I Want to Support Your Efforts!


The battles we have been waging to educate the public, to get evidence on the record in state regulatory proceedings in the face of unjust decisions, and to help local couples who are being unjustly prosecuted are all being fought to secure the rights of all Michigan utility customers.  We believe it is absolutely essential that these unjust decisions be appealed.  The health and privacy of several million Michigan utility customers is at risk with these cases.

If you would like to support us in these efforts either with a donation or with some of your time, please so indicate here and mail back form to address shown.

[  ] Enclosed is my check for $ ________, made payable to:  Michigan Stop Smart Meters, OR

[  ] I could help with mailings, phone calls, demonstrations or publicity.

Please specify how you might help:  ____________________________________.

My name: ________________________     Phone: ______________

My street address:  __________________________

City/State/Zip:         __________________________

Email:  _________________________

Print and mail this form with check to:
David Sheldon, 30835 W 10 Mile Rd  #4008
Farmington Hills, MI  48336