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  1. Congratulations to all of you for winning the opt-out. I’m proud to be from Michigan . . . perhaps more today than ever. Best wishes to all of you! Susan Foster

  2. Today’s development:,4639,7-159-16400_17280-285917–,00.html
    September 11, 2012 – The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) today accepted the MPSC staff’s June 29 report on advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and directed all investor-owned utilities to make available an opt-out option, based on cost-of-service principles, for their customers, if or when the provider elects to implement AMI.

    Noting that issues concerning customer data collection, privacy and cyber security are complex, the Commission also said it will open a separate docket to deal with these issues. The MPSC will solicit company-specific information on cyber security planning, standards and policies for the utilities currently implementing AMI or planning to implement these systems. In the same docket, the MPSC will request utility input on customer data collection and privacy standards, required rulemaking or rule amendments and interim measures to be undertaken while the rulemaking process proceeds.

  3. I am looking for someone who has or can get RF measuring equipment, perhaps an RF engineer in order to help me assess potential houses for relative safety with regard to rf/emf. I am willing to pay for the time. The homes are in livingston county. I appreciate your help. Please let me know if there is a better place to post this message or if you know anyone. contact me at

    • Anonymous – whoever is going to do this for you should be using a “micro surge meter”. This is a handheld meter that is capable of measuring the PEAK INTENSITY of radio pulses that may only be a few milliseconds in duration. There are many handheld RF meters that cannot do this, and will only measure the AVERAGE rf energy, averaged over many seconds. The potential for biological damage is proportional to that peak intensity, not to the average energy level. The foregoing measurement is of RF energy traveling through the air. But a measurement should also be taken for high frequencies or very short duration pulses present on the home’s wiring. The latter is called “dirty electricity” and can often be much reduced by installation of Stetzer filters. Good luck! Hope one of our readers responds to you. You might also try advertising for such help on Craig’s list.

  4. i just looked you folks up as i saw the Herrick Library meeting on the news . i think this meter thing is worse health wise than most folks realize . i have lived off grid for 20+ years and as such am a little slow to the new things but as i was always interested in electronics and emf , i am skeptical of anything wireless . it has been scientifically proven that microwaved water kills plants even days later yet people heat their food everyday in them (my grand daughter used this as a science fair experiment in Bloomingdale MI) . the reason it is unhealthy is because of what electromagnetic fields do to the calcium ions in water and how this activated ion causes biological cells membranes to become permeable and leak .
    this has been proven to cause the very same effect even under weak electromagnetic fields much lower than even cell phones , wifi , and even cordless phones . the only difference is at a lower field strength it takes longer but is just as unhealthy . if you consider just one transmission – then yeah it may not be much and your body may well be capable of healing itself . however if you consider all of the cell towers , airport/weather radar , municipal microwave transmissions , wifi , cell phones , any number of other wireless devices — its all accumulative .
    i have a copy of a scientific research paper that was written by a Brit that gave a deposition in an Oregon court in support of removing wifi from the Portland Oregon public schools . this fellow studied electromagnetic water softeners and how some folks had good results and some folks don’t . come to find out it is all in how it is hooked in the water supply . some folks found that plants grew better on conditioned water while some didn’t . animals that drank conditioned water had mixed results . some cows were better in health and gave more milk while for others sheep that drank conditioned water were unhealthy and grew slowly .
    this was confusing until it was understood that the amount of conditioning was the answer . water conditioned for a short time caused cell permeability and –to an extent– allowed better uptake of nutrients . too long a conditioning time and cell membranes were permeable to the point that they could no longer function. all this with extremely weak electromagnetic fields .
    well , once you understand what almost non existent mag fields do and how minute the difference in conditioning time is between healthy and unhealthy it is easier to see how something small even if it produces no heating effect in tissue can be a bad thing .
    the British researcher i spoke of earlier started to think -if such a small mag field could do so much what about the water in a persons body and the conditioning effects when a person sits in a emf field all day by a Computer or cell phone . the aforementioned research paper deals with this topic . i have permission from this fellow (Andrew Goldsworthy) to share this document . anyone that wishes a copy can email me and ask for it . ask for —–
    biological effects of weak electromagnetic fields –it is in pdf
    thanks mike

  5. When Detroit Edison told me they were going to install a smart meter at my house, there was never any mention of being able to opt out. Is there anything I can do to opt out after the fact? Thanks.

    • LB – There is quite a bit of information on this website on what you can do. See, example, the “WhatTo Do Checklist” page at this link: “”.

  6. I don’t hear anybody niakltg about what, to me, are the real motivations behind smart meters. We have a shortage of infrastructure in this country. We need more power plants to provide for the current needs and even more for future needs. Instead of working to provide more infrastructure, the current administration is pouring billions into forcing smart meters down our throats. The idea, I believe, is that once everyone is hooked up, they will start charging an arm and a leg for energy use during peak hours. That’s where smart meters come in. The only real reason to monitor individual usage by the hour or minute, is to regulate it by gouging for peak hours usage. This can’t be done without the smart meters. The power companies already know, by metering on their end, how much power is being used overall at different times, but they have no way to regulate individual usage without the smart meters. They will reduce energy use by making it too expensive to use energy during peak hours, when you need it the most. The smart meters are social engineering at its worst. It is big brother telling the American public when and how they can live their lives rather than doing their real job, which would be making sure that there is adequate energy for a growing country. Oh wait, my bad. We are in a shrinking economy and the government is making sure that it keeps shrinking by making sure that there will not be enough energy for growth. Brilliant! We really need leaders with this kind of foresight. Not!!! This administration is working very hard to take our freedom and self-determination away. Controlling the American public is the government’s motivation to put in these meters. That’s why people’s health concerns are irrelevant. The citizens will be controlled, at any cost.

      • How did we ever get to this? By not keeping ourselves informed about what is really going on in our lands. Politicians are run by corporations Freedom and Democracy is becoming more of a joke, if we allow it. Keep refusing these contraptions and they will have to give in. It is all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$..
        1.8 British Columbians , that is half of the province is against these meters.So what is really going on? World wide there are problems, and more meters are returned. So let’s keep up the fight, it is for all of us.

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