Update on this story at this link:  Day of Action!


We need to reach decision makers in all the states – legislators, judges, health care providers.  To do this we need medical documentation of symptoms or illnesses caused by “smart meters”.  Personal testimonials will not be enough.  WE THANK ALL OF YOU WHO RESPONDED TO OUR PREVIOUS APPEAL!  BUT WE NEED MUCH MORE OF THIS KIND OF EVIDENCE!

If you have experienced serious symptoms or illness after a smart meter was installed on your home or business, we are asking you to get a doctor to diagnose your situation and write a letter that:

(1)     States that, in the doctor’s professional judgment, you have symptoms that were caused by a smart meter, or

(2)  That you have a medical condition that, in the doctor’s judgment, would be aggravated by having a smart meter on your home or place of business.

Be sure your doctor knows what you are doing and has consented to do so. That is important!!!  If the doctor is called upon, they can support your health claim and this will greatly assist with abating the smart meter and keeping your analog meter!!  We can’t wait for the 1st person to die!

Once you have such a letter from your doctor we are asking you to write your own letter to your state representative or state senator but, for maximum effect, hold off mailing it until October 25th

EVERYONE  mark and set this date on your calendar…

October 25, 2013

This is the DATE when your letter or e-mail will go out!

Those that have not yet participated, this is the time and day for you.  Those that have already done so, you do not need to do anything except spread the word….

In your letter or email describe your symptoms in your own words, why you believe a smart meter caused these symptoms and what action you would like your representative or official to take.  Then attach a copy of your doctor’s letter.  Medical records or test results need not be attached. Also please send your own letter with copy of doctor’s letter attached to your state’s governor and your state’s attorney general and ask him or her to take all action within their power to address this situation.

Finally, it is important that we have some way to keep track of how much evidence is being accumulated.  We want to leverage this evidence in followup communications to other decision makers. So we ask you to email a blind copy of your letter and your doctor’s letter to our National Coordinator, David Lonier at

As these letters are being supported by your doctors and are sent to your Representatives, Governor and Attorney General, they will never again be in a position to argue that they had not been presented with hard evidence to back up the health claims.

Please feel free to share this email with other website advocates who can help support this project. We can’t wait for the abusive deployment and then try to fix this problem with a band-aid.

If you have questions about this campaign, please phone:

David Lonier at (248) 373-9111 or

Michigan Stop Smart Meters at (248) 604-7545.