Frequently Asked Questions

(1)  What is a “smart” electric meter?   This is a digital surveillance device that plugs into your existing electric meter socket.  In the U.S. it most commonly uses a radio transmitter to send hourly, or more frequent information, to the utility, though it can communicate in other ways.  It also commonly includes a second radio transmitter to communicate with all the major appliances in a home or business.  It does measure your electric consumption for billing purposes, as meters have always done, but it does many other things, which are in no way needed for the utility to bill you for your electric use.  These other things include invading your privacy, putting you at risk for sudden and total loss of power and possibly causing some members of your household to become ill.  As such, it is way outside the definition of “meter” as that term has been defined through prior law and regulations.  It is not something your utility has an automatic right to impose on you under the guise that it is merely “upgrading your meter”.  Anyone who tells you the utility has some right to install this over your objections is not being honest with you.  For more information on what a smart meter is and does, click here.
What about ‘digital’ meters that don’t contain radio transmitters? Utilities, in responding to a medical complaint, sometimes offer to install a “non transmitting digital meter” such as the Centron meter by Itron.  Don’t be fooled.  There is a reason the utility is offering you this instead of the safe and time tested analog meter.  These digital meters are just another kind of ‘smart meter’.  They can make you sick too because of the ‘switched mode power supply’ they contain, and they also invade your privacy.  The only difference is your data may be downloaded monthly by a meter reader using the optical port on the face of the meter.

(2)  Are there other kinds of “smart” meters?   Yes.  Your gas company and your water utility may also be “upgrading your meter”.  Those would also be, in most cases, radio transmitting surveillance devices and you have a right to refuse those also since they perform functions not needed for billing purposes, invade your privacy for sure, and may also cause illness in your household.  (An exception would be a type of automatic meter reading system used by some municipalities, and perhaps in the future by some gas utilities, which only transmits a reading once per month and only in response to an interrogation signal from a utility vehicle passing down the street.)

(3)  Will a “smart meter” save me money?  No.  Not in itself.  In the first place the new meters are going to cost you money because they are expensive to manufacture and install and you will be paying all those costs, partly as a taxpayer and partly through your monthly electric bill. Any savings would depend on future “time of use rates” offered by your utility and on your willingness to radically change your own consumption habits to take advantage of such rates.

It was the judgment of the Attorney General of Connecticut that a pilot program there did not show cost savings sufficient to justify the costs of the program.  Click here for that report.  In our own state a pilot program involving Harsen’s Island and a downriver community was done but the MPSC made a decision to go forward with mass deployment without obtaining any cost results from the pilot program – and this over the objections of our then Attorney General Mike Cox.

In addition it has been the experience of many people who have the new meters that their bills have become dramatically higher immediately after installation of a “smart meter”.  It is not entirely clear why this should be – unless the new meters are being used to mask a back door rate increase.  For details on this see stories of people who have complained of the increased costs elsewhere on this site by clicking here.

It is worth noting that if the utility implements “time of use rates” you will have no way to complain that you were overcharged because you will not be able to read the detailed usage data from the meter yourself.  You will have to depend absolutely on the honesty of the utility.

(4)  Are “smart meters” good for the environment?  No.  In and of themselves they do not save any electricity, reduce our nation’s carbon emissions, or reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.  Any such alleged benefits can only come about if you are willing to reduce your overall use of electricity – which you could choose to do whether you have a smart meter or not.  What the new meters will do, in and of themselves, is add greatly to the “electromagnetic smog” which permeates our living and work spaces and is harmful to at least some of us.

(5)  How can a “smart meter” invade my privacy?  (a) These meters are designed to measure and store your electrical usage broken down into very small intervals, recording, in some cases, separately what you used each and every minute of the day.  That information is then transmitted to the utility by radio waves or other means, and reveals much more information about your activities than you might think.  The utility may then sell that information to marketing companies or others, or give it to government agencies and hackers may intercept that data.  For a detailed discussion of what is revealed by such data see the article elsewhere on this site by clicking here.

(b) But that is only the beginning of the privacy intrusion.  The utility is planning for you to buy a new generation of “smart appliances” which will contain radio transmitting chips and will be capable of two way communication with your new “smart meter”.  When this happens the utility will know precisely which appliances you are using at each and every moment of the day, and may also acquire the ability to turn some of your appliances off at certain times of the day.

(6)  How can a “smart meter” make me sick?  The type of radiation given off by these new meters is what is called “non-ionizing” radiation.  As such it was long thought to be less dangerous than the kind involved in x-rays, for example, which is called “ionizing radiation”.  Ionizing radiation can break DNA bonds and thereby cause genetic damage or cancer.

For a long time it was believed that non-ionizing radiation was only a danger if it was intense enough to cause heating of the skin.  The standard used by the FCC to this day is based on that obsolete theory and was developed to keep industrial workers safe from short term acute exposures.  That standard was never developed to establish what would be safe in a situation of 24/7/360 exposure of vulnerable people in a home situation.

Recent research indicates that non-ionizing radiation is indeed dangerous and at intensity levels far lower than what the FCC had thought acceptable.  Details on this research by credible scientists may be found elsewhere on this web site by clicking here.

The utilities hang their hat on the FCC standard alone, ignoring all other evidence.  What they are really saying is that their meters are “legal under FCC standards”, not that they even have a good faith belief that the meters are safe and will cause no harm.

(7)  What is it about a “smart meter” that can cause this damage?  The typical smart meter will contain 3 sources of electromagnetic radiation.  (a) First it has a transmitter/receiver operating at a frequency of 900 Mhz which is designed to transmit your private information to your neighbor’s meter, if it is a “mesh network”, and then to his neighbor’s meter and so on.  (b) Next it has a transmitter/receiver operating at a frequency of 2.4 Ghz which is designed for two way communication between your smart meter and your smart appliances. (c) Then it has something called a “switched mode power supply” which emits additional radio waves and puts “dirty electricity” on all the wiring inside your home. (d) Finally, if you are unfortunate enough to have what is called a “collector meter” (in a mesh network) there will be a third transmitter/receiver operating at cell phone frequency which is designed to transmit the private information of everyone in the neighborhood up to a cell phone type receiver mounted on a pole.

(8) What is a “mesh network”?  Utilities often daisy chain all the smart meters in a neighborhood.   There are exceptions to this.  We understand that Consumers Energy, on the west side of the state, does not plan to use this approach and we commend them for that decision.  However DTE is using the system.

In a “mesh network” the meter on each home transmits to the meter on the next home and so forth, until the information reaches a “collector meter” whose job it is to send that information up to a cell phone receiver on a pole.  The information is usually sent by way of very short high intensity pulses. Multiple paths through the neighborhood are possible so that if the meter on one house fails the information will automatically be re-routed via a different house.  Such networks are said to be “self healing” because of this redundancy.  The consequence of all this is that there may be hundreds of times more traffic flowing through your meter than just the data regarding your own usage.  This will mean that you are being exposed to hundreds of times as many of these high intensity pulses as would have been necessary to transmit just your own data.

It is worth noting that when a utility company says your meter is only transmitting 15 minutes a day, they are being less than forthcoming.  What they are not telling you is that the 15 minutes is arrived at by adding up thousands of those high intensity pulses which are happening 24/7.  There is never a time when you are not being subjected to them.  The other thing the utilities are not telling you is that they were only counting the pulses originating from your own meter, and NOT counting the much greater number of pulses your meter must relay for your neighbors in the network.

(9)  Is it true that a cell phone emits 100 times greater radiation than a “smart meter”?  NO.  This is extremely misleading.  First it ignores the fact that you are probably on your cell phone for no more than an hour a day.  Then it ignores the fact that the smart meter radiation consists of very high energy pulses only microseconds in duration – known by experts to be much more damaging to the human nervous system than the type of radiation emitted by cell phones or WiFi networks.  When they tell you the energy level from the meter is less than that of a cell phone, what they are really doing is not looking at the peak energy of each pulse but averaging the energy of pulses over an interval of several minutes.  Then they ignore the fact that people have a CHOICE about whether to use a cell phone (or how much), and whether or not to have a WiFi network in their home.  Electro-sensitive individuals tend to opt-out of both of these technologies and should have a right to opt out of any similar technology.  Further information on this issue of radiation strength may be found in the Hirsch report elsewhere on this site by clicking here.

(10)  Can a “smart meter” start a fire?  There is substantial evidence that it can, in some minority of cases.  The new meters are not approved by Underwriters Laboratories as is required by the National Electrical Code. There have been a number of such incidents in California where these devices have been in use for 3 years or more.  Some of the incidents may have been caused by the utilities rush to deploy and by improperly trained installers who didn’t get the new meter seated properly in the meter socket.  In other cases there was evidence that the new meter was not compatible with older house wiring.  In some cases a meter would catch on fire immediately after install.  The power company would then disconnect all power to the house and inform the homeowner to undertake expensive rewiring at his or her own expense before power would be turned back on.

(11)  Can a “smart meter” put me at risk of a sudden and total loss of power?  Yes.  This could come about as a result of hacker’s activities, or it could come about because the utility’s billing system made a mistake.  In the past if you were overdue on a bill you usually got reasonable notice of any proposed disconnect of your power.  You would have a chance to object if loss of power would endanger a vulnerable person attached to a medical device requiring electric power.   You would be given an opportunity to pay the overdue bill in time to avoid a disconnect.  We are starting to hear reports of people having their power turned off for no reason at all, and with no advanced notice.

(12)  Can “smart meters” put our entire nation at risk to a massive power outage?  YES. The way the smart grid is being implemented we will all be vulnerable to hackers or terrorists in ways we never were with our old “dumb” grid.

(13) Can a “smart meter” cause other problems?  Yes.  There is evidence that they may, in some cases, interfere with heart pacemakers or other sensitive medical devices.  This is because of the “dirty electricity” that is caused by the switched mode power supply in the new meter – which travels throughout the home’s wiring.

(14)  If my utility offers me one of the new style digital meters with the “radio transmitter turned off”, should I accept that?  We think not for three reasons.  (a) All such meters are remotely programmable and so the utility could remotely turn on the transmitter at any time without your knowledge.  (b) Such a meter still has a functioning switched mode power supply which can still cause illness and interfere with medical devices in the home, and (c) it is not clear that your privacy will be protected by such a device since it still stores your usage in small time intervals, and the utility may have or develop an alternate way to access that data.

We think you should insist on keeping your old analog meter if you still have it, or demand its return if you already have a “smart meter”.  If your utility will not re-install an analog meter we think you every right in the world to resort to self-help to safeguard your home, your privacy and the health of your family.  For more on what you can do to protect your family, click here.

(15)  Why are the utilities rushing to install?  First because they have been bribed by a 3.5 billion dollar “stimulus” grant to do this.  Second because state regulatory bodies have assured them in advance that any costs not covered by the federal grant they will be able to pass along to their customers.  The utilities also benefit by eliminating the jobs of meter readers and by ability to pinpoint outages more accurately.  In the not so distant future they expect to benefit by turning off people’s appliances rather than building new power plants to meet the peak demands.

(16)  Why is the United States government pushing this?  Officially because of a “green agenda” and a desire to promote this country’s independence from mid east oil, as set forth in the “Energy Independence Act of 2007”.  As we have shown, neither of these goals are well served by the “smart” meters.  We think the real reason our government is pushing the new meters is because of a desire to tighten monitoring and controls over the American people in furtherance of something called “Agenda 21”.

We see the same tightening of controls going on in all the industrialized countries.  Agenda 21 is an environmental agenda for the 21st century that puts preservation of the earth’s bio diversity way ahead of any respect for the rights of human beings.  And the drive to implement this agenda is relentless and it matters little, it seems, which party we vote for or whether we call ourselves “liberals” or “conservatives..”

28 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can they extort me into paying a one time$69.00 fee and then an extra 9.80 a month, just because i dont want this unhealthy thing? Is there any way to get those fees waived? Like if your low income, etc…

  2. Hello,
    2 months ago, they came to try and install a smart meter. We have a Tatar meter guard over it, which we do not believe they could have opened, but wording on our billing is confusing us. The day they attempted to install the SM, I saw a man walk by but didn’t realize he was coming to our house, thought he was just cutting through our property (we’re rural). About 15 minutes later, I saw him trudging through the snow back toward the road (he had on a bright orange vest & was carrying a case). I quick ran around trying to get into my boots & coat, but he was gone when I got out there. His foot prints went up to our meter and nowhere beyond that. He left a tag on our door saying our ‘smart meter’ had been installed. But it still appeared to be our analog meter. 2 days later consumers energy called & told my husband we’d have to pay an opt out fee of $69.79 & there would be apx a $10/mo chg for keeping our analog meter. The opt out fee on there says “Manual Meter Exchange Fee” $69.79. Our question is why are they calling it an ‘exchange fee’? And this months bill had no extra chg on it for the monthly fee for the meter reader, plus we haven’t caught site of anyone coming out to read it (we used to see them nearly every month). Is it possible that he was able to do something to our analog meter, like with that radio thing & us not know it? It simply doesn’t appear they did anything, but we’re confused by their choice of wording. Thank you! And thank you for this website!!

    • Lynn, There is such a thing as a “Trojan meter”. This is a meter that looks like an analog meter but has all the smart meter stuff inside it. There are a couple things you might look for: (1) an FCC License No sticker anywhere on meter, or (2) possible change in the serial number of the meter. Check one of your utility bills from a couple months back, note the serial number or meter number on the bill, then compare that to the serial number or meter number on your meter. They should be the same if he didn’t do anything. If you have two meters – one for the house and one for central air, for example, you will need to check the serial numbers on both meters for comparison to 2 different meter numbers showing on a previous bill.

      • Thank you. The serial #’s are the same, same acct. # and no sticker anywhere on the meter that we can find, and only one meter. Just confuses us as to why he was out there so long the day he came to replace the meter, and why they are not charging us the monthly fee. Not that we WANT to be charged, but it just made us suspicious plus the fact that they didn’t refer to the original charge for what it was – basically a penalty for refusing the smart meter – an opt out fee, not a ‘manual meter exchange fee’. That makes it sound like they removed the manual meter & replaced it or somehow altered it. Guess we’ll just try to stop worrying about it….

  3. Thank you. Yes, I spoke to DTE and they said that the signal would not be able to be read, therefor I could not use it. They did state that they are in the process of developing a shield and is being tested at this time. We will see what happens with that. While I have your attention I read where it is suggested to pay the opt out fee with a memo saying ” in dispute.” Do you agree that this is the way to handle this? And I am assuming I should pay it separately so there is not any confusion later.

    • Maryann, We have been recommending for a long time now that people pay the opt-out fees if they appear on their bill, but pay them under protest. We have suggested people write “opt-out fees paid under protest” on their bill stub and check memo line. In dispute would work too. Your idea of paying the opt-out fees separately seems like a very good idea.

    • MaryAnn, If you live in Michigan the real question would be “Is it legal for DTE or Consumers to put a smart meter on my home without my permission”? If you choose to allow this then the smart meter is there by your sufferance. As a practical matter you probably won’t have a problem with these companies as long as the shield allows enough of the signal to get through so they don’t have to manually read your meter. In that case they would probably start charging you opt-out fees. And if you are going to wind up paying opt-out fees you might as well have the “opt-out” meter and save the cost of the shield. Also keep in mind the shield only stops the radiation out the front of the meter.

  4. I also blame Obama. Call Obama and tell him to shove his green energy nonsense and put it where the sun never shines.

    • Matt, We are not partisan here. There is plenty of blame on both parties for bringing us to this point. It really began with the first President Bush who committed this nation to a course of action never approved by Congress at the time of the Rio environmental conference. This course was continued by Clinton and the second Bush and then massively funded by the current president. The likely end of all this will be sky high energy prices and rationing of energy use.

  5. Thank you very much for your very helpful site! Can you answer this question please…while it’s obvious that removing a smart meter or prevent it’s installation in the first place will protect your home from the 3 types of dangerous signals it’s emitting it still won’t protect your house from your neighbors smart meter and the neighborhoods mesh network. I certainly would still prefer not to have a smart meter but isn’t it true that having a neighborhood of smart meters still leaves one in harms way from the radiation coming from all these other houses near your own house.

    • Larry, You are entirely correct. Electromagnetic radiation falls off with the square of the distance however, so distance from your neighbors can be a big advantage. If you live where neighbors’ houses are close to yours the only recourse may be to install electromagnetic shielding. This could consist, for example, of covering some of your walls with aluminum window screen material which I am told is very effective in blocking electromagnetic waves. The screening material should be connected to earth ground. There may also be some metallic paints you could apply that would be at least partially effective in blocking. Whatever you do is going to be a cut and try process and you should buy or borrow an RF meter to test whether any shielding you put up is effective and to make sure it didn’t make the problem worse.

      • Thank you so much Dave! Thank you for replying so quickly…I appreciate what you are doing greatly! I do have some idea of the potential actions you mentioned. I have been trying to “get into” EMF awareness and protection for the past handful of years, but have focused on it more so in the past year. But that focus has resulted in minor actions, such as adding grounding pads in my computer room, one near my favorite couch in the family room, as well as where i usually sit when eating in my kitchen. I also have a grounding bed sheet as well as another pad in my bed. I have unplugged alarm clocks and lights close to my head and moved them further away to the other side of my bedroom (about 3-4 feet way from my feet.) I have slightly pulled my bed out, away from the wall…so my head is about a foot further away from the wall, which of course has the electrical wiring in it. But i have continued to put off my “battle” against my smart meter till “tomorrow.” Well your armamentarium of information and tools has given me the direction to take this all important step to handle this next challenge, the smart meter. I have wanted to look into better screening material just to protect me when I sleep at night from the wires that are in the walls and from the damn smart meter than is just outside my bedroom wall, i sleep with my head about 12 feet from the smart meter and my feet are probably about 6-7 feet from it. I live in a 1300 sq ft ranch, and believe me i have often thought of sleeping in one of my other 2 bedrooms (currently, the smallest bedroom is my computer room that is packed, the middle sized room is kind of a workout room/library, there really is no room at this point for a bed unless i did some moving of stuff, that middle room has the water meter right outside of it, at this point it is still an analog meter, i assume.) I certainly need to and want to put screening material on my bedroom wall (at the wire height near my head and also on the bedroom wall approximating where the smart meter is outside) but i have not done that yet. All i have done is put about 4 or 5 layers of aluminum foil, about 20 inches by 12….just taped to the wall, that is near my head where i sleep and placed some more foil on the other side of the room on the wall where the smart meter is on the…as far as you know does that do anything to protect??? even slight protection at all??? I just did that till i figured out some better protection in the future. Well the time to protect and take action by changing out the smart meter back to the analog and get better protection in my room is here..I clicked on the link you have above to get a kit to change it back, I need to get this done soon, thank you very much.
        Thank you again very much Dave! Keep up the great work!

      • Larry, The problem with a small area of aluminum foil is that you could be creating a secondary source of emf radiation. What can sometimes happen is that the original source of radiation induces currents in the foil that in turn radiate emf. This is why it is so important to check your work with an RF meter to make sure your solution not only blocks the original emf but also that you have not made things worse by creating a secondary source. Cornet makes a handheld RF meter that sells for about $135. Be sure to buy the one that has the ‘capture and hold’ feature if you want to measure smart meter radiation. This is because of the pulsed nature of this emf. You need a meter that will measure the peak energy level and hold that reading on the screen long enough for you to read it.

      • Wow…great info Dave….thank you very much….i will take that foil down…get the Cornet RF handheld RF meter and check it out. And continue to make changes that will be better for my health….thank you!!

  6. This site comes off like it is full of mountain men wearing tin foil hats, but it does raise a couple of questions in my mind. And at the risk of sounding like I’m paranoid too, I’m betting this program has more to do with the NSA monitoring scandal than it does Agenda 21.

    • Kristy, If you think about it Agenda 21 and NSA are just two different pretexts for the same underlying policy – to monitor and control how people live. The real reason for such a policy is to ensure that people will be helpless to resist policies of the government that may become tyrannical in the not so distant future. What difference does it make if this is done supposedly to protect the environment, or if it is done in the name of “national security”?

  7. Just received a communication from my “public service company” in Northwest Indiana that they aren’t replacing my old meter with a smart meter but an AMR (automated meter reading) meter. They say that “AMR technology differs from ‘smart meters’, which transmit information through a wireless communication network”. They will “gather normal monthly reading, through a receiver mounted on one of their trucks. Any information from this site is appreciated. Your site has been bookmarked and I will be checking in periodically.

    • Daniel, Your utility is automating their meter reading in the right way with AMR. This technology we find in no way objectionable. The way it works is a utility truck or car drives down your street once/month. It send out an “interrogation signal”. All the meters on that street then respond to that signal by transmitting their readings. There is no privacy intrusion. All the utility gets is the total monthly usage. And exposure to electromagnetic radiation is very minimal since the transmission is only for less than one second and only once/month. The only other issue would be with the “dirty electricity” electronic meters sometimes put on home wiring. But in the AMR system electrical power requirements are so slight that these units could be battery powered, so as not to generate dirty electricy. We think all the utilities should be doing it this way.

      • Thanks Vigilant Dave. Can’t tell how much I appreciate you getting back to me and this site for being on the web. Again Thanks.

    • Don’t be fooled. Those AMR meters may only get read 1 time per month, but they emit strong Rf impulses EVERY 28 seconds 24/7. So instead of being exposed one thime per month to this radiation producing impuse–you are exposed to 2880 radiatiion producing impulses PER DAY!!! They are just a different kind of “smart meter”. They operate in the same spectrum as a cell phone–in the microwave spectrum. They can’t be turned off–ever and they expose your entire body to the radiation 24/7. Look into it–a Radiation Policy expert indicates that it is between 50-160 times more exposure than a cell phone when corrected for the whole body exposure AND the duty cycle. Plus, due to the switch mode power supply (SMPS), it puts high frequency transients on you power line essentially broadcasting microwaves throughout your entire home. Plus, it is dangerous to go near the source outside so that part of your yard becomes unusable. I have developed electromagnetic hypersensitivity since being exposed to the ones forced onto my home. And no, I am not imagining the symptoms. Prior to my exposure, my health was fine and I had no problems. Now I am suffering with this daily and getting NO HELP from the utility or the government agencies that are suppose to be protecting us. Look on line–this is happening all over the world. A certain portion of the population will get sick from this radiation producing device right away, while others will get sick over time. Many people are suffering from the effects, but may not know the source of thier medical and physical symptoms. Look it up for yourself. I can speak from experience. While people can read the stories of the others suffering and think–that can’t be true–i know that it is true because I am now suffering in much the smae way. DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND PROTECT YOUR FAMILIES. You are the only one who can as the utilities, big industry and government don’t have the moral integritiy to do it. They can only see dollar signs in their eyes. These big donation dollars are blocking thier view of what is really happening to people. I hope that others wake up and join to stop this. Go to for more information.

      • Veronica,

        I think there is more than one kind of AMR system. The kind I am familiar with only transmits in response to an interrogation signal broadcast by a drive by vehicle. There is absolutely no reason for it to be transmitting all the time. There may be another kind of AMR system that transmits far more frequently to nearby fixed receivers. Perhaps that is what you have been exposed to. In any case you are right about the switched mode power supplies normally used with electronic meters. They generate “dirty electricity” that travels through a home’s wiring and causes electromagnetic radiation from that wiring into the home. This would not be radio frequency, it would be far lower frequencies, mostly multiples of the 60 cycle power frequency. But these frequencies, at close range, can also play havoc with the human body. The only AMR systems that are completely safe are the ones that are battery powered and only transmit when prompted by a drive by vehicle. These have been used frequently in automatic water meter reading systems.

      • Jim,
        My meter is from NIPSCO and they have claimed it is not a smart meter. They do call it an AMR. This meter emits a signal every 30 seconds as measured by a Radiofrequency radiation measuring device. It transmits over and over and over again exposing everyone in my home to Rf radiation over, and over, and over. They do inf act only collect the aggragate information once per month, but the signal is sent every 30 seconds making the transmisson rate over 86,000 times per month. It sends over 1,000,000 signals per year. That is only just the one meter. How many signals are you exposed to then from all the neighboring meters???? The AMR is not a benign device and telling people that it is isn’t good advice. These are just a different type of smart meter. Thanks, Veronica

  8. I understand that sometime around 2015, a home owner will not be able to sell their home until they have installed major ‘Smart Chip’ appliances, like the stove, fridge, hot water heater, heat pumps, air conditioners and furnaces in their homes. And that this maybe part of ObamaCare. Is this true?

    • Jim,

      I have not heard anything to that effect yet, but it certainly sounds like something the planners might try to do eventually – but probably not as soon as 2015. If you have any source for that information please let us know and we will put it up on the website.

  9. An issue not discussed is the lack of readability of the digital display on new smart meters. Actually three issues: (1) the display is NOT readable at all in sunlight, (2) the display cycles rapidly through different sets of numbers and (3) DTE has not provided customers with instruction on reading the display. The old multi-dial display was readable in sunlight and could be interpreted to check against the monthly bill. This is no longer possible. It appears that the persons in charge of field testing and installation failed to do a complete job. The chance of meter readers making an error in reading the new display I believe is high if they are to do so with the same speed they read the old multi-dial display. Also, where is the certification of accuracy and reliability of the new meters over long periods of time and range of temperatures?

    • Gil – Thank you for bringing this up. We need to do more to cover this. Do you have any information you could send me that explains what the 3 numbers are and which is the one that reflects kilowatt hour usage?

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