Notice and Demand Letter to DTE Energy


Name of utility customer
Street or billing address of utility customer
City, State Zip


Gerard Anderson, Chief Executive Officer
DTE Energy Company
One Energy Plaza
Detroit, MI 48226


(Today’s date)

To DTE Energy Company, hereafter referred to as “UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER” and all agents, officers, employees, contractors and interested parties:

1)      This Notice and Demand pertains to “UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER” and it’s electric service provided to the address: ———————————————– (service address)

2)      It has come to our attention that a digital electric meter, possibly a “Smart Meter” or a similar device has been installed on our property or place of occupancy/residence without full disclosure to us, without our informed consent and without compliance with various laws.

3)      We hereby revoke and deny any and all implied, expressed and/or recorded consent, if any exists, for the placement and operation of a Smart Meter, advanced meter,  digital meter, and all other utility metering devices which emit electromagnetic radiation (herein “EMR”) due to radio frequency transmission or  power line communication transmission, or that generate “dirty electricity” (line noise or power quality issues), or which “monitor” or conduct surveillance or make recordings of any events and activities within private property that we may occupy, or that may be upgraded to do any of those things.

4)      “Smart Meters” and digital utility meters meet the statutory definition of unlawful surveillance devices put forth as “Wiretapping” in United States Code (USC) Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 119, Sec 2511 and other State and Federal laws, and those meters are designed and intended to record personal and private events and activities within private structures and properties which constitutes violation of the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, 4th Amendment guaranteeing all people to be “…secure in their persons, houses…” and to be free of “search”. No search of private property may be lawfully done without a valid, timely and ratified court order (warrant) based on probable cause or by full informed consent of the occupants. Also, because electromagnetic radiation is known to cause cancer and other diseases and injuries, installation of any meter with either an EMR transmitter, a switching mode power supply, a transformer or similar devices on a private residence without consent of the occupants and property owner constitutes Assault under United States Code Title 18, Section 113. To attempt the installation of such devices on virtually every private structure is quite clearly criminal misconduct on the part of all those associated and complicit with that attempt.

5)      That criminal misconduct causes nullification of the traditional utility easement and entitles any property owner, tenant and occupant, in lawful self defense, to remove all such devices immediately without notice, application or administrative process. That criminal misconduct also eliminates any and all right of UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER to charge any fee or penalty or prescribe any terms or conditions in relation to the property owner’s rights and actions to mitigate UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER’s violations and to protect all occupants’ health, safety and privacy.

6)      Since criminal misconduct has been committed by UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER, UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER has no grounds to deny utility service in retaliation for any action a utility customer deems necessary for self defense. As we innocently act in our own self defense against your unlawful radiation and surveillance, any act to deny or threaten to deny electric service to us is seen as a hostile, malicious and harmful act. Because we have committed no violation and no act besides self defense against your wrongdoing, any interruption of our electric service is unjustified and may render the UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER liable to us for actual and punitive damages.

7)      “Smart Meters” and digital wireless utility meters emit “packetized” and/or “pulsed” electromagnetic radiation in power densities, timings and volumes known to be harmful and unsafe for exposure to humans, animals and plants, shown to be damaging and dangerous in countless published peer-reviewed scientific studies, and known to be particularly harmful to individuals classified as “electro-sensitive,” or “electro-hypersensitive” who may visit or occupy the above property. This radiation is known to cause cancer, neurological illnesses and injuries, birth defects, childhood leukemia, childhood behavioral disorders and a wide variety of other physical symptoms in any person who may be exposed. In fact, exposure to EMR can exacerbate any vulnerability and provoke injury in any biological organism. The widespread installation of digital electric meters represents reckless and inexcusable endangerment of the public and violation of rights.

8)      “Smart Meters,” advanced meters, radio-disabled smart meters, and digital wireless utility meters contain “switching mode power supplies” which are known to disrupt incoming current sine waves and emit “dirty electricity,” a.ka. “noise on the line,” a.k.a. “power quality issues”. These in turn cause low frequency electromagnetic fields in interior living spaces by using structural wiring as antenna. It is commonly known among electrical engineers that it is poor practice to insert a switching mode power supply at the head end of a wiring grid without power conditioning. This low frequency EMR pollution is known to cause human cancers, has been shown to be damaging and dangerous in published peer reviewed scientific studies, and is known to be particularly harmful to individuals classified as “electro-sensitive” who may visit or occupy the above property. Therefore, installation of digital electric meters is undeniably an endangerment to the public and particularly to occupants of property installed with those meters.

9)      It is not credible that UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER did not perform due diligence by determining the dangers and violations of “Smart Meters” and digital meters prior to deployment, and it is not credible that UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER does not have information on the biological hazards of electromagnetic radiation which are known to include cancers, neurological diseases and injuries, birth defects and many other symptoms, disease and injuries, so the UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER’s causing those exposures are apparently intentional and criminal, therefore, UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER has no lawful right, privilege, authority or permission to place or operate a “Smart Meter” or similar device on private property without the prior fully informed and written consent of all occupants, and no right at any time to prevent or object to the removal or replacement, by any interested party, of any device emitting electromagnetic radiation if UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER fails to remove the meter on the request and replace it with a safe analog meter.

10)  Whether intentionally or out of ignorance, by installing “Smart Meters” and/or digital meters, which have the function and effects of surveillance devices and harmful radiation-emitting devices, UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER has violated the rights of residential occupants, is committing harm to those occupants and has caused possible major liabilities for the property owners of the above property/address with unlawful surveillance devices and activities and emissions of potentially dangerous electromagnetic radiation in close proximity to occupants who may be vulnerable and who have not received full disclosure from UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER regarding the known health, safety and privacy hazards represented by digital electric meters. UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER must show insurance and indemnification against all known and unknown potential negative effects of digital meter installations. We have not received any notice of any such insurance or indemnification and therefore UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER is failing in its obligations and responsibilities to customers, property owners and occupants.

11)  UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER has not disclosed the frequencies, volumes, power values, qualities and exposure levels of radiation the digital meters emit, and has not disclosed whether those frequencies can or cannot harm to animal, human or plant tissues, and has not disclosed at what proximities such harm could occur and has not offered any warranty, claim or indemnification against any negative effects of the meters on its customers as negative effects are known and reported regularly. Digital meters do have switching mode power supplies and transmitters, they do disrupt household current integrity and therefore must be harmful at some locations for some duration of exposure, yet no limits are disclosed by UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER in reckless disregard for the health and safety of the public.

12)  UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER Has not disclosed or obtained consent from customers with regard to what data will be collected by its digital meters on personal and private activities on private property, where that data will be stored, who will access that data, how that data will be shared and managed, how the subjects of that data can be assured of their privacy, how utility customers can review and correct any errors, how that data will be secured, how victims of privacy invasion or mishandling of private data will be compensated and restored and how UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER claims to have gained the unconstitutional authority to record, collect, store and distribute private and personal data taken from utility customers without informed consent. Utility customers have generally not granted permission for such surveillance, nor have they been properly and fully informed of it. Even if UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER may claim to keep data “safe” which is statistically not possible, UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER itself has no consent to collect and hold personal information, so personal is not “safe” after it has been accessed and viewed by parties within UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER who have not been identified to the utility customer and have not been permitted by the utility customer to access and view that personal data.

13)  UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER may claim a historical easement (right of access) to connect an analog meter to the electrical service of the above address for the purpose of recording and billing total electrical usage once per month. UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER DOES NOT have easement to monitor activities and events INSIDE THE HOME, and does not have easement to transmit electromagnetic radiation FROM, ON, IN AND THROUGH THE ABOVE PROPERTY, and affected parties have not knowingly or willingly granted or permitted any such easement or access and, if any such permission is presumed or claimed, all such permission is hereby denied and refused as that is invasive, unlawful, threatening to health and not necessary for utility billing. By installation or threat of installation of a digital meter UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER is in violation of its easement as of this notice and has no right, authority, privilege or consent to place or operate a “Smart Meter” or any radiation emitting or monitoring device on our property and/or place of occupancy, and all such devices must be removed immediately from our property and replaced with safe and lawful analog meters that have no capability of surveillance, emission of radiation or disruption of incoming current.

14)  Below we may include a general description or logged accounts of medical and health effects or property damage that we suspect or know to be caused by your digital meter. We may also attach more detailed descriptions and/or logs, records of doctor visits and other evidence of harm, damage and loss to this notice. If you fail to show, in a timely manner, that your equipment could not have produced the harm, damage and loss described you will be admitting and confessing that your equipment may have caused that harm, damage and loss. Understand that, according to law and under our reservation of our property rights, radiation emitting and monitoring/surveillance devices may not be installed by you, your company or any other party on our property regardless of any damage or harm that device may or may not cause.

15)  As qualified, rightful, authorized and interested parties we do hereby demand the immediate removal of all “Smart Meters”, digital meters, switching mode power supplies, radiation emitting devices and surveillance/monitoring devices from our property and place of occupancy as they violate Laws and statutes (above) and our rights and we have full authority as property owners and/or occupants to refuse any such device without penalty, retaliation or cost to us.

16)  Because UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER has destroyed trust by threatening and implying intention to install unlawful and harmful devices on our property, we must approve in advance with fully informed written consent, the installation, operation and control of all meters or other equipment on our property that may affect ourselves and our property, which may emit electromagnetic radiation or which may cause or allow data to be collected and records made of private and personal activities on our property.

17)  A “SAFE METER” shall be defined as a non radiation-emitting meter, as the term “meter” is defined in Michigan law, which shall have no capability or “upgradable” capability to gather time-of-day electrical usage information from the property and have no capability or “upgradable” capability to gather and record individual instances of electrical consumption, and have no capability or “upgradable” capability to emit electromagnetic radiation.

18)  UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER is hereby demanded and expected, within 14 days, to remove all “Smart Meters”, digital meters and similar devices from the above property or show with conclusive evidence and a sworn statement by an identified, responsible, authorized and qualified officer of UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER that the metering devices it has placed on our property conform to the definition of “SAFE METER” as above defined.

19)  If, within 14 days of delivery of this notice, UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER fails to replace all “Smart Meters”, digital meters and similar devices as described above with a “SAFE METER” of its own choosing, we will, in lawful and rightful self defense, remove the offending meter and replace it with a safe and legally compliant meter, rated and calibrated to common metering standards and UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER will be required to calculate billing from the readings provided by that meter.

20)  By failing to correct the problems represented above UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER has lost any real or presumed authority, right, privilege or permission to impede, discourage or penalize our mitigations of it’s violations and must accept the data provided by our replacement device without recourse until such time as UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER shall replace our replacement meter with a “SAFE METER” of its own choosing, as the term “SAFE METER” is above defined.

21)  We will record and report electric usage measurements from the meter being removed and we will return it to UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER, again, at UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER’s expense. At no time will we attempt to use power without paying for it or in any way attempt to prevent UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER from receiving fair compensation for the energy it provides.

22)  If UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER fails or refuses to timely comply with this demand for removal of digital meter/s as stated above we are then entitled, in lawful self defense, to damage and/or destroy any locks that may impede our removal of that digital meter, we may remove and replace the meter with an analog meter of our choosing, and we may not be held responsible for any damage to the digital meter or any related equipment upon its removal and delivery to UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER and we will return the offending meter and parts to UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER if UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER chooses to receive it. Any hesitation to accept and sign for return of UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER’s digital meter will be indication that UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER has abandoned claim of that meter and its value, if any exists.

23)  UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER is hereby placed on notice that, in the event of failure or refusal to timely (as stipulated above) comply with this demand for removal of all “Smart Meters”, we may pursue a lawful claim to be reimbursed and made whole by UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER for all costs of time, expenses, equipment, materials, services, consultations, deliveries, risks, nuisances, frustrations, medical examinations, medical treatments, losses and damages and violations of rights incurred by the effects of the digital meter and the replacement of the digital meter with a safe and lawful meter of our choosing.

24)  If UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER refuses, obstructs, evades or withholds cooperation in our delivery and/or return of the removed equipment and parts, that will represent that UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER has no claim or interest in those items and that the parts and equipment may be retained or discarded by us by any method and at any time of our choosing.

25)  If UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER fails to timely (as stipulated above) replace the offending meter with a safe and lawful analog meter, the replacement analog meter we install will be calibrated and zeroed upon installation, and within specifications for standard industry use. To assure fair and accurate billing we will include a report of the date and time of the meter replacement and the final readings on the digital meter removed and UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER must then rely on the readings of the meter we provide. We are not attempting, nor do we expect to, avoid payment for any electricity at any time and UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER has no reason to allege or suspect any unlawful activity on our part.

26)  We are making no attempt to avoid obligations to pay for electric service at any time and this Notice may not be construed to suggest or imply any such attempt and/or wrongdoing and/or breach of contract. Any contract that may exist regarding easement to maintain an electric meter on our property does not to our knowledge, and may not, provide easement for radiation emissions and surveillance or monitoring of private activities on the property without our express consent which is hereby denied.

27)  Our meter, if we install one, is calibrated, accurate, and standard, and that model has been in service for many years and does not require any additional “certification”. We assure and guarantee the accuracy and standard function of the meter we install. We are fully responsible for any errors in measurement by our meter. Any dispute of our meter’s accuracy must be accompanied by firm evidence of same.

28)  We hereby rescind and revoke any part or provision of any prior or other contract, easement, agreement and/or covenant, written, spoken, implied or presumed which may be in conflict with, or additional to, the terms, conditions and representations herein. The installation of a radiation-emitting and/or surveillance device on our property is criminal misconduct and therefore has caused UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER’s loss of right of easement. Terms of access to our property are now as follows:

a) UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER must make an appointment to enter our property for any reason besides monthly readings of the simple monthly total usage number. Any unannounced entry will be criminal trespass.
b) UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER must state all reasons for entry to the property prior to entry.
c) UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER must secure our affirmative approval for that entry and those purposes.
d) All UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER personnel will be supervised by us while on our property.
e) If any activity takes place on our property not approved by us, law enforcement will be called with request to take UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER personnel into custody under formal allegations and complaints of criminal trespass.

29)  This notice gives UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER fair notice and time to replace our meter with a safe and lawful analog meter. If UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER fails to do so timely it is endangering our health, safety and rights, and we are then entitled to any reasonable action in self defense.

30)  Utility Service Providers are known to offer “opt-out” contracts or “programs” to people who wish to not be violated. We do not seek or accept any such “opt-out” program or contract or any terms and conditions therein. UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER must cease and desist violations and has no right of negotiation, penalty or fee in return for correction of its violations of law, safety, health, rights and privacy of utility customers.

31)  Any portion of this Notice found or thought to be invalid will not affect or diminish the force and power of any other portion.

This Notice and demand is issued by the following authorized property owner and/or occupant:




Name of utility customer



Dated: ———————




Copy to: Robert Sitkauskas

Manager AMI Metering Department
DTE Energy Company
One Energy Plaza
Detroit, MI 48226



5 thoughts on “Notice and Demand Letter to DTE Energy

  1. Does this work? My bills have been outrageous since they put them on. My husband told them we did not want it on or home they came back when we were gone and installed it. Then came back and installed on for gas didn’t even realize it until I noticed it on bill. Husband has horrible ringing of ears since.

    • Joann, I know of no instance where ANY communication to DTE or Consumers Energy has deterred these utilities from their criminal conduct. They clearly believe they are above the law and are getting away with massive violations of their customer’s rights, all with the connivance of many of our public officials. Nevertheless it may be worthwhile to send this notice just to preserve your rights in the event we are ultimately able to mount a class action suit.

  2. What if you have Consumers Energy? Are they ‘examples of forms with addresses/contact information available for them?

    • Kristi, you can use this same letter for Consumers Energy if you substitute their name and address where appropriate. Suggest you find out the name of Consumers CEO and also copy Lisa DeLacy who is director of their smart meter program.

  3. Breaking out in a rash for two years now, insomnia, tired, recent high blood pressure. Was not informed of the risk to my families health! Want it removed immediately.

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