Smart Meter Information Meeting

A Program by Michigan Stop Smart Meters
Hosted by:  Romeo Area Tea Party

Time & Place:  Wednesday, October 30, 2013  7:00 pm– 9:00  pm
Washington Twp Senior Center, 57880 Van Dyke, Washington Twp.

picture of meter radiating houseFree admission     Light refreshments

Question and Answer period

David Sheldon, President of Michigan Stop Smart Meters

David Sheldon holds a B.S. degree in physics and economics from Western Michigan University and an MBA from the University of Chicago.  In addition to a technical understanding of the new meters, he brings knowledge of how the climate of opinion has been radically transformed over the last two years.

State Representative Tom McMillin with 7 Co-Sponsors of HB 4315  have introduced legislation restoring justice to homeowners.

State Representative Tom McMillin, Author of HB 4315
Will Attend to Answer Questions

Find out how to get a Moratorium or Resolution passed in your city or township.
25 cities and 3 counties have a Resolution or Moratorium for an Opt Out.

This Strategy has been Effective with our Local Officials.

For more information:

5 thoughts on “Smart Meter Information Meeting

  1. Why do the meters cause a ringing noise in my home? We also hear a high frequency noise. Some days the sounds are much louder than other days. For instance, high winds last night increased the noise. I wonder if signals are interrupted by wind or if the line noise increases in the wind? Have the meters caused chaotic noise on the power lines in our community? Is this what is entering my home? Even with the radio transmitter turned off (which reduced the noise…I was really nearly going insane from it), we still have quite a lot of noise. It’s horrible to live in a house for 20 years and then to have this happen.

    • CA, It sounds like your “ringing” may be caused by the switched mode power supply that is contained within all electronic meters but was not in your previous electro-mechanical meter. These power supplies are know to create “dirty electricity” which is a combination of many multiples of the 60 cycle power frequency. There are some filters you can buy and plug in to electrical outlets that may greately reduce this problem. Contact the Stetzer Electric Company in Wisconisn.

  2. Thank you for the suggestion. The meter is firmly attached to the house, however, and metal screening cannot fit between the house and the meter. Would the cage still be effective if only on top, bottom, sides, and front or must the screening also be placed between the meter and the house?

  3. It is my understanding that HB 4315 is not going anywhere because others in the legislature essentially do not support it.

    • It will take time for a “turn around” as far as smart meters are concerned. The expedient answer may be for the consumer to build or place a faraday cage around the smart meter and run a grounding wire from the cage to a metal pipe that is grounded or failling that to a ground rod. This will stop over 90 % of rf going to or comiing from the meter , You would then be relatlvely safe from the smart meter radiation in your home.

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