Longer Smart Meter Stories

Annie Came’s story, Indiana, 11/28/17: My brother in law in Indiana was an electrician installing smart meters developed constant headaches, ringing in ears, slow response and finally debilitating insomnia ….loss of motor function and bedbound died 2 years later. I researched smart meter the college town he had installed everywhere and there were a abnormal amount of unusual sudden deaths by both students and faculty.

Fast forward to may of 2016, suddenly my dish box did not work and my TV went out. I Had never replaced dish in the 13 years I been with them. The TV was a year and two months old . Upsetting , I had a box sent back out immediately with the same tech and changed TV. Now my internet was out as well as home phone. My dish lasted about 2 hours then neither TV nor dish box worked . Internet and now air conditioner. This was crazy! As i walked technician and repair around side of house i notice something on door. It read congratulations you now have a smart meter…I dropped the paper in shock and new now what was going on, I could not believe the could install without checking condition of interior and whether it would support it. the didn’t check to see if any person living there was on a ventilator of heart pump, any life supporting need that relied on electric. My house is old and the wiring obviously did not support and its frequency out in the country was the same as everything. and due to lack of ability to get good wifi the meter ran continuously. I called and called and finally got a return from contractor as I had every utility and repair man there for the 3rd time that week. I told them id pay whatever just get it off and put old on. that I knew the bill did not pass that it was not mandatory and I opt out.
the contractor ask if he came in and watched what happen while it was happening so they learn. i said not unless they pay for all the damage done and will do. he said no. he replaced my old meter and we have had no problems since.

Nov. 18 , 2017 went to family birthday at my mothers in Michigan, that night basement pump went out, the next morning one bedroom and two baths went out. we could not fix with breaker, then her microwave and brand new oven did not heat properly taking forever, weirdly, her new dishwasher then would not work. this was crazy, next the phone and internet went in and out cutting you off and security system would not work. they said it was phone service. The lights in bedroom and bathrooms suddenly came on, all on their own on the 3rd day. technician came for dishwasher ran test said it was fine next time it would cost her. her email was gone and could only be reset if code was sent to some weird number. so I emphasized to my brother , that this could end in house fire due to pump being hot and smell of burning, and suddenly coming back on means something going on with wiring. I headed back to Indiana . it was thanksgiving and my brother was on it. somehow it all happened again and he found multiple outlets up and down that came apart due to being hot and surges;
my mother told me elect had been outside few months before and was looking at outside and said fine. It hit me hard, I called brother and ask if he recently had a smart meter installed , he said yes they said it was mandatory or fined and it was supposed to help.

Same lie they told me, they .disclosed the issues and problems. they never inquired to the health of resident or whether wiring was adequate to hold. they never disclosed surges and possible impacted on appliances. And it will happen again and nothing will be covered. My mother had also not been feeling well , headaches, ringing in her ears and feeling exhausted [not her normal } that is why I needed to go there to see how she was doing for myself. I had my meter removed and was never fined, now I have to figure out how to get hers removed because I consider it to be a ticking bomb that kills.

The electric company is breaking all kinds of laws this needs to stop.

Frustrated in Indiana

SmartMeterAwareness, New York, 12/13/17. I was struck down by a smart meter. It has rendered me unable to work as I am now sensitive to all wireless and other emf’s in my environment, and they are many. It has taken me four years to get my body back in balance from the severe assault from a two way transmitting device, also known as a “smart meter”. These things are killing people across the entire globe, and many do not know and their families will never know that the heart attack, stroke or cancer was caused by the intense frequencies produced by smart technology. This is a war on the people and the crimes against humanity are immense; one day this will all be out in the open and those who are responsible will be held accountable. It may take years, but it is in the works. Anyone who disputes the lethal frequency emitted from a smart meter, needs to understand how this technology works. It is also corrupting all other frequencies in the home and workplace, overlapping and causing other devices to become highly charged. I was shocked by the DECT phone, as it was tampered with by the smart pulse. We threw out the DECT phones and removed our smart meter, ourselves and called the “Legal Department” and told them they were being put on notice for a liability action for injuries arising from the installation of the smart meter. I now send in my readings. I also put the electric and gas company on the same notice of intent to sue for liability and the event of a death would be their cause and their problem. Now PSEG is putting in lethal, and I mean deadly lethal “Smart Switches” and these things are smart meters on steroids. I had PSEG shut it down, after months of harassing and making emergency calls all hours of the day and night. I was dying in my home from the pulse, it was horrific. I was being electrocuted. They turned it off. I am recovering, but this, for a healthy 53 year old mother of three, has been an absolutely terrorizing nightmare. No one should be subjected to a radiating device. I suggest that you all realize your cellphones are also killing you. Everyone will suffer, somehow, some way, from this technology. It is time to turn back the hands of time and disconnect. We are losing a battle of life on earth for humans. And it won’t take long.