DTE ‘Delay List’ for Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Detroit Residents

April 5th, 2012 – We have been informed by Ashley at Accu-Read that there is no opt-out list for these cities where they are installing.  What they do if someone objects to installation is take the person’s information and have someone from DTE call them.  DTE has a “delayed install list” but no opt-out list until the issue is resolved by MPSC.  Accu-Read maintains no list.

March 21st, 2012 –  We have been informed that if you are a resident of one of the above 3 cities, you may be able to opt out of having a ‘smart meter’ installed just by calling DTE’s installation contractor: Accu-Read at (855) 864-2271.  There may be a fee for opting out the amount of which has not yet been set by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC).

Getting on this list now will mean no smart meter will be installed on your home – at least in the next few months.  When the MPSC finalizes all details of the opt-out program, you will be in a better position if you have prevented an installation than if you allow an installation now and try to get the meter removed later on.

Please use the “Comments” window below to provide us feedback as to what your experience was when you requested to be put on the list.  Thanks.

11 thoughts on “DTE ‘Delay List’ for Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Detroit Residents

  1. I live in a densely developed neighborhood near West Park and can hear the meters ringing in my neighborhood. I have contacted DTE but have essentially been stonewalled by them. DTE sent a service person (who told me he could not hear the ringing, and that he has constant ringing in his ears anyway), and both of my children (ages 14 and 17) told him they could also hear the ringing. I now have constant ringing in my ears and insomnia, and am preparing to sell my house. The problem with uninstalling a single meter in a neighborhood like mine is that the meters form a “mesh” of signals; all of the neighbors’ meters within a 300+ meter radius of my home send signals that enter my home. This is a public health tragedy — worse than asbestos, for instance, as that was an occupational hazard affecting (mostly) a single group of identifiable individuals. I read today on a US Energy Information Administration website (http://www.eia.gov/todayinenergy/detail.cfm?id=8590) that one of the reasons regulated utilities are installing meters is because part of their revenues are tied to capital improvements (“Further, revenue for regulated utilities is tied in part to capital investments. At a time when major outlays for new electric generators are fairly low, other infrastructure investments like smart meters become important revenue sources.”). I found the vague statements about the potential benefits of the meters to me as a consumer were a bit suspicious. And now I think i have found the true reason (in the quote above) for the massive installation of the meters. A boon to the US economy? A detriment to the health of the public.

  2. MJ, thanks for the info. I too had a smart meter installed yesterday against my well known wishes. Upon calling DTE I was told that I had absolutely no choice and that I had to deal with it. I AM IRATE. I have called Levi Baker and left a message. Today os Saturday so I am a bit stuck by the Monday thru Friday world. I hope to have the same success as you in the end. The injustice surrounding this is nauseating to say the least.

  3. I’ve contacted Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulation office, they are saying that they didn’t get so much complaining from public for this new meter, and putting in difficult position to defend againist DTE. Also they said, they are investigating and DTE has accepted to give option out and we should contact DTE. I wrote DTE but no response since I wrote a letter June 15. I’ve informed all my neighbors but no response and looks like they don’t care.
    I had locked my meter and put sign “do not install I’m option out” but last week they put flyer on my door, saying that they have put new smart meter. Mine meter is still locked and analog, How did they put?

    • alm, First you should know that whoever you spoke to at the Michigan Public Service Commission lied to you. It is NOT true that “they didn’t get much complaining from public for this new meter”. On the contrary, they have received 459 communications about the new meter and all but three of those were passionate complaints. Many of these complaints were very well written and thoughtful and the overwhelming majority of them indicated that they would, under no circumstances, permit one of these new meters to be installed on their home or business. Many of these complaints were from doctors, dentists, chiropractors and other health care professionals. No less than 24 city governments have passed resolutions critical of these new meters. Does that sound like “didn’t get much complaining” to you. I don’t know of any issue in recent memory where there has been so much complaining to a public regulatory body. There are lawsuits against utilities about these new meters going on in California, in Texas, in Nevada, in Maine and now here in Michigan.

      On your other point, you say that your meter is still locked yet you got a flyer on your door. If by ‘flyer’ you mean a door hanger card, then check the wording on this card. Usually they leave those only when they are NOT able to install the new meter and want you to call to schedule an appointment. Also take a close look at the meter. Does it have mechanical dials like the old meters, or does it have a digital display that alternately flashes different numbers?

      There is no official “opt-out” until the Michigan Public Services Commission approves the proposal that DTE made on about August 1st. Even if they do approve you still will have no true opt-out because they are going to put a smart meter on your house anyway, but with the radios turned off. This is not an acceptable solution. And they propose to charge you big fees for this non solution. For now you can request to be put on the “delay list”. If MPSC approves DTE’s opt-out proposal, I would suggest you no longer use the term “opt-out”. To do so might be viewed as consent. Instead, put up a sign saying you refuse to accept anything but an analog meter and keep your meter housing locked.

  4. I hope this digital meter will solve MJ’s problem, though I have my doubts. The digital meter is made by the same company, Itron, and still contains a switched mode power supply that is known for causing dirty electricity problems throughout a home’s wiring. It is unclear if this is any solution to the privacy problem. It is also apparently the case that this “digital meter” from Itron can be upgraded at any time to a fully functional smart meter without further notice to the homeowner. This can apparently be done by remote signal, or by plugging in an “uprgrade module” or by “upgrading the firmware” through an optical port. MJ will probably never be told if this is done somewhere down the line. There is a reason DTE only wants to substitute a “digital meter” rather than giving people back their analog meter.

  5. When I called the number and asked to opt out, they took my information and said they would pass that on to DTE, which seems odd considering if you call DTE directly, they give you that same number?
    Anyway they didn’t promise anything.

  6. I just spoke with Ashley of Accu-Read today (4/5/12). She indicated that there is NO opt-out and that someone has created some false information regarding an opt-out program and posted it online. According to Ashley, DTE is currently attempting to devise an alternative but it is yet unknown what that will be. She did take my address and telephone number and said that someone will be contacting me shortly to discuss my concerns. Ashley said my city/township is not slated for immediate installment and may not be until the END of this year (2012) or sometime after that.

  7. 3/28/12: Just called Accu-read to opt out of installation. Talked to Ashley and she was professional and polite. She said they have not yet installed a smart meter on my house in Ypsilanti, MI 48197, and that I am now on the list to NOT have one installed.
    Hopefully, the request will stay permenent. I don’t mind paying a fee to not have it installed. Don’t we have enough bad electricity affecting our health already!

  8. Thank you for your work, and your help,

    Friday, March 23rd, 4:15 pm called Accu-Read at (855) 864-2271 and Spoke with “Karen” first indicating that I wanted to opt out of the smart meter installation, but that the smart meter had already been installed on my home in spite of a laminated letter posted on the meter denying consent for the installation.

    The laminated posted letter was a copy of the certified letter sent to DTE indicting my “no consent” for the smart meter install. It was zip tied to the meter box. I have the return receipt from USPS that DTE received this letter.

    Karen said that since the meter was already installed then my call would fall under “complaints” and so transferred me to that department.

    I was connected with “Levi Baker” located in Northville, MI (direct line 248-675-0750). Who took my name, address and telephone number and said that “Anthony Gadson” the “claims/complaint investigator” also referred to as “project manager”, would track down “who installed it” and that he or someone else would be in touch with me by next week. If I did not hear from him I should call Levi back to let him know.

    • MJ,
      I can’t believe they installed it even with your laminated notice of no consent! Will you be seeking an attorney? (I have one on my meter also along with a vinyl notice with “DO NOT INSTALL A SMART METER”).

      • May 21, 2012 Good News for Smart Meter Removal

        Well, it took some time and many phone calls back and forth, mainly to Levi Baker at Acu-Read and Elaine Curtis at DTE, but on May 10th I finally received word from Elaine that she was putting a work order in to have the RF “smart meter” removed from my home and replaced with a digital meter.

        I called DTE today to confirm that the work order went through since it has been over a week since getting the agreement to have the meters switched out. A representative of DTE confirmed that the work order is in place for this week and they are to remove the RF meter and replace it with a “Non-RF Centron Digital Meter”

        I hope this may encourage others to be persistent.
        I did not go into a lot of detailed argument with anyone, just kept repeating firmly several main phrases – in response to all of the attempts to distract me otherwise,
        “DTE does not have a right to put a health hazard on my home”.
        I repeated:
        “I did not consent for DTE to put a health hazard on my home”
        I offered:
        “the information presented in abundance indicates health hazards from the pulsed radio frequency emitted from smart meters”.
        “I do not want this on my home”
        “DTE needs to take this off my home”
        “I did not give consent for a health hazard to be placed on my home”.

        Lots of repetition, but it seemed to help.

        We’ll see where this goes.
        Im not sure how the “digital meter” compares with the “smart meters” vs the old analog meters in terms of overall EMF pollution? But the DTE representative stated specifically that the digital meter was a “non-radio frequency meter”, and to the best of my understanding, although there are draw backs to EMF everywhere, it is the ongoing, repetitive bursts of RF that can be most detrimental to health.

        Thank you to all who are working in many ways to bring clarity to this matter


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