Our Safety

There are many ways in which ‘smart meters’ pose a danger. Here are some of them:

(1) Risk of Fire – The new meters cram much electronic circuitry into a very small space.  There are printed circuit boards and solder connections.  Keep in mind that the main power conductors for the house run through this same small space AND THAT THERE IS NO FUSE OR CIRCUIT BREAKER TO PROVIDE ANY PROTECTION IN THE EVENT A SHORT OCCURS INSIDE THE NEW METER!   Link to a shocking video from Australia  that shows what can happen!  The analog meter which has been replaced by this new meter was a very simple device, mechanical in nature and containing no electronic circuits.  Moreover the design and manufacture of the analog meter has been standardized over decades of experience.  The new meters are being rushed into production in order to qualify for federal stimulus dollars.  There is nothing hypothetical about the fire risk.  An alarming number of fires have actually happened in California where these meters have been in place for up to 3 years.  Here is link to a story about meter caused fires.

July 5th, 2012 – Added:  Another possible cause of fires is the ever increasing electrical load on house wiring caused by high frequency harmonics generated by modern electronic devices.  We are not yet persuaded that the smart meter would add significantly to that load in terms of heating the home wiring, but some experts have speculated on that possibility.  Click here for Sage Associates report on this.

(2) Risk of Interference With Medical Devices – The new meters can interfere with devices inside the home in two ways.  First there is a 2.4 Ghz radio transmitter which is designed to communicate with the new ‘smart appliances’ you will soon be forced to buy.  Second the new meters contain something called a “switched mode power supply” which puts pulses on the wiring all through your house – what is known as “dirty electricity”.  There have been reports of interference with heart pacemakers, and devices used by people with neurological problems.  Here is link to a story about the switched mode power supply.

(3) Risk to Non Medical Devices – Garage door openers have been known to open and close at random times, clocks are reported running very fast.

(4) Risk that Utility Will Turn Off Your Power for Late Payment – What if there is someone in your home whose life depends on electrically powered medical equipment?  If such a turnoff was planned in the past, an employee would be dispatched to your home and human judgment would be involved.  Now there is a disconnect switch in your meter that is designed to disconnect all power upon receiving a certain type of radio signal.   A computer program downtown can now turn  turn off your power.

(5) Risk that a Hacker Will Turn Off Your Power for Laughs – The same radio responding disconnect switch the utility would use can now be triggered by hackers.

 (6) Risk that Police Will Turn Off Your Power – One of the touted benefits of these new meter disconnect switches is that police responding to a 911 call can have the utility remotely turn off your power.  Again, what if there is someone in the house whose life depends on electrically powered medical equipment.  Are you comfortable that police are going to make the right decision?

(7) Risk that a Terrorist Will Turn Off Everyone’s Power – NEW MUST SEE VIDEO: Smart Grid – Massive Vulnerability. 
The radio controlled disconnect switches also certainly open up that possibility to any terrorist with computer hacking skills.  Here is story about just how vulnerable the entire electric grid is with smart meters on every home.

(8) Miscellaneous – An “Informal Complaint” to the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission (author unknown) which details problems with installers not being professionally trained and FCC violations with the co-locating of two antennas within each meter and the co-location of multiple meters in apartment buildings.  Click here for Complaint.

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