One Down and One to Go!

The demonstration in downtown Ferndale against smart meters planned for June 6th got off to a late start but was successful in the end.  Many passing motorists indicated their support by waving and tooting their horns.  Many of them rolled their windows down and asked for flyers.  We thank our 8 sign holding demonstrators.  We would like to do this again perhaps in a different city and hope for an even bigger turnout next time.  Call Dave at (248) 604-7545 or email and let him know if you would like to be included in the next one!

We also will have a gathering of activists on Wednesday, June 13th, 6pm – 8pm – probably at a local restaurant, to brainstorm about future activities.  Location (somewhere near Royal Oak) to be determined.

Some ideas under consideration:

(1)   Another public educational meeting – with less lecture time and more time allocated to questions, answers, and exchange of information among participants.

(2)   Another sign carrying demonstration – this time with a larger turnout and media coverage

(3)   Political actions we might take

(4)   Possible legal actions

WON’T YOU JOIN US AND GIVE US YOUR INPUT?  Call Dave at (248) 604-7545 or email if you can attend !!   We need to hear from you no later than Monday noon so we can choose a location based on number who will be attending.


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