10/04/18 – Video of Michigan House Energy Committee – On this day the House committee heard testimony from both sides on the 5th generation telecom bills, SB 637 and SB 894. These industry sponsored bills are designed to streamline the widespread deployment of the new technology by stripping city and county governments of their traditional role in approving locations for new cell towers. Following this a vote was taken, the committee voting 15 to 4 to pass these bills on to the full House with a positive recommendation. Pictured above is Dr. Sharon Goldberg who testified on the health dangers of this new technology.  Pictured below is Vice Chairman Lasinski questioning one of the speakers.

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Editor’s Note: Dafna Tachover is an attorney in both New York and Israel with an MBA and founder and Managing Director of We Are The Evidence,” an advocacy organization for protecting the rights of people who have been injured by wireless technology radiation. She has a technical background in wireless computer networks and infrastructures from her service in the Israeli Defense Forces as a Telecommunication Officer and commander of the Israeli Defense Force’s Operations Center and Headquarters.

Michigan Stop Smart Meters has never before endorsed a candidate for public office nor advocated in these pages for issues outside of meter choice and related issues of electromagnetic radiation. We are making an exception now because Senator Colbeck is the only politician in Lansing who is currently championing the issue of health effects caused by emfs. He made speeches in the Senate on behalf of this issue and the privacy issue with smart meters as well as the 5G issue and made our issues one one of the central planks of his race for Governor.

Why We Should Support Colbeck for Governor
Whether We Are Democrats or Republicans!

by Dafna Tachover

Michigan State Senator, Patrick Colbeck, is running to be the Governor of MI and an important part of his agenda is the wireless issue. On August 7, 2018 the Primaries will take place and in order to move forward, he needs to win. He does have a chance.  For this, we hope for your help. From my extensive experience working on this issue – getting Colbeck elected to be a Governor is the biggest chance we have for change and there is no close second.  

Senator Colbeck’s Speech About Wireless Harms & Against 5G
In March 2018, MI State Senator – Senator Patrick Colbeck gave a passionate speech objecting the 5G legislation and speaking loud and clear about wireless harms and about Microwave Sickness/ES (the email I sent in March about his speech is following). He actually spoke louder on both than many leading activists….

I learned that the reason Senator’s Colbeck’s has become aware of the wireless issue is his wife, Dr. Angie Colbeck. Angie Colbeck is a pediatric doctor and she developed Microwave Sickness.

My Trip to MI to Help Colbeck’s Efforts
When I watched his speech I was in tears. I felt compelled to go to MI and thank him in person for being the first politician to stand up for the truth. I was even more excited when I learned that he decided to run for Governor and wanted to do what I can to help. So I went to MI.

This is why I went to MI and spent a lot of time there. I wanted to support Senator’s Colbeck and Angie’s efforts. Over a period of a month I gave over 20 lectures hoping to awaken communities, make them understand the importance of the wireless issue and by that encouraging them to vote for Senator Colbeck.

Colbeck is Our Best (and only real)  Opportunity for Change
After working on the wireless issue in the US on many levels of the government and understanding that the courts are not a viable option for a timely change, I believe that getting Colbeck elected is probably the biggest chance we have for change. We need change desperately.

We Should Support Him Whether We Are Republicans /Democrats
To me, there is no issue more important than the wireless issue. I do not tell people what my political opinions are or what my opinion on any other issue (and it is not because of lack of opinions :-)). I made this decision because I didn’t want people to try and dismiss what I say about wireless because of my opinions on other issues.

Nevertheless, I decided to support Colbeck. I support him because of the wireless issue and I do NOT state my opinion on any other issue on his agenda. I explain that my support for him is based only on his commitment to the wireless issue.

Of course if I thought he is an unworthy person – I would not have supported him. However, I met him and his wonderful wife Angie and spoke to them extensively and I’m sincerely impressed with them on the human level. 

I acknowledge that the other issues that separate Republicans & Democrats may be important. I do not underestimate the importance of other issues. But, I strongly believe that the wireless issue is a crisis far and beyond any other issue. We have an epidemic of sickness and we cannot continue on this insane path of uncontrolled wireless expansion while the sickness, the sick and our voice is being ignored and kept out of the discussion.

For example – health insurance is a very important issue, but even if there will be a nationalized health care system – when you are ES you cannot take advantage of it – you cannot go to a hospital with such high levels of radiation. When I got sick I had the best insurance possible but I couldn’t use it so it didn’t matter whether or not I have insurance. 

I wish the other candidates would have endorsed this issue. But none of them made any statement about it. At the moment, as far as I know, Senator Colbeck is the only candidate who is committed to this issue and so he has my support. I hope our community will support him.

Senator Collbeck is committed to this issue
We all know that usually politicians do not keep their promises. Senator Colbeck is not going to change his position as his wife Angie, who is a pediatric doctor is suffering from Microwave Sickness herself and committed to this issue.

Further, whether or not you support his position on other issues, I think it cannot be denied that he is that rare type of politician – one who actually stand up for what he believes even when his position is unpopular as he has proven with the wireless issue and many other issues.

Colbeck Speech from May 2018 – Senator Calbeck made other important speeches on this issue. On May 29th, he joined our efforts to stop the 5G Bill in the House Energy Committee and spoke to the committee again (his speech starts at around 1:03:40). His speech followed by my presentation together with Prof. Paul Heroux and Dr. James Ziobran.

Colbeck Speech in support of Analog Choice – Before that he made a speech to the House Energy Committee in support of Analog Choice Bill and about the dangers of the “Smart” Grid.

Senattor Colbeck Does NOT Take Money From Industry
Senator Colbeck is not taking money from industry. As a state Senator he is unpopular in Senate because he is constantly fighting against the “business as usual” politics.

Senator Colbeck’s Book About Fighting the System
In July Senator Colbeck published a book about his experience as a politician: Wrestling Gators: An Outsider’s Guide to Draining the Swamp : “Find out what happens when fed-up citizens turn an engineer loose on the political swamp.”  

How to Help Get Colbeck Elected
We hope you will help the effort to get Colbeck elected. Here is how you can help:

  1. Please PLEASE Please Make a DONATION– Since Senator Colbeck does not take donations fromcorporations, clearly he needs help with funds. Since his opponents do take money from corporations, he is at a disadvantage. He prepared media ads but need funds to be able to broadcast them. This is the most urgent help. PRESS HERE TO MAKE A DONATION.
  2. Volunteer – If you are in Michigan and interested to volunteer to help his campaign, please contact Lemon James at
  3. Organize a Lecture on Wireless Harms in Your Community in MI– If you are in MI or have friends and family in MI – please consider organizing a lecture on wireless harms –  it will help us spread the word about the importance of the wireless issue and indirectly help support Senator Colbeck. I am going to be in MI until July 31 for that purpose. In addition, Michigan for Safe Technology has other local people who are able and willing to give lecture in this time period and after. To organize a lecture, please contact Jeanine Deal at
  4. Organize a Screening of Generation Zapped – if you think your community will be more interested in a movie and / or you already organized a lecture – you can organize a screening of Generation Zapped. To organize a screening, please contact  Jeanine Deal at

This is really our best chance at creating change on the wireless issue – and there is not a close second. Let’s do our best to get Colbeck elected. First we need to get him to win the primaries on August 7th. Let’s do our best to help. He earned it.   

Thank you.





by David Sheldon

March 23rd, 2018 – Setback for Tom Mitchell’s Case. Tom had submitted a formal appeal concerning DTE Electric’s threat to terminate his electric service over his smart meter refusal. His refusal was based on medical evidence that, because of a pre-existing heart condition, the installation of a smart meter could trigger a heart attack. In support of his claim Tom had submitted an affidavit from his personal physician and an affidavit from electrical engineer Bill Bathgate.

Many of you attended the motion hearing on February 1st at the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC), where Administrative Judge Lauren Van Steel heard legal arguments as to whether Tom’s case should be heard at all. The attorney for DTE Electric and the attorney for MPSC staff both argued for summary dismissal of Tom’s case putting forth mostly very specious arguments which the judge found not persuasive. Tom held his own very well at that hearing against preposterous arguments from the other parties. Administrative judge Lauren VanSteel was very fair in the way she conducted that hearing and fired hardball questions at the attorneys for DTE and staff, and gave Tom ample opportunity to make his points.

We have waited six weeks for a decision from the judge. The judge has just issued her “Proposal for Decision” (PFD).  In this 27 page document she addresses all the arguments very carefully, but ultimately concludes that a ruling of the Michigan Court of Appeals must control this case. That ruling, on DTE’s opt-out plan in 2013, stated that the type of metering equipment used by a utility is a “management prerogative”, and that the MPSC has no jurisdiction to rule on what meters they can use. That court further concluded, therefore, that MPSC had no obligation to investigate any complaints about the meter, whether based on health claims, privacy or anything else. Judge Van Steel concludes her PFD by asserting that prior ruling of the Court of Appeals makes it necessary for her to recommend the summary dismissal of Tom’s case.

This then goes to the three member Commission appointed by the Governor for final decision. It is likely they will adopt the judge’s PFD as their final decision. It is hard to see how they could do otherwise, given that prior ruling by the appeals court.

This, then, is decision time for Tom’s case. What we need to do is get Tom’s case in front of that appeals court. We would be asking them to reverse the earlier ruling where, we believe, they incorrectly concluded that meter choice was purely a management decision. That ruling cannot be allowed to stand. It cannot be purely a management decision when the meter is located on a customer’s property, not the utility’s property, and where there are far reaching impacts on the customer’s health, privacy and safety from whatever meter choice a utility makes. The MPSC is charged by law with the responsibility to assure delivery of safe electric service. They cannot perform that function where a high court tells them they have no jurisdiction. The prior decision of the Court of Appeals virtually guarantees to a utility the right to deliver unsafe service!

The question now is the best route to follow to get Tom’s case before the Court of Appeals. One way is by direct appeal of the decision the Commission will make on this case. The other way is to start a suit in Macomb Circuit Court seeking a court order to block the installation of a smart meter on grounds that would amount to a deliberate infliction of a harm on a utility customer. And on the grounds the MPSC had already waived its jurisdiction by refusing to hear the case. A circuit judge might well summarily dismiss for the same reason the administrative judge recommended dismissal. But then that ruling could be appealed to the Court of Appeals. There would be advantages in reaching the COA by this route, since that court would have much broader discretion this way then they would on an appeal from an MPSC decision. But this way also would involve higher legal expenses.

Many of you have given generously to help Tom fund his case. Somewhat over $2,000 has been raised so far. But we need to ask all of you who care about the future of smart meter law in Michigan to dig even deeper to provide Tom with more financial support.

We ask that all checks be made out to Tom Mitchell and mailed to Jeanine Deal who will be maintaining records of all contributions.

Those who would like to read the judge’s entire 27 page decision will find it here:






by David Sheldon

February 1st, 2018 –t DTE customer Tom Mitchell had a motion hearing before an administrative judge at the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC). The hearing room was filled to capacity. Purpose of the hearing was not to hear evidence on the merits of Tom’s formal complaint against electric utility DTE, but to rule on whether Tom’s case could go forward, or be dismissed as both DTE and MPSC staff were requesting. Purpose was also to rule on two motions Tom had submitted, one to set the scope of the case and one to allow out-of-state witnesses to testify via Skype.

Tom had requested a formal hearing on his complaint that DTE had threatened him with shutoff for not agreeing to accept either the standard smart meter or the smart meter with radio turned off. Tom has a heart condition known as atrial fibrillation and has an affidavit from his personal physician that having an electronic meter on his home could harm his health and even possibly cause his death. Tom believes that, under this circumstance, DTE must provide accommodation by allowing him and all others with a similar documented health condition to keep the traditional analog meter.

Administrative judge Lauren Van Steel conducted the hearing, appeared to be a good listener and also asked some hardball questions of both the DTE attorney and the attorney representing MPSC staff. At the conclusion she took all three motions under advisement. She is expected to issue her decision sometime within the next week or two.

Tom had planned to have this writer assist in the presentation, but the judge insisted that since Tom was appearing without an attorney, that he must present his case without assistance. Tom did a fantastic job!

Incredibly, the attorney for MPSC staff argued that all possible health issues had already been addressed in the 2012 report by staff and that there could never be a legitimate reason to take another look at the opt-out policy from a health standpoint, despite there never having been an evidentiary hearing on the health issues. The judge did NOT appear to be buying this line.

If she decides to let Tom’s case proceed, a new date will be set for the evidentiary hearing. This would be the one where testimony would be taken from Tom’s personal physician, experts on the dirty electricity issue and from DTE’s witnesses.


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