November 4th, 2013 – A New Guard for Your Analog Meter!
For many of us, keeping a smart meter off of our homes is a matter of necessity.  Many cannot sleep or suffer intolerable headaches, nausea or heart palpitations once a smart meter is installed on their home.  Some have resorted to padlocking their existing analog meters to prevent a smart meter installation.  To a considerable extent these defenses have worked, at least until quite recently.

But we are witnessing, in the last few weeks, more aggressive tactics on the part of at least one Michigan utility.  Padlocks have been cut and, in some cases, the loop (part of the meter enclosure) is cut to remove a padlock. In the photo below we see a cut loop and a new brass enclosure lock has been added.

Is it legal to protect your analog meter?  We have obtained opinions from two local attorneys that have told us it is legal.  To date nobody that we know of has been sued or had their power turned off for locking up their analog meter and refusing to allow a smart meter replacement.  Two families have been sued for re-installing an analog meter after a smart meter was installed. The lesson: Defend your existing meter!
Cut meter box detail

Many have contacted us asking what can be done to better protect their existing analog meters.  Fortunately we now have a product that will do just that!

A local guy has devised an ingenious and economical way to protect your existing meter.  Click here to see his product!