Exchange of Comments on InPower Website

The following comments and responses were posted on the website: and are instructive as to what this movement is all about.

Comment from Finlay MacPherson: Hi Josh, Cal and the rest of your team,I asked a lawyer about the legal validity of the NOL and was advised it is a “load of rubbish that would be dismissed by any court in Canada”. What is the point of offering such false hope to the many fighting against the smart meter programs?

With regard to the InPower video Episode #1, the same lawyer commented “The video, as it relates to law, is more of the same rubbish. The featured speaker is very ignorant about the law, and makes many false claims. What he articulates is laughable. His presentation mirrors the very strange notice of liability document referenced. Totally bizarre, all of it.”

It is rather upsetting to receive such legal advice, but that is the reality of your “lawful process”. I wholeheartedly supported the TBYP documentary, but am disappointed that none of you seem to have even bothered seeking legal advice as to the validity of what you are now promoting.

Responsive comment from Cal Washington for InPower: Hi Finlay, Thank you for your comment. This synopsis is very oversimplified, but I hope you can get the point. No malice is intended. A lawyer is someone who was smart enough to be accepted into ‘law school’

At ‘law school’, a lawyer given information that is then regurgitated on tests and exams, in order to pass ‘law school’ The information spoon fed at ‘law school’ is CONTROLLED by others….

IF there was any other information pertaining to law that the CONTROLLER(s) did not provide at the ‘law school’, then the law student would not be privy to that knowledge, and then would subsequently become a ‘lawyer’ without that knowledge. I say this with all due respect.

During my years of experience in court cases and the lawyers involved, I went from a ‘deer in the headlights’, to having lawyers say in open court “I don’t understand what he’s talking about” or about a document that I would submit, “we don’t know what this is”, BUT THE JUDGE KNEW.

Near the end of my learning journey, most of my dealings in court were just the judge and I talking, and the ‘lawyer’ would stand there dumbfounded….This wasn’t because they weren’t smart, or a skilled lawyer, because in most cases they were. This was due to ignorance or lack of knowledge, because the information that I was talking about WAS NOT GIVEN AT LAW SCHOOL.

I have received many many letters from ‘lawyers’ including the ‘Attorney General’s’ office making statements like your lawyer friend. But what I found is that even though the rhetoric was “this is bunk”, people were leaving office, a judge literally ran out of the courtroom, numerous judges refused to enter the courtroom, a judge shut down his courtroom so that I could talk privately with an incarcerated defendant, judges recusing themselves (after hearing testimony), the court would not call a case unless I was there as a spectator (they told me so), and on and on and on….

There was also a private case that I was only slightly involved with, dealing with a well known movie producer and a well established Hollywood studio (one of the old ones).

A script of a well known movie had basically been stolen from someone who had submitted it to this producer. The ‘system’ of law that I am describing in the documents and video was used to get remedy from the theft. The team of ‘lawyers’ from both the producer himself and the huge studio, said the same thing as your friend. “what court is this in?” “this is rubbish” “We are going to have you charged with harassment” etc, etc, etc.

When they went into default, and were shown ‘how it worked’, this TEAM of LAWYERS (expensive ones), talked to a law firm in Texas, and those LAWYERS, advised that the other TEAM OF LAWYERS should bring in two LAWYERS from England to look at the process, The two lawyers form England said “:start making offers. You are in complete default”

I’m not certain if your lawyer fiend is of the caliber to work for a famous movie producer, or one of the ‘old’ studios, or knows more than any of the judges, Ministers of Finance, Clerk of the Privy council, Lieutenant governor, etc. that I personally have dealt with, but some of these other people have a totally different view of what I am presenting.

You must understand, I did NOT create this system, I just found it, because doing things in court the ‘normal way’ was NOT working for me, even though I had studied the statutes and had the better argument. I just didn’t give up and searched for the reason WHY I kept losing in court. I found it.

Then my experience in court completely changed, AND all the while, I got rhetoric not unlike your learned friend, but the results were what I was looking for, and speak for themselves…

Comment posted by Cindy: Hello and thank you for all you’re doing. You’re making a big difference! I want to bring up an issue that I just became aware of today. I posted your first video on Activist Post today and received a concerning comment from one of their writers, Catherine Frompovich. Catherine often writes about the dangers of smart meters.

I told her I would pass on her comment about this concern so this could be addressed by yourselves to allay any concerns by others.

Frompovich : “….you had better check out carefully what’s really happened to some people who filed such NOLs. Several have had the legal tables turned on them and now are sitting in prison! That was confirmed to me by a Washington State NOL proponent when I cautioned about the problems with it… I have the names of those NOL filers who are not happy campers for filing those papers.”

Responsive comment by Josh del Sol: Hi Cindy, thanks for this. We’re honestly not sure what’s happened to Ms. Frompovich, who is one of a handful who are actively spreading disinformation about the liability action. I was previously in touch with her on several occasions, as she was adamantly trying to win her case in a PA court.

None of the participants in any of the InPower seed groups have experienced any such repercussions. This is a lawful process in commerce, comprised of using the ‘corporate’ system of commerce to balance the scales where harm is being done. While most have protected their analog meter, in a minority of cases the utility has attempted to ignore their documents, and or include them amongst other hold-outs who are receiving shut-off threats. We invite everyone to do your own homework and draw your own conclusions. (Though, it is admittedly harder to do so when there are disinformation campaigns running…)

In short, here’s our philosophy: we are doing our best to walk the path we feel is most likely to actually deliver a solution. We’re not saying that everyone needs to follow us. Our offering is intended to empower those who are resonant with it… and we feel strongly that other advocacy, activism and accountability efforts should continue, in parallel.