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Mr. Bill Schuette
Michigan Attorney General
P.O. Box 30755
Lansing, MI  48909

Subject: Law:  Law enforcement in relation to utilities and MPSC

Dear Mr. Schuette:

DTE and Consumers have been installing “smart” electric meters without the informed consent of and sometimes over the objections of Michigan utility customers, insisting they cannot cause harm, despite overwhelming agreement among medical people and scientists that the opposite is true.

Many who have looked closely at this have come to the conclusion that the utilities are behaving in a lawless manner.  The terms of service for utility customers are set forth in the tariff, yet the utilities are forcing people to accept cancer causing surveillance devices on their homes.  Devices that are nowhere authorized in the tariff.  In so doing the utilities violate the terms of service set forth in their own (MPSC approved) tariff.

Michigan utility customers look to the MPSC to regulate the utilities.  Yet we see little evidence that Commission is in fact regulating anything other than the rates charged.  That represents a failure of that agency to perform its statutory function.

Moreover the MPSC has been ordered by the Michigan Court of Appeals to revisit its earlier decision to allow utilities to pass smart meter costs on to the consumer.  The Court specifically ordered the MPSC to consider “risks”, “burdens” and the “acceptance of smart meters by customers in other states”.

Yet the MPSC has, to date, shown no sign of complying with that Court directive.  We conclude therefore that this Commission is behaving in a lawless manner.

We recognize that your office has intervened to some extent in these smart meter decisions.  But, as the state’s chief law enforcement officer, we think you can and should do more.


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