported by our major news media. Nor are those who, refusing such a glass of polluted drinking waterhome invasion, have had their electric service cutoff! Even senior citizens dependent on medical machinery! What do a water crisis, a school health crisis and utility crisis have in common? A Michigan Governor we fault, not on partisan grounds, but because of his repeated tendency to make dangerous decisions through surrogates while assuming no responsibility for consequences!

News media following the water crisis are constantly asking the question about our Governor “What did he know and when did he know it?” It seems clear now that he knew for many months that the people of Flint were being poisoned with bad water and did nothing to remedy the situation. At the same time the news media is much reporting the situation with Detroit Public Schools where children are routinely exposed to mold and rats. Both of these crisis scenarios are apparently the result of decisions made by Emergency Managers our Governor appointed to make decisions that arguably should have been made by others closer to the scene, or by others democratically elected.

But there is a third crisis-in-the-making not much reported by our mass media. That is the sickness, breach of privacy and utility shutoffs caused by the so called “smart” electric meter programs. Countless individualsLogo of Liz Barris website and paper and families have had their lives turned upside down. Some by questionable devices forcibly installed on their homes without their informed consent. Other families, who refused these devices, are enduring a severe Michigan winter without electric service. Both DTE and Consumers Energy are doing this with the complicity of the Michigan Public Service Commission, the regulatory body that is supposed to protect utility customers.

The Governor’s hand can be seen in this too as the MPSC consists of commissioners appointed by the Governor who quite apparently are taking their marching orders from the Governor and his hand picked Energy Czar, Valerie Brader. The MPSC will allow no hearing on any of the health or privacy violations of the new utility meters. The Governor’s energy policies are also being advanced by the Chairman of the House Energy Committee, Aric Nesbitt, who refuses to allow any hearing concerning the new utility meters or of any energy legislation not favored by the Governor.

Where is this third crisis-in-the-making taking us? Not only to unjust utility shutoffs but to a future of ruined lives – of people who can no longer live in their own homes and those who have or will contract cancer or neurological illnesses such as Parkinsons disease or dementia. There are 12 members of the Michigan House that have cosponsored legislation to stop this violation of human rights. We think this too will lead once more to the question about our Governor “What did he know and when did he know it?”


A Message from the Ad Hoc Committee for Smart Meter Legislation


We need to make an all out effort NOW to
reach all members of the House Energy Committee!

It is a new day now for smart meter legislation. We have more support for such a law now than we ever had before. To win this fight, it is critical that Lower Peninsula Overviewwe persuade as many of the House Energy Committee members as possible. If enough are convinced of the necessity of such a law, a hearing will be scheduled on the law that has been drafted by some representatives who are on our side! After such a hearing will come a vote of the Committee to report the proposed law out to the full House with a recommendation that it be passed there or not. Later, of course, we will have to introduce a companion bill on the Senate side and follow that bill through a hearing and, hopefully, a favorable report out of the bill to the full Senate.

We desperately need volunteers! We need people who care enough about this issue to spend a day going into one or more of the districts of the 25 reps who are on that Energy Committee. You will find above a map of the lower peninsula of this state with all the district locations marked. Most of these districts are within a few hours driving distance. Find a friend to go with you and make a day of it!

We have three different flyers linked here:

Flyer No. 1                             Flyer No. 2                             Flyer No. 3

Each of these flyers has a reverse side that is different according to what districts you plan to work. Contact Dave Lonier (248) 373-9111, or Dave Sheldon (248) 604-7545 and we will send you a flyer customized to your district(s).

If you would like to do this as part of an organized group emaill Linda Kurtz at

Once in district, the task will be to find a highly trafficked location, which could be a supermarket, library or post office, and hand out flyers. Those who receive the flyer will be asked to phone their state House representative and tell him or her that they don’t want a smart meter on their home AND ask that rep to back a new smart meter bill soon to be introduced.

PLEASE CONTACT DAVID LONIER (248) 373-9111. Let him know which district you will be working and he will coordinate to avoid duplicated efforts.

Click here to reach web page where we have detailed maps and a complete list of House Energy Committee members,and their contact information.


A Message from the
Ad Hoc Committee for Smart Meter Legislation*

 If we do what we have always done,
we will get what we have always gotten.

Legislation image ID-100289358

We think we have a righteous cause. We become discouraged at times, or even frantic, when legislators do not always immediately see the issue as we see it. But the key to selling any new idea, product or suggested course of action, in politics as in any other area of life, is to discover the prospect’s possible objections, including those objections that may not be plainly stated.

We often hear it said “if the politicians do not do what we want then vote them out of office”. How often does that solve the major problems of the day? Sure, once in a while there is an issue that so captures the public imagination that a party is swept out of power. And does that solve the problem? Or do we just have the ones we perceived to be rascals replaced by new “rascals”?

Legislators must deal with many worthy causes, and plenty more that are not so worthy. One thing the politicians know for sure is that they will not be in a position to help anyone or fix any problem if they cannot stay in office.

There are legislators in Lansing who understand our smart meter issue and are working quietly, behind the scenes, to come up with a bill and a strategy to pass the bill. They have and are listening to us. They took notice when 200 of us appeared before the House Oversight Committee last December. They are aware of the bullying that is going on, the confrontations with DTE employees, the shortcomings of our Public Service Commission and the fact that some of us have lost electrical service over this issue. They are also aware that to fix our problem, or any other problem, will require compromise and require being a team player.

There may be a few legislators who will be deterred from helping us by the idea of displeasing a powerful interest. For others the task of getting up to speed on our issue may be the major factor, or the time it will take to sell the issue to colleagues. All of this may be worth it if they are going to gain the appreciation and loyalty of a grass roots movement. For that to happen we must clearly communicate what it is we are asking them to do. We may not always speak with one voice, but there must be enough of a common thread they can pick out of our different voices so they can fashion a remedy that will satisfy most of us.

We hear reports from time to time that some of our activists, in their passion for the cause, are less than courteous to legislative staff. That needs to change. Rudeness will get us nowhere and the rude among us are effectively undoing the efforts of the rest of us. We want our elected representatives and their staffers to know that we care very much about our issue and that we are not going away. But pounding our fists on the table and saying “I want it NOW” does not get us very far. Nor does casting blame.

Beyond simple civility, we need also to be ready to remember those who helped us at election time. They will need our support, our votes, our willingness to volunteer as campaign workers and, when possible, our campaign contributions. Sure we are not going to support someone who agreed with us on this one issue if their positions are intolerable on several other issues that are of even greater importance to us. But neither should we be blinded by a party label or by an often misleading label like “liberal” or “conservative.” If this issue really matters to us we must look beyond labels and support those who helped us. And we must let our elected representatives know this is what we will do.

Everyone should be aware that there is a process going on with the legislators who are on our side. We need to be patient, be civil at all times, and be certain we do nothing that could sabotage that process.

David Lonier, Chairman, Richard Meltzer, David Sheldon

* Please also see excellent essay by Pam Wallace on
‘Using Our Grace’ in Contacting Legislators




from the Ad Hoc Smart Meter Bill Drafting Committee

Dear Smart Meter Activist,

Michigan_state_capitolAttached is the culmination of untold hours of intense effort, careful thought, research, collaboration,  and numerous revisions  over an almost two month period.  The primary writers of the bill were passionate activists, highly motivated to draft legislation that would guarantee our health, safety and privacy would be secured by giving everyone the right to choose to have, or not to have, a dangerous, life threatening surveillance device installed upon their living or working quarters.

The bill’s title simply, directly and clearly states its singular purpose:

“Utility Meter Freedom of Choice Amendment” (to Michigan Public Act 3 of 1939).

Attached are two versions:  one for the State House of Representatives and one for the State Senate. It’s the same bill with different captions.  Be sure to send the correct bill to your lawmakers.

This bill was drafted for all smart meter activists and their organizations, as well as all legislators: local, county, state and federal. Not only did we activists have a common goal before the bill was drafted, but we now have a document unlike any other that puts our legislative demand into words.

Please share freely with all parties of interest.

We need to bombard our state legislators with requests to bring this bill up for passage.

 Points to consider for presentation:

  1.  Call their office.  Ask to speak to the legislator.  If unavailable, explain to the staff member that you will be Emailing him/her a bill that you want introduced or co-sponsored if it’s already been introduced. Ask the legislator or staff if they are familiar with the issue.
  2. If yes, ask if they will champion the bill and help move it through committee and bring it up for passage.
  3. If no, give them a general statement as to its purpose and that in addition to sending the bill you will be sending information that will explain the necessity for its passage. (see some ideas below)
  4. Ask for them to get back with you after they have read the bill and looked at the information to let you know where they stand on the issue.
  5. If you don’t hear from them in a week call back and let them know that you would like to know what their position is.
  1.  You might ask if you could set up a meeting to make a presentation.  Have documents, websites, videos and other activist friends available.
  2. The more of us who contact the legislators, even if it’s the same legislator, the greater our impact will be.

Not everyone is expected to use the same method for persuading their legislators.   In fact it’s far better that we each use our own individual ingenuity for turning this bill into law, with the above points as a guide.

We could not have a more highly qualified group of well-informed, passionate activists, all very capable of presenting the need to pass this legislation.  The bill is intended to be rallying point around which we can all now focus our attention as it will unite us as one mass movement to secure our rights.

Please distribute the bill widely and spread the word that we will persist until we once again secure the blessings of life, privacy, liberty, safety, health, property rights  and freedom.

In tribute to all our thousands of smart meter activists,

David Lonier, Chairman,
Ad Hoc Smart Meter Bill Drafting Committee

David Sheldon, Dan Childs, Linda Kurtz, Richard Meltzer

Here are the bills (House and Senate versions. Download these .pdf files to your own hard drive, then attach to email you send your legislative rep, after first contacting him or her by phone)

Utility Meter Freedom of Choice Bill, House
Utility Meter Freedom of Choice Bill, Senate

Ideas for information to share with your legislators:

Websites (if links don’t work in your browser, copy and paste the actual web address into your browser, deleting the quotation marks)

Michigan Stop Smart Meters   (or)

Smart Meter Education Network (or)

Warriors for the American Revolution (or)

One if By Land (or)


4 ½ Minute Introduction to Smart Meters by Jerry Day

And whatever else you may wish to include, based on the tons of health, safety and privacy info. related to smart meters.