January 29th, 2015 – Today many of us participated, at the new headquarters of the Public Service Commission, in the pre-hearing on DTE’s request for a $340 million dollar general rate increase for residential customers plus a decision whether customers should continue to pay for the smart meter program and a report of status of the smart meter opt-out program that may lead to a future increase in opt-out fees.

Intervener status was granted by Administrative Law Judge Sharon Feldman to individual applicants Dan Mazurek, Richard Meltzer, David Sheldon and Paul Wilk and also to 9 other utility customers acting as a group organized by the Cusumanos and represented by attorneys Don Keskey and Brian Coyer. A schedule was adopted for further proceedings in this case that won’t be complete until next December.

Interveners will be allowed to conduct discovery, bring in witnesses to testify, participate in cross-examinations of DTE’s witnesses, and make legal arguments as to what decisions the Commission should make.

Also present were about 30 DTE customers who came to observe and, in some cases, to make short comments on the record. All these commenters, as would be expected, spoke critically of the smart meters and many told of illnesses they had experienced since installations of smart meters on their homes.

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