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Representative Aric Nesbitt
Chairman, House Energy & Tech Committee
S-1085 Anderson House Office Building
Lansing, MI 48933

Subject: Smart meter legislation to be introduced.

Dear Chairman Nesbitt:

There are new reasons smart meter legislation is needed on top of all the reasons cited earlier. DTE and Consumers are disconnecting power to many families over smart meter issues – even when it leaves senior citizens in their eighties and nineties without power during scorching heat. Even when these seniors are dependent on electrical machinery for life support! Something simply must be done to rein in monopoly utilities that are out of control and no longer discharging their responsibilities to their customers.

DTE and Consumers Energy have been sweeping through neighborhoods installing what they are pleased to call “smart” electric meters to replace the traditional (analog) electric meters we have all been familiar with for decades.  These meters are known to the scientific community to cause harm.  For some the harm is immediate and includes such symptoms as headaches, heart palpitations, difficulty concentrating and inability to sleep at night.  For others the harm may come decades later, in the form of cancer, genetic damage or a neurological illness such as Parkinson’s disease.

(If you have personally experienced symptoms or any hardship since a smart meter was installed, insert s few sentences here describing your personal experience)

DTE and Consumers have been installing these new meters without the informed consent of and sometimes over the objections of Michigan utility customers, insisting they cannot cause harm, despite overwhelming agreement among medical people and scientists that the opposite is true.  These utilities appear to have a strong financial interest in ramming this through since our state regulators are allowing them to pass all costs on to the customer.

The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) has turned a deaf ear to many hundreds of complaints against the “smart meters”.  They seem to be more interested in promoting a high tech toy than they are in effectively regulating the industry.  On May 15th 2013, they issued a ruling that all customers must have a smart meter but some could have the radio turned off by paying an initial fee plus monthly fees indefinitely.

But the radio being on or off is not the only problem.  These new meters cause power quality problems by putting high frequencies and transient pulses, sometimes called “dirty electricity” on home wiring.  The new meters also pose a severe incursion into the privacy of the home by gathering information about people’s daily routines, types of appliances and medical devices used.  Judging by the experience in other states, it is only a matter of time before people’s private information will be sold to marketing companies, insurance companies and made freely available to police without a warrant, thereby gutting our Fourth Amendment rights.

The recent MPSC “opt-out” policy is no true opt-out at all and is not acceptable to the growing numbers of people protesting against this radical new technology.  The decision will apparently be appealed but the best outcome we can expect from that would be that the court orders a re-do of the administrative hearings that may well culminate in much the same policy as has already been announced.

The real solution would be a new law that defines the rights of Michigan utility customers to refuse harmful new technology.  Utility customers should have the right to retain the traditional electro-mechanical (analog) meter.  We understand that a new bill is about to be introduced that will give utility customers a CHOICE! This bill deserves bipartisan support as it would put the brakes on corporations that have, for purely financial reasons, been running roughshod over Michigan utility customers.

Please, as Chairman of the House Energy and Technology Committee, see that this bill gets a fair hearing.  And please consider giving the bill your vote when it comes to the floor.


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