Stenman Case may be heard by Michigan Supreme Court

OCTOBER 8TH, 2015. We reported back in July that the Court of Appeals had rendered a particularly disastrous published decision that will affect all of us. We stressed the importance that this decision be appealed if utility customers are to retain the right to defend themselves against a bullying utility.

The Michigan Supreme Court does not hear all cases that apply. They can pick and choose based on their judgment as to whether hearing a case may help to clarify the law, particularly if an issue of wide public interest is at stake and they deem the issue “ripe for appeal”.

The Stenmans decided to take the first crucial step in such a process by filing, on October 8th, their “Application for Leave to Appeal” with the Supreme Court. DTE will file in November a rebuttal, no doubt arguing that there is no need for the highest court to get involved. Then we wait – perhaps a month, perhaps 6 months for a decision if the case will be heard. If the highest court agrees to hear this, the implications for all of us will be profound. And legal expenses for the Stenmans may be high. If the highest state court agrees to decide on issues that will affect us all, then Michigan Stop Smart Meters will assist by setting up a fund so that all of us who care about this issue can help to share that burden. More news will be reported as it becomes available.

Our original story on this case may be found here: