Risk of Interference with Household Appliances!

Many people have experienced, soon after a smart meter was installed,  problems with garage doors opening and closing for no reason, high fidelity audio equipment being destroyed, refrigerators burning out, and more.

Here is one story from Patrick Kennedy which was submitted to the Michigan Public Services Commission through their Docket U-17000:
“Here’s a list of my electric things gone bad since Jan 11, 2012 when my smart meters were installed, and it continues to grow. If you have any old stuff it will be destroyed by the pulses from these meters.  Any new items I feel will have a much shortened life.”

He goes on to say that he has a box marked DTE and it now contains:  (1) The fluorescent light ballast from my kitchen overhead lights burnt out.  (2) A large display digital clock started gaining 10 min a day, it sits by the new meters. (3) His 3 remote controlled ceiling fans stop, start, and the light comes on without any input from me. (4) His high end Polk Audio speaker now has a blown crossover and is toast. and (5) The most recent is the radon detector in the basement was flashing EFI, the manual says it’s electronic frequency interference.

“Now even if I overlook the fact that I can’t sleep and have numerous other concerns about smart meters, I’m really getting tired of all my stuff turning to junk because of them.”

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