Symptoms of Radiation Exposure

The chart below is excerpted from an article called “Talking to Your Doctor” published by the Canadian Initiative to Stop Wireless Electric and Electromagnetic Pollution (WEEP).

Chart showing Symptoms of Electro Hypersensitivity

5 thoughts on “Symptoms of Radiation Exposure

  1. We need to start having neighborhood meetings all
    Over the u s a . share these facts and get some people to put pressure on the gov to stop this insane welfare for rich corps

  2. In the late spring, early summer, I arrived home to discover a tag on my door that stated they had installed the new meter. Then my son received a letter stating he could ‘opt out’. I didn’t have that option. After discovering I could opt out, and receiving a letter stating I use 82% more than any of my neighbors within 0.55 miles, I called DTE and was advised…a) The install too place on Aug 22, 2013..(no it didn’t)…b) I would have to pay $67.00 to have it removed…c) it was DTE property and they could do what they want, (after I told them ‘do not’ come on my property unless they contact me first as I have No Trespassing signage at the beginning of my drive), but the biggest kick was when I was advised that ‘we don’t know what kind of home you have, ie: do you have a spa, sauna, hot tub, how large is your home, and more. Really?? I live alone, unless you count my little dog who does not have thumbs and cant turn on the tv while Im gone, and she definitely doesn’t cook. Then I got a shutoff notice postmarked Oct 29, 2013 stating to avoid shutoff, pay $198.00 by Oct 18. Of course I immediately went online because I knew I had paid it. Oct 11th, one week prior. Bullying at its worst right here. I am so livid with DTE right now I am looking into wind and solor power, and will seriously consider going without electricity at all. I am going on 61 and just don’t give a *bleep* at this point. I am tired of DTE insulting my intelligence!!!!!

  3. Regarding smart meters and their ptoential health risks they obviously do affect all people and if you have a wireless phone, baby monitor, use a cell phone, sit at a computer, etc., does this justify adding more to the soup of EMF’s by now having an EMF grid outside our homes covering our cities,communites and country nationwide?Human beings sometimes can be so narcisstic about wanting to meet their creature comforts and making money that they seldom take into accounthow this EMF grid might affect not only our health and well being but that of nature: plants, birds, bees, etc. which in the end comes back to us as it affects the quality and supply of our food.When I was a child cancer was rare! That was just 60 years ago. It was not the epidemic that we face today. The state of our health as a nation is giving us feedback but are we willing to listen and make wiser decisions? I am all for advanced technologies once they have been proven safe. This is not the case with PG & E’s smart meter. The drive behind the smart meters first and foremost is Profits & efficiency not safety or concerns for customers’ well being.At a hearing where I and 5 other citizens stood up in protest to smart meters being installed in Emeryville, Calif. there were 8 PG&E reps there to address and promote the safety of these meters. They used the same rationale that the smart meter is no more dangerous than a cell phone. But you have a choice to expose yourself to a cell phone or a computer. This program offers no choice to the People nor to our surrounding environment. And most importantly not been enough research as to it’s safety warrants going forward. (have you ever seen the old flicks that show the US Govt’s. first testing of nuclear bombs they had soldiers out in the field to observe with no protection from the fall out..why ? because they didn’t know better or one could call it Ignorance! We have seen the same ignorance with the use of pesticides, plastics, petroleum products, mercury in fillings, flouride in our water, irradiated food, irradiated war weaponary, nuclear power plants, antibiotics injected into our beef cattle, GMO corn fed to our cattle causing holes in the poor creatures stomachs, and the list goes on and on. The disturbing & unscrupulous part of all this is that PG&E rec’d federal funding for these meters by promoting them as green (green because you can check your usage at home on your computer and can make adjustments to use less energy.) As I stated at that hearing I can make adjustments when I get a high PG& E bill. I don’t need to know my usage through out the day. Solar is far more green than this approach. By labeling smart meters as Green, citizens’ tax money ironically ended up paying for them whether people wanted them or not. PG&E is a private for profit utility and I believe their shareholders and board members should have fronted the cost. I am not anti corporation as long as corporations work with the people they serve and their first concern is the health and well being of their customers and their nations environment and economy. And they become responsible citizens who pay their fair share of taxes on their enormous profits so that our nation can offer our children quality free education through college level and single payer healthcare for all Americans from our collective tax dollars. What better way to boost the economy and create jobs when citizens and businesses start working together and caring for one another. BRotherhood!!At present, PG&E needs to take responsibility in conducting independent testing on how this emf grid would affect the environment and human health and at the same time honor the requests of those customers and cities who choose to opt out of the program if they deem the technology is not worth the ptoential or unknown risks.It is neither a safe nor trusting approach by PG&E to simply expect communities to be guinea pigs for the technologies of the few who want to make bigger profits.1f64

    • they said for YEARS smoking cigarettes were safe right? and these meters are “safe”.. yeah BS… when it comes to dte its all about the Benjamins and money talks they dont give a crap about us!

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