DTE Installer Tactics

February 14th, 2014 – We are getting reports of new efforts by DTE employees (not contractors) to install smart meters on holdout homes in areas of Macomb County that were mass installed months ago. They will generally back off where the homeowner is there to confront them. But saying “NO” once is seldom enough. They will come back when you are not home.

ADVICE: Be sure you have an effective guard, such as the ‘Tatar guard’ installed to protect your existing analog meter and a sign next to the meter denying your consent for the installation of a smart meter. Also send a certified letter, with return receipt, to DTE expressing your non consent.

We have had a few reports of guards being pried off, but very few in proportion to the total number of people who have installed guards. No guard or lock is perfect. The purpose for installing one is to make it not worth the time and trouble for someone to defeat it!

REMEMBER: It is ALWAYS better to defend the original analog meter the utility installed, than it is to have to remove a smart meter and install your own analog meter. DTE cannot claim that you engaged in “unauthorized use” of their service if the electricity is being measured by their meter!

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