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MUSKEGON MICHIGAN November 29th, 2012 – Consumers Energy began installing ‘smart’ electric meters in the Muskegon area in September this year.  This system, we understand, is not a mesh system such as Detroit Edison installed on the east side of the state, but instead uses direct radio communication from each household electric meter to a pole mounted receiving device.  So far we have heard few complaints concerning this system.

We wonder if the lack of complaints is due to the system being technically safer than the mesh system, or because Consumers is showing a more customer sensitive approach in dealing with issues when they do arise.  Or both.

If there is a need for a public information meeting to explain the darker side of smart meters to Muskegon residents we can arrange such a meeting – similar to one we did in Holland last August.

MUSKEGON RESIDENTS – Please use this page to report your experience, good or bad, with the new ‘smart meters’ Consumers is installing.  Also indicate if you feel there is a need for a public informational meeting.

2 thoughts on “Muskegon Comments Page

  1. bill has gone up 25.00 a month after smart meter was installed, get standard response from con energy. they showed me how to watch my usage so I was, then my account went down for maintanace and now I cant check anything, why?

  2. I feel like there is a constant low level ring in my ears. A few times I have a load ring which stops very quickly. It also seems I’m having a harder time focusing on things. I just seem to get distracted much more easily.

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