Smart meters to use algorithms to analyze electricity consumption

Editor’s Note: the term “Non Intrusive” in the
acronym NILM is an engineer’s conception
based on monitoring from outside a home
or business with no physical intrusion.

December 1st, 2016 – Using innovative electric meters and smart algorithms, Fraunhofer researchers want to revolutionize energy management in the future. In cooperation with their partners, they have developed a method that breaks down total energy consumption appliance by appliance using a single, high-tech electric meter. A prototype will be exhibited at BAU 2017, and is set to go on sale next summer.

image-2-for-alogorithm-article“Fingerprints” all over the power grid

The technology is based on a simple principle: each device has a pattern of energy consumption that gives rise to a type of signature or “fingerprint” within the . Using algorithms, it is possible to identify this signature within total energy consumption, and so determine energy consumption rates for individual appliances.

Saving energy ceased to be a fad long ago, and is now a sheer necessity. Yet up until now, consumers could do little more than switch appliances off or leave them on standby. But thanks to NILM (non-intrusive load monitoring) technology, which was developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS in Duisburg, things might change radically very soon.   More