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  1. Can someone please help me. I just found out a Smart Meter was installed on my home 3 years ago without my knowledge. I am experiencing many symptoms of high RF exposure. Sleep problems, heart palpitations, daily headaches, skin problems, and many more. I am convinced that most of my health problems started when the meter was installed. I just had my home tested and was told it was not even safe to sleep in my bedroom and sit in my living room because the RF’s were so high coming from the meter! I am sick and upset and I want to do something but I am not sure where to start. I live in Waterford Michigan. I called DTE and they told me I could opt-out for a fee but they could not tell me when they would turn off the RF capabilities of the meter. I have sense learned that is not a good option and want the meter removed and an analog meter put back in it’s place. Has anyone had any success getting a Smart (Advanced) Meter removed from their home? please email me at I would greatly appreciate any advice or help with this matter.

  2. I’m thinking that the “final solution” to this smart meter problem is free energy technology. There is a motor that run on basically water coming to us soon. When it does and I am able to purchase one, I will be supplying my neighbors and displaying it to anyone who wishes to see.

  3. We need to look at EMF radiation in a rational manner. There are too many vocal naturalists with
    conspiracy theories that make the argument against “smart” meters look silly.

    The facts are:
    1.) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cites research from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS — which is a branch of the National Institute of Health (NIH/ on leukemia incidence in children who reside around power lines. Their recommended defense is to distance yourself from the source emitting EMF energy and to reduce time spent in the vicinity of it. Source:

    2.) The World Health Organization (WHO) has listed EMF fields as a possible carcinogen.

    3.) The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has issued advisories
    regarding EMF, but admits that current data is inconclusive in regards to health effects.

    4.) The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified EMF fields produced by
    mobile phones as a possible carcinogen. Of course, “smart” meter distance varies from mobile devices. However, the risk is still present. Sources:

    5.) An excerpt from The American Cancer Society (
    Can smart meters cause cancer?
    Smart meters emit RF waves, which are a type of electromagnetic radiation, so there is the potential for them to cause harm.

    Sane arguments against “smart” meters:
    1.) Public smoking is banned because it is now largely recognized as a health risk. For a long time, the harm of tobacco in general was not known since it can take decades for cancer to manifest.
    Why not play it safe until we have definitive evidence that EMF radiation does not cause harm
    to living things?

    2.) DTE and other power companies state that “smart” meters will save them very large sums of
    money annually. Why is there a need to charge what DTE claims is less than 1% of their customer base an initial and recurring monthly opt-out fee in this case? Living healthy should be a basic human

    3.) If something even has a _potential_ to be dangerous to myself and my children, why would
    I want to remain near it? I value my life and the lives of my children. Life is precious and it would
    be a shame to find out later on that these meters were a detriment in some way.

    4.) The manner in which DTE deployed “smart” meters was very unethical. It was no doubt forced
    on customers. Unfortunately, there is no alternative energy provider in this supposed free market.

    The bottom line here is that I would rather be safe than sorry. I want the radio transmitters in the “smart” meters attached to my home disabled. And I want this to be done without _ANY_ fees. I should have the right to live safely without being penalized by a monetary fee. This is absolutely ridiculous. My home with interest will cost me 3 times what the loan amount was. There is something
    wrong with an organization just being able to come onto my property and mess with things attached to my home. It is a matter of principle.

    I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

    • Jimbo, Your facts and the rational tone in which you present them are appreciated. You, however, are addressing only the health side of the argument against smart meters. A fact you are ignoring is that governments in nearly every industrial country in the world are more or less simultaneously forcing these meters on their citizens despite the fact that no study anywhere has shown that these meters conserve electricity. There has to be a reason all these governments are moving in lock step against the real interests of their citizens while making electrical power grids more vulnerable to hackers and terrorists. There has to be a common agenda behind all this and it does no good for us to bury our heads like ostriches and ignore the growing evidence of that agenda.

      • Dave : you speak of something bigger behind the scenes. I am with you on this . whether a person believes it or not , there is a conspiracy behind things, and it is becoming easier to see. by mentioning the Bible, folks will probably tune out but we all need to think about what it prophecies. Revelations 13:17 “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” looking at it from a purely physical view and looking at the whole world at present it isn’t hard to see something big on the horizon. the whole world has money troubles, not just the US. if you believe at all that there are people on the planet that control the majority of the wealth, then you must also believe that they will do whatever they have to do to keep controlling it. the old saying – power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is true and applies here. we are at present feeling the obamacare troubles. it is just one more way that “they” can control things , and even more now every person must be “registered” or at least on file. electricity is now being controlled with the smart meters. my brother in law works for Dearborn and city water has been using this meter system for a while. every aspect is becoming under electronic control.
        now what if there was one fellow that came to us and said he could fix all of our money and social issues all we would need to do is register by taking a registration tag of some sort. it would control all of you life as the money system ran thru it. all health care , utilities , food/groceries etc. , would be contingent to you registering . furthermore if you don’t register then you have no money or way of providing for your family.
        I don’t try to push my beliefs on folks but to me , it is very apparent as to the where’s and why’s and it is taking less and less imagination every day. whether you believe in the Bible or not is not the issue her . the issue is we all need to stand together against this and all controls of its kind. it will come eventually but as our founding fathers have said — it is every generations responsibility to be vigilant for freedom. mike

      • Thank you. I am not ignoring the issue of electrical conservation. I merely refrained from touching on that particular point since my primary concern is human health and safety. Common sense tells me that something with a digital display and the need to power a transmitter uses more electrical energy than my old gear-based analogue meter. This should go without saying…

    • I agree that the scientific evidence against using these meters must be emphasized. The privacy issue is a strong one, too, however, and should also be addressed. One was installed on my house two years ago despite my objection and DTE refuses to change it to an analog meter even if I purchase it myself. I doubt that a licensed electrician will do the job, either. DTE will only agree to shut off the radio signal for a one-time fee and charge an additional monthly fee to read the meter (even though I could do that for them). Of course, they would be able to turn it on again at any time. I want this thing off my house but I just don’t see how it can happen at this point unless the legislature supports it. They don’t listen to us or advocate for us.

  4. FYI, Consumers Energy is starting to send out letters to install “Digital Meters”. Even though they are the same as Smart Meters, the consumers energy rep kept telling me they are not the same. The technology in the smart meter is not the same, nor does it exist in their digital meters. Consumers Energy are training their people to flat out lie and deceive us. Just be aware. Please call the Attorney General of Michigan Bill Schuette and complain. They may act if the number of complaints is high enough. His number is (517) 373-1110.

    • Consumers Energy has quietly been installing these ‘digital meters’ with no notice to anyone for well over two years-apparently as some kind of a trial. I have had one for about three years here in Jackson County-it is digital, but doesnt appear to be a ‘smart’ meter-my little WiFi finder-which also finds cell signals-doesnt react to it at all. They still arrive to read my meter every other month. I have found a couple others in this little village-in one case, one meter out of five in a row on a buildlng was replaced-no one has been given any notice at all. BUT there are serious problems just with the digital meters: I have had my electrical bills increase radically-to the point where I am now paying nearly $140/month for just electricity in the summer-and over $200 i winter-my heat, hot water and cooking gas are all propane. This is for two retired adults-no teens. These meters have appeared on all sorts of buildings-and the occupants have no idea they are there . . .who ever looks at their meter?

      I have also had continuous electrical problems and ended up having to go through the whole house and replace all of the outlets-because the wiring became loose and was shorting out. I have lost a less-than-one-year-old chest freezer, a tv, a computer, a continuous electronic power source, two cordless phone systems and several small appliances since this was installed. A friend called to tell me he just found one had been installed on his home (they are hot-swapping these with no notice)-and his refrigerator and tv both quit working. He then found they had switched him back to an old analog meter-from a blue house (blue paint on it)-again with no notice. He is now a ‘believer’. The Red Cross stated last summer they had experienced a 40% increase in home fire victims needing assistance in Jackson and Hillsdale Counties in six months.When I read the newspaper reports they are almost always deemed ‘electrical’ fires. NOBODY ever looks to the kind of meter they have or blames Consumers Energy. The problem is the dirty electricity these meters will put thru-that analog meters wont function with. They can now brown out your power to suit the load needed . . .unfortunately, older wiring and older appliances will not hold up with such fluctuating voltage. and will short out-and start fires. I also notice that the Ann Arbor area is having a whole lot of fires-and barns are burning down at record rates.

      The digital meters also capture every bit of extra power that a starting motor, like a fan or a blower or a refrigerator takes for the very few seconds it requires to get up to speed. The analog meters did not-BUT THE RATES ARE SET TO ACCOMMODATE THE LOSS!! You have already paid for that un-metered, seconds-long extra load-and now they can thus charge you again for it! There has been some speculation that the digital meters also record any power flowing back thru the meter that is not needed for those surges (there is a technical name for this but I forget what it is) . . .apparently factories have a special rate to account for this-but home owners do not. If this is true, you are also being charge a second time-for power you DIDNT use!

      This whole fiasco isnt just about ‘smart-meters’: the FedGov may well want them-and General Petraus, as quoted in Wired Magazine last year did make the statement that the CIA can now spy on you thru your dishwasher (I’m assuming he meant the ‘new smart-dishwashers with the computer chip-like the computer-linked refrigerator they tried to sell my friend when he had to replace his). But the real windfall here is to the utility companies-who are going to make a fortune on low-income people with older homes, older wiring and older appliances, those that live in rural areas with their own wells, outbuildings, hobby shops, etc. It amounts to an average of 40% more on billings for older homes. And if your home catches fire some dark night and kills granny or your children . . .well. you’re just ‘collateral damage’ . . . you should have rewired and replaced all of your appliances! No one will blame them! So, when they tell you the technology for smart meters isnt included in your new digital meter, that may be true. But dont rest easy . . .I’d rather have the chance of recovering from the nefarious health problems created by a smart-meter’s output . . .I dont think I could survive a fire in this trailer!Needless to say, I dont sleep very soundly.

  5. To whom it concerns. These smart meters are increasing peoples bills. Mine has almost tripled.consumers energy refuses to show me proof that it is accurate plus the meter is reading busy constantly

    • howdy john: not that I have a stake in this but perhaps if you folks with a tangible bellyache such as this file complaints with the better business bureau it might help. if enough folks do at least there will be records kept of it. just a thought –not that it will fix anything for you. mike

  6. I was given a notice that DTE plans to put smart meters (AMI) in our condo complex. I do not consent to them putting in a smart meter with or without the transmitting equipment. I am non-ionizing frequency sensitive. Those frequencies would ruin my health and quality of life whether from my own or a neighbors condo. I have plans to fight this. If Michigan Stop Smart Meters would like to know how I plan to so, please contact me.

    • howdy : susan, I am interested. any way we can fight this is worth a listen. I personally don’t have a power meter as I live off grid but that doesn’t mean i’m not interested. thanks mike

      • sorry I did see this response sooner, MIke. (I ask the webmaster to send Mike my email so we can get together on this.) We can exchange emails and I will send you the documents and share my story so far. these documents are ingenious and can be used for other harms corporation try to pull on us. And BTW, all governments are corporations, that is, they are pretend governments. Which means they have stockholders. They serve their stockholders, they serve us NOT. See the video, “What the FUQ” if you haven’t already.

        As with other horrendous legislation, my local monopoly utility, went to the gov, who in fact works for the corporations and not us, and changed the definition of Opt-Out to mean the opposite of its common English meaning. This is just the beginning of what I could tell you, much of which is very encouraging.

      • Mike,
        in addition to what i have already said this morning, over a month ago, which was a month after I delivered my lawful documents to the proper person at my utility company, they installers came out to my condo complex to install their version of smart meters. They skipped my condo.

  7. Add NEW YORK to your list. We have a website. It is
    We are fighting HARD and can use all the help we can get! We are the only people we know of who have taken the smart meter off their home and replaced it with a safe, analog meter. Two days later, our utility came and cut our wires with a big pair of clippers. No discussion, no attempt to resolve anything – no prior warning.

    • Raji,

      What city in New York are you in? What is name of your utility? Do you know if your state law mandates smart meters? Don’t waste your time with your state’s public service commission. They won’t help you. The public service commissions in nearly every state are in bed with the utilities they are supposed to be regulating. We haven’t heard of an honest one yet. There are 2 courses of action that may help:

      (1) Go with others to your city council or county commission meeting and take advantage of public comment time to voice your complaint against the utility. Sometimes your local officials will put pressure on a utility to do the right thing.
      (2) Try to get a local newspaper, radio or TV station to report on your plight.
      (3) Schedule a public meeting in a local library or community center and take advantage of free publicity in the community calendars of local newspapers.
      (4) Start a lawsuit to force the utility to restore your power.

      Contact us if we can be of further help.

      • Vigilant Dave,

        We are in Woodstock, New York – Upper Hudson Valley. Our utility company is Central Hudson Gas and Electric – just purchased by the evil company in Canada called Fortis. We are in trouble. They have an agenda to put one of these radiating meter on every home and business by the end of 2013.

        Yes, we know about the PSC – we are on our 6th person there – she is supposedly higher up in the organization. We submitted massive amounts of proof to her – a large stack of papers – with links to the BioInitiative Report of 2012, the Cindy Sage Report, many links, our documents to Central Hudson, letters written, etc. No where.

        The Press – we have been in the local newspapers a few times – they lie too. But we also did get one woman to put some truth in there.

        Went to our Town Board – ended up battling with the guy who was assigned by the board supervisor to do “research” and submit a “report”. We have over 800 emails back and forth with him. Turns out we found out he is an ex IBMer / Oracle person and it turns out that they are intimately woven into the Smart Meter Grid. When we brought this to our board’s attention, and told them we deemed it a direct conflict of interest, they ignored us and accepted his report into their records. We then submitted our own TRUTHFUL report as well. Done with those losers. They gave it complete lip service – passed a resolution to “ban smart meters in Woodstock” and then the next day went to the papers to say how it would never stick – for various reasons that they noted.

        We also went to Assemblyman Kevin Cahill – because he was against Fortis taking over our utility company. I spent weeks trying to get an appt. When the day finally arrived, his office called me 45 min. prior to the appt. to let me know that Mr. Cahill would not be meeting with us but that his staff would. My heart dropped. I met with 3 very young women (probably interns) — the same women who took forever to even get me an appt. — and they took me into a conference room and started by telling me how they had contacted Central Hudson and the PSC – downhill from there.

        Also contacted the Senator in our area – Cecilia Tkaczyk – have not gotten an appt. yet. Spoke with a gentleman who told me he had contacted the PSC on our behalf….here we go again.

        We have not done anything with the City Council – how do we proceed with this? How do I find out about our City Council? Or is this the same as our Town Board?

        We have not tried a lawsuit because we cannot find a lawyer to take this on. We have no money. We tried a few to take it pro bono or on contingency – but no luck yet.

        I started a group at the library – 2nd Sat. of each month – to try to gain numbers. Had first meeting last month. 17 people showed up.

        We have showed Josh del Sol’s movie – Take Back Your Power – twice now. Once in our town of Woodstock and once in a nearby town of Rosendale. It was successful. People are listening and awareness is spreading. But it seems like people are VERY SLOW to actually take action and do something.

        Tomorrow is 6 weeks without electricity. I have had stress every day – all day – and into the night – since I got out of the hospital. I dream about this now. I have not had a chance to heal since I got out of the hospital. My nervous system was damaged with the mini stroke and my brain is not the same as it used to me. And, of course, I am now much more sensitive to normal EMF all around – sucks!

        Anything you can recommend we will do – if we feel it will work. It feels as if we have wasted so much time and getting nowhere.

        Thanks for responding.

        Raji Nevin
        Steve Romien

  8. Before I even knew what a smart meter was, I was hospitalized 3 times after waking up totally paralized. My husband carried me to the car and wheeled me into the ER. Docs had no idea what caused it so they drugged me w/ pain killers and sent me home. Finally some one asked if I had a smart meter on my home. Sure enough, the room I was sleeping in had the smart meter on the outside wall. When I called to have it removed, the guy said, “I could just turn down the radiation level and we can see if that helps.” ON WHAT PLANET SHOULD I EVER BE HAVING THAT CONVERSATION WITH A TOTAL STRANGER? I do not want ANY microwave radiation exposure !!! They removed he meter and I’ve not woken up totally paralized since. I do have permanent nerve damage to my left hand which has rigor mortis every morning when I wake up.

    • Jane, We are curious if they put an analog meter back on your house or did they give you a “non transmitting” smart meter? If you got complete relief from one of these “non transmitting” digital meters, that would be an important fact for us to know. Generally the experience has been that only the analog (electro-mechanical) meter is completely safe. The digital meters all have a switched mode power supply that puts “dirty electricity” on the home’s wiring. Many people continue to experience symptoms with these meters even though the radio transmitter is turned off. We are working closely with various parties who have filed appeals to the recent decision of the Michigan Public Service Commission. That decision does not allow anyone to keep an analog meter and requires the non transmitting meter as the opt-out meter. We are optimistic we can get that decision reversed and remanded back to MPSC for further evidentiary proceedings. I will contact you to see if we can assist in any way. Also please contact Linda Kurtz of Smart Meter Education Network at She is compiling data on health effects.

  9. Please help us find electricians in southeast Michigan who are willing to change a smart meter to an analog model.

  10. I live in a city in SE MIchigan, which they decided WE were to get smart water meters installed. There has been some resistance, but I don’t know that there is any organized oppositional action being taken. I refuse to have a smart water meter installed. I do not want one in or on my house. The water commissioner had my water shut off a week and a half ago. It is extremely inconvenient. However I haven’t caved in yet to their tyranical demands. I would really like to have flowing water again. I am using bottled water, and showering elsewhere. Don’t I have ANY legal rights? If you have any rtecommendations or helpful information for me, I would appreciate it.

    • Leigh – This should be challenged in the circuit court of the county where you live. I think city water departments are doing something outrageous in terminating water service to people who won’t accept a smart water meter. If we can get a group together of several people who are in the same boat then maybe we can start a multi-plaintiff lawsuit on this. ANYONE ELSE IN THIS PREDICAMENT PLEASE POST A COMMENT HERE OR EMAIL ME!

    • I assume your reference is to the anti technology movement of 200 years ago. Most of our group are working or have worked in high technology fields. We are hardly modern day Luddites. Our objections are not against technology, but against the misuse and abuse of technology when it is applied in ways that do not enrich or empower individuals.

    • Call it paranoia if you wish. I would think that any intelligent person without an agenda would at least be concerned about recent revelations of the amount of spying/recording NSA and govt are doing on all citizens. And there has been little actual reporting of the comment made by Gen Petraus last year when he was head of the CIA: From Wired-very reputable techie publication: “CIA Chief: We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher” Is this the REAL reason for these smart meters? Because we know they certainly dont protect ‘the grid’ and cost a ton of money via both ratepayers and taxpayers.

  11. People need to know where their neighbor’s meters are pointing! If it’s pointing at your head where you sleep, other then putting up microwave absorbing material, is there any legal action you can do to get theirs changed back?

    • Dave, You could of course start a lawsuit in the circuit court of your county against the utility and ask for a court order or injunction to compel the utility to remove their smart meter from your neighbor’s house. Such an approach will be very time consuming and expensive and you would have the burden of proof. The utility had no lawful basis for installing a cancer causing surveillance device on either your home or your neighbor’s home. It is NOT in their tariff. But proving this in court might well take a year or two. I assume you have removed the smart meter from your own home. Encourage your neighbor to do the same.

      • Is it possible to block the radiation from the neighbor’s meter, such as with a copper mesh screen within, say, 15 feet or so of their meter? I have a bit of property on my neighbor’s side of the driveway, and have wondered many times whether a screen like that would capture and ground, with a grounding wire, the signals from their meter.
        Have also wondered whether this would be possible to do to block some of the noise from a transformer — a copper screen on the corner of our house, grounded of course, facing the transformer (on the 1st story roof).

  12. The Muskegon meeting last night was so informative on the destructive/deteriorating health risks that these microwave radio frequency’s are causing. It was also a shocking display of how uneducated the energy company’s people are concerning this and also how hard headed they are. I left the meeting feeling very bad for these people. Keep up the AWESOME work! Perhaps you can make some flyers like and sell them on here to make money to further fight this and educate the public. I am willing to help with this if needed. Also, whatever else I can do please feel free to contact. I appreciate your bravery and altruism regarding this…the two of you that lectured last night.
    Thank you.

    • Jeremy, Thanks for the feedback! We are working on a brochure. We could use your help getting a group started in Muskegon area. I will pass your name on to the person who will be heading that up!

      • I am trying to get a group started in Indiana. Please pass on my website address. I am suffering from EHS as a result of the meters that are on my home. How many people have to become ill before we get noticed??
        I am looking for anyone in Indiana that wants to be a part of this grassroots movement. Thanks, Veronica

  13. Any replacement meter that DTE says is a [smartmeter turned off], must be visually different and not have microwave transmitters inside it, other wise it would be unacceptable, because they could be turned on remotely!

    • DTE have already installed their Smart Meters in my neighborhood in Dexter. I had signs and locks on my electric and gas meter, so their meters were not installed on my home. Now DTE is telling me that MPSC will be approving DTE’s request to charge $86.00 for not having a meter, and $15.00 additional charge on my monthly bill. I was also told that I will have to have a digital meters that will replace my analog meters. These meters are supposed to have on/off switches, and the switch will be set to “OFF”. I was told I will have NO CHOICE, that these new digital meters will be installed on my home. As far as I’m concerned if these meters can be turned off, they can also be turned on. I just hope DTE can be stopped from doing what they tell me their going to do.

      • Bob,

        We are doing all we can to stop this. In the recent hearings on this DTE proposal, many challenged the utility’s plan. Mr. Erickson, representing Attorney General Bill Schuette, established when questioning the DTE witness, that there was absolutely no purpose in replacing an analog meter with a non-transmitting (radio off) smart meter, and therefore no justification for that $87 up front fee – which was mostly to pay for that pointless replacement.

      • bob : perhaps after they change your meter (and it will probably be inevitable)wrap it with aluminum foil that is grounded to a ground stake . this should make a faraday cage around it and not let the rf out. . let trhem have their meter but -PROTECT- yourself in this manner. the only way to fight these folks is to make it unprofitable. if they still need a meter reader then it isnt saving them anything. besides they are at present reading the meters by sending a guy out-right?? why would they charge you $15 a month more— they should reduce the bill of everyone that has the meter seein as they dont need to send anyone out and their cost is reduced because of it. just a suggestion. i can appreciate your fight on this . i gave up years ago and have been off grid for 23 yrs now. mike

      • Having the transmitters turned off is only half the battle, your daily use of electricity will be recorded and they can retrieved, the info they can get,” when you get up, went you go to bed, how many times you get up during the night, when you do your laundry, how many people are living there”. A total invasion of privacy. DO NOT CONSENT TO ANYTHING OTHER THEN A ANALOG METER!
        It’s your home! 2nd Constitution right, plus right to privacy!

    • DTE installed a “smart meter/advanced current” device on my property in southeast Michigan a month after I told them I did not consent to having one. They came unannounced and left a flyer while I was a work stating they had installed one. They have refused to return calls or emails. Today I was able to speak to a customer service rep who told me the meter was here to stay and that I had no choice in the matter (turning it “off” wasn’t even an option)! I will continue to work on having the device REMOVED.

      • V Montgomery – Please do not “work on having the device removed”! That road leads nowhere. DTE has become a bully on this issue and they cannot be reasoned with in any manner whatsoever. What they have done to you and others is illegal. The tariff, which is the contract between you and them does not authorize them to install devices such as “smart meters”. What you need to do is remove the offending device yourself. There is no other solution. There are instructions on our website where you can purchase an analog meter and how to install it and how to protect yourself from legal liability.