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Laurel Barrick, January 28th, 2014: “Please note that NOWHERE on the Consumers Energy website nor the letter I recently received from Consumers telling me that smart meter installation for my address will be occurring in “the next few weeks”, nor the post card mailing previously received, do they say anything at all about an Opt Out being available and how to accomplish that.”

Vigilant Dave, January 28th, 2014: Laurel, This is normal behavior for Michigan utilities.  We have heard this from other Consumers Energy customers and Detroit Edison in my area follows the same practice – they notify ONLY people who have previously refused a smart meter installation that there is an opt-out meter available.

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  1. I am now in the same situation, being a trailer park that is putting in water smart meters, in Fenton, Michigan. Would like to talk to a living person that has some legal expertise. I believe I can help and add a valuable perspective. Answer by e-mail and then we can agree to phone #.

  2. From Canada

    Feb, 2015, all major insurance companies stopped insuring anything wireless for “injury to health” and ALL Companies, Cities, Municipalities, Regional Districts and School Boards were notified of the Exclusion, so who’s liable when the tipping point of damage is reached?

    These local governments need to be held accountable for voting in Smart Meters and bathing our kids in Wifi at school
    ​ and in parks​

    ​People need to know this and maybe this information will help wake them up.

    “The Electromagnetic Fields Exclusion (Exclusion 32) is a General Insurance Exclusion and is applied across the market as standard. The purpose of the exclusion is to exclude cover for illnesses caused by continuous long-term non-ionizing radiation exposure.”

    We will not;

    a) make any payment on your behalf for any claim, or
    b) incur any costs and expenses, or
    c)reimburse you for any loss, damage, legal expenses, fees or costs sustained by you,
    d) pay any medical expenses: directly or indirectly
    arising out of, resulting from or contributed to by electromagnetic fields,
    electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetism, radio waves or noise.”
    And they started recognizing the dangers a lot earlier

    1996 – Swiss Insurance – Electrosmog
    2013 -Swiss Insurance – Emerging Risks


  3. Hi there, I am closely following proceedings in Michigan from New Zealand, and hope for a democratic outcome on this issue.

    I am posting my original songs as and video about ‘smart’ meters to support your cause. My one man band is called One Smart Ukulele, the four song EP is called Smartin’.

    News about the release is posted here (along with lyrics):

    The songs are posted here under One Smart Ukulele:

    And the first video has been posted here:

    Please enjoy, and keep up your excellent work.

    Kind regards

    Hugh Kansayno
    New Zealand

  4. Consumers Energy is just as bad. I just shared this article…. and originally from the Natural News or this website

    Joe likes alternative news sites and finds some good information on some of them. Some are just for the guys and I don’t share those kind of things. Getting the news out is what is important and that we are!!!!! thanks all!!!!!! Jaime
    Northern, Michigan

  5. Hello All, So my Smart meter catches on fire. I am a licensed builder and see it and act quickly. DTE comes and immediately removes the meter that is black / burnt and replaces it with another smart meter! How can I get these fire hazard off my 1896 house that will burn up in minutes? I have called everyone and they are all pointing fingers. I don’t care I just want them gone! I know an electrical fire when I see one. It melted the shielding on MY main feed to my electrical panel and DTE used electrical tape to repair the wires. This is unacceptable! I need help, they are going to kill us! I don’t want to die in a fire!

    • Mark, Those of us who wish to resist smart (or digital) meters would seem to have very few options – particularly those who live in DTE service territory. Once a smart meter has been installed DTE will not replace it with any other kind of meter. All that they will do, for an initial and monthly fee, is turn off the radio transmitter in the smart meter – which in no way addresses those, like yourself, who have fire concerns. Of course what they are doing is both a civil wrong and a crime under Michigan law. But our Attorney General will not prosecute under the criminal statute and the courts have turned a deaf ear to our attempts to resolve these matters through civil lawsuits. Our best prospects now would seem to lie with the Michigan legislature. This is a new legislative session and the new Chairman of the House Energy Committee is very much supportive of meter choice legislation. We are expecting a bill to be introduced soon with many cosponsors.

      Much information about what is wrong with the smart meters from a fire standpoint can be found in an article by William Bathgate, electrical engineer, which appears elsewhere on this site:

      Did you take any photos of the burnt out meter before DTE removed it? Or of the damage to your service entrance wires? If so we would appreciate if you could email those to us for possible posting on this website.

      My suggestion to you to protect your 1896 house would be to have the electrical meter moved to a pole some distance from the home. DTE has no objection to that – provided you hire an electrician to make the necessary changes. Get DTE approval in advance for your new proposed meter location, make the wiring changes and have DTE come and change the drop wires to the new location.


    Consumers Energy Company / (SMART METERS ARE COMING)
    One Energy Plaza, P12-705
    Jackson, MI 49201-8658

    Thank you for offering to replace the existing Consumer Energy Company ANALOG private residence energy meter on our property with the “upgraded” wireless digital microwave radiation, (RF-EMF) meter that transmits up to 190,000 pulses of RF signals per day, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and that has been proven with high probability to contribute to cause cancer, neurological disease, reproductive disorders, immune dysfunction, and electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

    In-vivo and epidemiological studies demonstrate that significant harmful biological effects occur from non‐thermal RF exposure including genetic damage, reproductive defects, cancer, neurological degeneration and nervous system dysfunction, immune system dysfunction, cognitive effects, protein, peptide damage and kidney damage.

    Developmental effects have all been reported in the peer‐reviewed scientific literature.” In a press release, the AAEM calls for immediate caution regarding smart meter installations due to potentially harmful exposure to pulsed radio frequency radiation with prolonged exposure.

    Please be advised that at this time, we prefer to NOT “Opt IN” to this Consumer Energy Company in-residence appliance energy consumption monitoring “device”, (meter), that does perpetually emit extremely high levels of radio frequency electromagnetic fields, (RF-EMF), a potential human carcinogen, (Group 2B), the same classification as lead, DDT, and chloroform in, near and around the living spaces of our beloved home. Please understand that the present Consumers Power Company ANALOG meter continues to serve our family well.

    It is our understanding that Judicial dispositions subsist on record regarding Electric Utility Smart Meter “Opt Out” Fees in violation of both State and Federal law.

    We are aware that Federal law prohibits an “Opt Out” selection in favor of a licit “Opt IN” selection which does provide the private consumer with the non-levied choice to “Opt in” and without prejudice. NO FEE by NOT “OPTING IN”!

    We look forward to years of uninterrupted service with our “ANALOG”.

    Best Regards,
    Customer of Consumers Energy Company (Jackson Michigan)

  7. I just got a letter from DTE today stating they are finishing up replacing analog meters with smart meters in my area, and that if they can’t get my meters, they will turn off my electric. Has anyone gotten this letter?

    • Catrina, many have gotten similar letters. If it is just a form letter not signed by anyone in particular you may not be in any immediate peril. If you have locked your meter and the letter is signed by Joe McCormick and it says you have created a public safety issue by locking your meter, then disconnection may be imminent. If you have not locked your meter then DTE is required to give you an official 10 day disconnection notice before terminating your service. You may want to talk to Linda Kurtz at for further advice. She keeps track of the different kinds of letters DTE sends out.

  8. I received my email from Consumers Energy after I inquired about how I can opt out from the upcoming gas meter installations in my area. Where I live, they have already installed “smart” electric and water meters. This was done before I knew about the dangers of smart meters, unfortunately, and our power co. is not allowing any opt outs for those utilities, but I will be darned if Consumers is going to give us another DUMB meter. I hope they don’t think I am going to start paying them any extra NOW, as they aren’t supposed to be in our area until 2017.

    • by law, utility companies must offer the customer an “Opt IN”, not an “opt OUT” choice. there is a vast difference between the options. It is our understanding that Judicial dispositions subsist on record regarding Electric Utility Smart Meter “Opt Out” Fees in violation of both State and Federal law.

      It is my understanding that Federal law prohibits an “Opt Out” selection in favor of a licit “Opt IN” selection which does provide the private consumer with the (non-levied choice) to “Opt in” and without prejudice. NO FEE by NOT “OPTING IN”!

    • You can have 4 Doctor letters stating you need an Analog meter go LIVE and Consumers will still cut your power if you don’t take what they offer. In my case the opt out digital meter came way too close to killing me. So no power since 9-11-15.

  9. I just spoke to Dana at Consumers Energy. I was on the phone with her 22 minutes. It will cost me close to $70.00 and a monthly fee of over $9.00 to keep what I have. She assured me we cannot get back our analog meter that was switched out for a digital meter in 2011 regardless of both of us having sleeping problems and being put on sleeping pills. She insists there is no dirty electric or radiation. In 2011 my husband was told he should switch out the meter so they could read it from the road, which they can’t anyway with this unit. Why should I have to pay for what I already have? I have to call in my meter reads every month anyway. And I asked if I could waive the over $9.00 fee that is said to be for meter reading on Consumers website. I was told no, it is to maintain my meter, pay for truck travel, etc. which they never come to my house anyway. I told her the form letter sent to me says nothing about if you don’t want to change the meter, makes it sound like you have no choice. She says they don’t sell your information in any way. Blah-blah-blah. Oh and I can’t get my analog meter back, even if we can’t sleep and my liver is going haywire for some unknown reason. And, I can’t hire a third party to install an analog meter. And so on.

    • Teresa, You are faced with a near impossible situation. Your health is at risk from even the digital meter, let alone a full smart meter. Public officials are not doing their job of protecting vulnerable individuals let alone the public at large. DTE and Consumers are violating multiple laws with their new meter programs, but Attorney General Bill Schuette won’t prosecute under the felony surveillance law and many of our judges are turning a deaf ear in legal proceedings. Everyone is swept up in the phony rhetoric about “building a smart electric grid”. Smart meters do not make a smart grid, they only enable surveillance of your activities within the home and allow utilities to ultimately control your appliances. You have two options. You can change your own meter back to an analog meter (or hire someone to do so), but Consumers may shut off your electricity in retaliation. They have done this in some (but not all) cases. You can get a generator and go off grid. If a generator is not feasible where you are you may want to consider moving to a neighborhood where a generator would be feasible. Or heat your home with a fireplace. Finally you can and should complain to your elected representatives in the Michigan legislature. Tell them how you are suffering and ask them to support the Meter Choice legislation, House Bill 4916 when it comes to a vote on the floor of the House.

      • I was told if I switch out the meter myself I would not be sold electricity. A few years ago Michigan was talking about opening up the utili market so other companies could compete with Consumer Energy. I really think all markets should be open to competition. It is ridiculous people are stuck under one company.

      • Teresa, the only kind of competition there is is in the generation of electricity, not the distribution of it to homes and businesses. Distribution is always a monopoly because society has never wanted multiple high voltage wires running up and down streets and neighborhoods. Unfortunately the monopoly distributor controls meter type, regardless if you sign up with an alternative generating source.

      • Can I get a do not install digital flyer to post on my gas meter anywhere? Consumers does not consider digital add ones as a “smart” meter. She said they would be adding a digital box to my analog gas meter.

      • Teresa, I have just found out from the website that there has been a telephone number set up by the Attorney General’s office specifically to deal with smart meter complaints. They said they have received numerous complaints regarding smart meters. They have intimated that “something will be done” IF they receive enough phone calls and letters. The phone # is 517 373 7540. Tell them you want to be placed on the list as opposing any digital meter and that you want the option of keeping your analog meter. I called them and did just that. In my opinion his is an excellent idea. I urge everyone who sees this to call the number and call or email all your friends and ask them to do the same. If we can flood them with calls……..who knows?

  10. Hello, I have been reading up on EMF exposure and how it causes sickness for just about a month now. I purchased two meters (RF and magnetic electricity) to measure our exposure levels and am not reading a lot of exposure from the smart meter that was installed on our house a couple of years ago. Perhaps this is due to my not knowing what to look for, or the type of smart meter we have. I don’t know, but I do know this: The Xfinity/Comcast dual router/modem (it broadcasts at 2.4 and at 5 Ghz and has an additional broadcast to provide WIFI hotspots to customers with accounts who travel) we had until a couple of days ago put out extreme RF into our home. I read it at up to 25 V/m with my Cornet RF meter (ED85EXS) and it consistently measured 17 V/m. Of course the readings lessened with some distance, but they were still permeating our entire home at levels higher than what I am comfortable with. Of course, unlike our smart meter, this router was not forced on us and we could turn it off, BUT, our neighbors have the router/modem as well and live 30 feet from us. I can turn our devices and electricity off at the breaker and still get RF readings from the neighbor’s router through our bedroom walls. Those routers are beasts! Meanwhile, I have frequent headaches and nausea, and am jittery. I can’t say for certain the RF is causing this, but I would sure like the opportunity to turn it all off and find out if I feel better. Anyhow, I am not sure what the smart meter is doing, but I am pretty unhappy with Xfinity/Comcast.

      • CA, You can find a router on eBay, probably for no more than $50, that will run off the one ethernet port that you have and give you 4 hardwired ethernet ports. Your greatest expense will probably be the ethernet cables you will need to connect those 4 ports to different rooms in your home.

  11. Are you going to be at the appeal in Lansing tomorrow. Could you bring me some information on smart meters to share with a very large group of Mom’s that I will be addressing on Thursday. I have been unable to contact Pam and Dee. Alice Kitaon

  12. Dave, this is a great website and I thank you for all of your hard work!! We “opted out” of and received a smart meter with the radio “turned off”. After attending one of Dave’s talks last year, we put a lock on the second meter (for the air conditioning). I recently had my home evaluated for dirty electricity, etc. and the smart meter which is not supposed to be transimitting, was belching out high readings every 15 seconds. Now I am puzzled by why I am paying nearly $10 a month, with a $67 initial fee to have a fully working smart meter. Has anyone else actually had a reading done on the opt out meter? This is concerning!!!

    • I am wondering who you hired to evaluate your home for dirty electricity, as I have an opt-out meter but still have loud electrical noise in the wiring of my home. Did you contact the utility about this, and if so, did they respond? All of my family suspects that the meter on our house is still signalling, in spite of being an opt-out meter.

  13. just curious why everyone doesn’t just send the utility companies a -bill due and owing- for information gathered? if they can change the meter to one that does more then why can’t people also change their end of whatever contract they signed to get power to begin with. in contract law if a contract is changed without both parties being in agreement , then any monetary considerations from the first contract are to be refunded before the second contract can begin. as to life after the smart meter– what more is your consideration of contract for being an information (data) broker? to simply do this for the -same- consideration as before smart meters should constitute an unconscionable contract, where considerations are not equal. contracts are considered actual if both parties benefit from them. perhaps it is just as simple as —- sending them a bill for data collection !! I am not a lawyer just pissed off at corporate bullies, but hey one more idea– the American way —–push until it moves.

  14. I don’t know if this is worth anything or not, to this group, as it is more cell phone related but emf is emf and I think smart meters are actually “hotter” than cell phones. The World Health Org, and International Research for Research on Cancer (WHO – IARC) has classified cell phone emf a 2b carcinogen in a press release no.208 31 may 2011. I guess I don’t know how close smart meters and cell phone radiation (freq) is to each other but……. I have a copy of that press release in pdf form if anyone is interested. For what its worth if you are pregnant—- In 1990, The American Journal of Epidemiology published a study on the use of electric blankets (60 hz) which demonstrated “a quadrupling in the risk of brain tumors among children whose mothers slept under electric blankets during the first trimester of pregnancy.”

  15. I just saw a thing called a -smart meter condom-. on its surface it looks good and I am not trying to undermine the fellow that makes that. But there is something I have noticed from the rf of my wife’s cell phone. When a cell phone does not “hear ” the tower talking back it will increase output power in an effort to connect. I have had it where my wife’s phone will ramp up to the point where it is goofing up the weaker stations on the television. Anyway, I was curious if smart meters will “ramp up” as well in an attempt to call the tower, and is that smart meter condom actually causing the meter to artificially increase its transmit power to a higher level?. Just curious.

    • Mike, Excellent question. However the makers of that condom device you are talking about tell us their tests show it eliminates 80% of the rf when you put in on the meter. This is supposed to be based on actual measurements. We know that, in the mesh system DTE uses, the meters are chattering away constantly with other nearby meters. They pulse about once every 15 seconds or so. And they are constantly looking for those meters to answer back. So if they are going to “ramp up” their power output to overcome the condom then it would be unlikely one could get readings showing an 80% reduction.

      • I didn’t know. it is always nice to understand the tech we are up against. maybe what we need is a device that transmits a signal scrambler. what them scratch their head over that for a while

  16. I know this is a bit -of subject- but some folks find it hard to believe that this stuff is unsafe. They say right in the owners manual for cell phones -not to put them to your head. the smart meters are more powerful than that. Any magnetic field from an alternating current source has biological effects, ESPECIALLY if they are on a single frequency. Study the works of Georges Lakhofsky , who found that a single frequency could bring on sickness/cancer BUT by adding multiple frequencies at the same point it could actually be healthy and cure illness. Even 60 hz household wall current is by itself unhealthy. In 1990, The American Journal of Epidemiology published a study on the use of electric blankets which demonstrated “a quadrupling in the risk of brain tumors among children whose mothers slept under electric blankets during the first trimester of pregnancy.” . mike

  17. I’d written Nick Hawatmeh, Repub. Candidate For Macomb County’s 25th House District, asking for his position on so-called “smart-meters”. His reply follows:
    “I am very aware of the situation regarding smart meter systems, and the bill you’ve referenced. I would wholeheartedly support this bill. As a note – my opponent has sat on the House Energy & Commerce Committee for two years, and has not done anything to push this bill forward. He has also taken thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from DTE, all while telling voters that he supports the bill.

    As your state representative, I will fully support this bill – and push for a legitimate ‘opt-out’ method for homeowners, and one that does not incur ridiculous fees.

    And I will always reply to the taxpayers, because you are the boss. Even if I know you will not like the answer, I will always be honest and accessible.


  18. James Yax commented on 9/15/14: I had one put on a month ago and I am seriously ill now. Coincidence? I think not. I want my old meter back!

  19. My name is Max.

    I am a young father of 3 with a loving and supportive wife, looking forward to years of enjoyment with my family. Until recently I was a ‘normal’, happy, healthy man moving his family into a new home – a joyful event for most but that is when my problems began. This is my story:

    Since moving into our new house, I began to experience trouble sleeping and breathing in the night, as well as periods of light-headedness and an almost constant fatigue. At first, I thought the nausea, headaches and dizziness were stress-related, then I started having chest pains and knew something was seriously wrong! My wife took my heart-rate and it was a jaw-dropping average of 40 beats per minute – sometimes known as ‘bradycardia’. I went immediately to the ER but upon arrival my heart-rate had returned to normal with only minor irregular beating. One night under ICU monitoring provided no clues as to my illness and I was released.

    Upon my return I took a nap in our bedroom and awoke with the same symptoms that had sent me to the ER earlier. After this I was afraid that I had serious heart problems (‘No’, I was assured); I was growing worried about my declining health and concerned for my family – was it something in the house making me ill? If it wasn’t inside me, it had to come from outside; I began to research everything from bedding material to appliance safety online and it wasn’t long before the words ‘Smart Meter’ started appearing in searches related to my symptoms listing risks and dangers. I was astounded – there is a Smart Meter just 2 metres from my bed!

    That night I slept on the sofa, and you know what? I slept like a log!…and kept it up for a month (sorry, dear!) and began to feel like myself again.

    So, as an experiment to improve my health and my marital relations, I decided to see what could be done to shield myself and family from this Smart meter and the dangerous waves it supposedly emits.

    Further online research led me to find Michael Faraday, inventor of the Faraday Cage whose experiments led to discoveries in electromagnetic wave blocking. Of my own initiative, I measured our Smart Meter and, well, in the jargon of our day, I made a condom to put over the meter for our protection.

    Guess what? It worked and the Smart Meter Condom was born! I’ve worked with engineers to design and perfect the SMC and have reduced our meter’s emissions by 98%*. Now, my aim is to help spare you and yours the health issues and anxiety we suffered since the Smart Meter was installed in our home, by making my Smart Meter Condom (SMC) available to you.

    The website is packed with information about the Condom, Smart Meter related health risks, demonstration videos, and links to helpful websites to assist you in your own research.

    However, if you think your smart meter is making you sick, I urge you to see a doctor, try to sleep far from the device, and consider Smart Meter Condom protection.



      • lacycat, the meter ‘condom’ is designed to block only radio frequency energy. The ‘dirty electricity’ that circulates through your home wiring is also caused by the smart meter or opt-out meter, but it is not radio frequency. The frequencies involved are usually only a few thousand cycles per second. To combat the ‘dirty electricity’ you need either a line conditioner mounted near your fusebox, or you can mitigate the problems by buying Stetzer filters that plug into your outlets.

      • There are 2-types of electrical type problems with “Smart Meters”. The one you are referring to is “dirty” electricity and not related to RF Radiation. RF Radiation is created when the “Smart Meter” broadcasts. Devices like the RF Meter Shield are designed to drastically reduce this RF Radiation.

      • Thanks for defining differences, but to me they are all HARMFUL, I AM ALLERGIC TO AMI and the EFFECTS and pulses I HAVE felt actually hurts and are painful, so to me, our world is BETTER off without them. Our children are BETTER off without them. I had analog put back in home, all the dirt FROM ami electric meter took over a month to disappear from my house WIRING, I say this because I could hear stove ignitor in my radio when radio was on, fan on fridge got so loud sounded like it wanted to take off. After analog replacement , all went back to normal. My service shut down 3-5 times a week, sometimes twice a day with ami electric meter, that stopped as soon as analog was back in. To me ,quite honestly, the only way to reduce rf is stick with analogs which have been in service over 130 years and proven their safe us year after year.

  20. This is such a joke. Really you have nothing more in life to worry about? my refrigerator has no way to tell anything what it is. For that fact nothing plugged into my electrical system can tell anything what is. You would need to connect to my computer to know its a computer. there are no connections that back feed this way. So what I just saw on the news about them telling i’m using my treadmill is not true.

  21. We feel your site provides vital information regarding the dangers of smart meters and have therefore placed links to your website from our website.

    We would like to introduce you to a new low-cost product that helps protect consumers from Smart Meter radiation. The RF Meter Shield. More information about our new product can be found on our website:

    If you feel this innovative product will benefit your customers and affiliates, we would appreciate passing this information along by placing a link to our website on your site.

    Thank you,

    RF Meter Shield

    • Appears to be a nice solution, however it also appears there is no safe guard from someone removing the item from the glass enclosure. So DTE could come by and just take it off.

      • Utilities can still get the Smart Meter signals (for reading) with the RF Meter Shield installed-so there is no reason for them to remove the RF Meter Shield from the Smart Meter. The RF Meter Shield reduces the Smart meter radiation by over 80% (which still allows enough of the signal through for the utility to read.

  22. I have been to Michigan Stop Smart Meters meetings twice. Both times I had some very important information to share. Both times, even though that information was well-received by the attendees, I was cut short by the person in charge.

    A little more than one year ago DTE sent me and all my neighbors a notice that they intended to install smart meters. I responded by a lawful response in the form of a Courtesy Notice listing what I would require if they did that, including 500 silver one ounce coins per day of installation. When they installed those meters, they skipped my home. My home is still without a smart meter.


  24. Thank you for the information on this website. No one realizes the dangers of RF radiation. Everyone I talked to in my neighborhood did not know they had a “Smart Meter” on their house. Main reason I am writing: I received a post card (05/30/14) that Waterford will have Vanguard Utility Service install new AMI Water Meters in Waterford homes starting in the next 10 days. Their website ( shows 18,000 meters planned for Waterford and 22,000 meters for Taylor. Need to stop this!

  25. Today, April 23rd, DTE installed a smart meter at my home in Dearborn Heights without my consent. After calling them, they refused to remove the meter and stated that they had mailed something to us earlier in the year regarding these meters. We did not receive any notification regarding any installation dates/times. We want the meter removed without incident or cost.
    As a former Dearborn Heights City Council member, I personally wrote a Resolution which can be found at that was adopted by our City Council against smart meters. It was sent to the MPSC and other stakeholders.

    A person’s home apparently is not your castle! What next???

    • Janet, Resolutions by city and county governments serve a vital function in mobilizing public opinion. Unfortunately only an ORDINANCE, prescribing criminal penalties for its violation, has the force of law and could stop installations. No city has gone down that road as of yet – probably because it would be challenged in court by DTE and would be an expensive undertaking.

  26. Every sence we got the smart meter I receive a letter from DTE saying I use 97% more electric than my neighbors. I have all new appliances and sit in the dark 90% of the time. We do not use any out side lighting we don’t watch a lot of Tv so I am not sure there readings are right I know I am sick of it. These smart meters seem to cost us double in our electrical .

    • Pam, Your complaint is one we have heard many times. There is a whole section on our website of complaints by people who began receiving outrageous bills soon after a smart meter was installed. When people complain that there must be something wrong with the meter the utility generally will say there is nothing wrong, it is just that the new meters are “more accurate”. They usually refuse to send anyone out to check the meter.

  27. Wanted to send a letter to my representatives concerning the McMillin HB4315 but when I looked that bill number up it wasn’t about smart meters at all. Is it under a different number? Can’t tell if this is old info. or if it is currently being introduced.

    • Lyn, Sorry about the confusion. I am assuming you used a search engine like Google to lookup the bill number. You likely found House Bill 4315 from the 2011 session instead of the smart meter bill which is HB 4315 from the

        current session.

      At the beginning of each new legislative session (after an election) the House restarts bill numbers beginning with 4000. HB 4315 from 2011 has already become a law so search engine gave it priority over the current HB 4315. To find the smart meter bill you should enter “Michigan HB 4315 2013” or “Michigan HB 4315 smart meter” or “Michigan HB 4315 McMillin”. Or you can go to the legislature’s official website and just key in the bill number. The official website will always give you the bill number for the current session of the House.

  28. Let the DTE meter reader in yard to read electric (gas is outside of yard) on Jan. 29th. He told me in two weeks all of them would be out of a job, the union workers would now be reading them. Two days later I received another letter from DTE about the Opt Out that isn’t an opt out.

    I have already sent two letters via certified mail to the president of DTE Gerard Anderson & The Advanced Metering Team. One in Oct. as soon as I got their first letter and another on in Dec. after I saw my Neurologist who is a M.D.

    He dictated a letter on my behalf to send to DTE stating my health issues and had a deep rooted concern about the installation of a smart meter at my home. That this technology has not been proven to be completely safe to be around humans and there is concern that is may worsen or affect my medical conditions. He stated I would request that a smart meter not be installed at my house for these reasons and that the continuation of an analog meter be used.

    Do you think they care? They sent out the same letter of lies, analogs are obsolete a judge said they can insall these…bla…bla…bla….

    Some women called me and left a message to clear up the myths. This was after my Medical Doctor’s letter was sent along with a copy of the AAEM who wants a moratorium put on these meters.

    They simply do not care, all i know is they are very close to coming here. Via complaint on DTE site I angrily reiterated the same thing I have already stated to them and called that woman and left her a message. I will not consent to an opt out that removes my analogs, yes they will apply their charges when they do come to this neighborhood not until, but that they would not be putting these meters on my home. Now I have to stand guard.

    DTE has cause me nothing but extreme stress since Oct. I have enough medical problems, my Mom has a pacemaker, enough to worry about without being put through all this mental trauma DTE is causing me. I have my gas meter chained (heavy chain) and locked (big thick lock) & have my electric loop solidly filled and locked. Yet will they ignore the no trespassing signs and enter my yard and attempt to still some how cut off my locks?

    My God we all have enough in life to cause stress, why we are being put through this by our utility company I just don’t understand. The disregard even when our own doctors are telling them we are not to have these. Not that we are children that need a letter from our parents to the principle. I am a grown women and this is MY home. I’m in Garden City and awaiting a fight even though I am so sick.

    This is a damn shame. My brother said they came to his home in Livonia while at work and DTE put one in (he has Consumers for gas), he had intended to lock his gate and meter but didn’t do it fast enough. Well mine are locked up, gates, fences, meters. He thinks they’ll leave me alone when they see all this.

    Considering the blatant ignorant responses to my correspondences they obviously feel they are God that can & will do what they please. It will be an even more stressful time having to go without sleep watching out for this madness to arrive and I tell them to get off my property.

    How disheartening.

    • A lab assistant of Robert O. Becker, “The” Robert O. Becker, did many studies regarding the health effects of EMFs and found reason to believe they caused health problems. This was in the 1970s. He has since wrote a book. In his book he shows how the utility companies “cooked the science books”, so to say, to refute the science that he, Becker, and others came up with. He is also an attorney. This should be required reading for anyone desiring to overcome the criminality of the utility companies (read Big Oil, Big Coal, Nuclear).

      Going Somewhere: Truth about a Life in Science Paperback – January 6, 2011
      by Andrew A. Marino

    • I just wanted to tell you that we have opted out of smart meters on two houses and today consumers energy stopped in the middle of our street, jumped out of the car and rushed toward our house with a smart meter in his hand, we caught him as he went toward the meter , ask him what he wanted and he said he was installing a smart meter. We told him we had opted out and he said well I must have the wrong address and he didn’t have a work order for this address. I ask him if he had a workorder would he have installed the meter even though we didn’t want it and he said yes he would. I call that Germany 1943 what do yu think. I don’t see my other comments I have posted, where do they go..
      Thank you for all the help

      • Randy, I just did a quick check and found that we have posted 2 of your previous comments on the page “Appeals of DTE ‘Opt-Out’ Plan Will Be Heard!”. To get to that page now scroll down to bottom of the home page and look under “Recent Posts”.

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