Why Donate to Michigan Stop Smart Meters?

We at Michigan Stop Smart Meters have, in concert with others, been struggling for nearly four years now to raise health, safety and privacy issues with respect to so called “smart meters” now being deployed by DTE on the east side of state, and by Consumers Energy on the west side.

OUR POLITICAL WORK: In concert with others we petitioned city and county governments to endorse our cause, put on special PowerPoint presentations before city councils and got the backing of 34 local governments.  This resulted in a sham MPSC investigation, but also led to the introduction of two proposed new laws.  It also led to the spectacularly successful hearing before the House Oversight Committee on December 2nd, 2014.

OUR EDUCATIONAL WORK: We sponsored this website and public educational meetings in Allen Park, Clinton Township, East Detroit, Detroit, Ferndale, Fraser, Grand Blanc, Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon, Parchment, Plymouth, Rochester, Romeo, Romulus and Taylor   We have been interviewed by Macomb Daily, Oakland Press, Detroit News, Hometown Newspapers, by Holland radio’s “Talk of the Town” program, Fox17 News in Grand Rapids, and by Channel 13 in Grand Rapids.

OUR LEGAL WORK: We have been closely following two cases in Oakland Circuit Court where Detroit Edison has sued local couples who changed their own meters when they became ill and could get no relief from the utility.  One of these cases is going well.  In the other case the couple has suffered an unjust decision and is in need of our help to mount an appeal. We provided that help and also assisted another couple in appealing the DTE ‘Opt-Out’ Plan. Currently we are intervening in DTE’s general rate case which will include a review of the smart meter opt-out program as well as cost justification for the overall smart meter program in Michigan.

Currently we are working to organize a multi-plaintiff lawsuit against DTE for its meter bullying tactics. The decision has been made to proceed without legal representation, unless we can find an attorney to help us pro bono.  If we had an attorney on the clock at usual commercial rates the utility could easily bankrupt us.  Even though our members have enough experience to manage these cases without being represented by an attorney (if we must), we still need money for filing fees, for transcripts, for travel expenses of expert witnesses and for legal consultations.

If you are angry at what DTE and its cronies in state offices are doing to Michigan utility customers, and you appreciate all that we are doing to fight DTE, then PLEASE HELP US by donation or by volunteering your time!

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One thought on “Why Donate to Michigan Stop Smart Meters?

  1. It seems to me that people are not utilizing their legal rights to dispute kWh that they claim they have not used.

    Pursuant to the rules, no customer is required to pay for something they did not get. This is simple contract law. The MPSC rules say this.

    If anybody is interested in knowing what rights they have under the rules, please contact me at (517) 525-7680.

    Theresa Sundquist

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