Letter to Enroll in DTE Opt-Out

(your name)
(your street address)
(your city, state, zip)

 (date you will send letter)

 Advanced Metering Team
DTE Energy Company
One Energy Plaza,
Detroit, MI  48226

This letter is in response to your letter announcing the new “opt-out” program DTE has established with respect to “smart” electric meters.

Please be advised that while we consider the terms of your “opt-out” to be unacceptable, we do nevertheless choose to enroll in the program, as it appears to us to be the least harmful alternative open to us at this time.  We reserve the right to contest any or all of terms of this program at any later time.

We understand that an “advanced meter” aka “smart meter” will be installed the next time you have crews working in our neighborhood, that such meter will contain two radio transmitters and that at some later time a technician will be dispatched to turn off the radio transmitters in that meter.

Please be advised that the term “meter” as defined in state law, the tariff and MPSC regulations does not encompass a surveillance device or a device that may be injurious to health.  There is therefore some question as to the legality of the device you call a “meter” which installation you are now forcing upon us.

Nevertheless we agree for now to accept installation of such a meter and to tolerate its continued presence on our property until such time as the MPSC, a court or the legislature determines that utility customers are no longer required to have such a device installed on their property.  We will likewise pay the initial and monthly “opt-out fees” described in your letter when you begin adding them to our bill and will continue to do so until such time as the MPSC, a court or the legislature determines we are no longer required to pay such fees.

We also reserve the right to revoke our participation in this opt-out program if we determine that either of the meter’s two radio transmitters has not, in fact, been turned off within 14 days following installation of the smart meter, if we discover at any later time that one or both of the transmitters has been turned back on, or if we have ongoing issues that can be medically documented with persons in this household experiencing illness that can be traced to “dirty electricity” generated by the meter’s power supply, even when the radio transmitters are off.

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