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scales of justiceLois Dennison, a local smart meter protester known to many of us, has suffered greatly because of a ‘smart’ electric meter on her home. She has filed a complaint with the Michigan Civil Rights Department. This claim will be evaluated pursuant to state and federal civil rights law, including the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The agent for Michigan on this has requested that Lois gather a list of other folks who have also experienced health issues or activity limiting issues because of a smart meter, along with phone numbers. If you are a parent with a child having such issues you should also put your name and contact information on this list. If you provide contact information to Lois, it is expected that investigators for the Michigan Civil Rights Department will be contacting you by phone to gather the particulars of your complaint or your child’s complaint. Following such a phone interview you will be sent a complaint form to fill out and have notarized. All this will start your own complaint in the system as well as helping Lois. Having a whole list of complainants in front of a single state agent may help us to get the momentum we need around this issue!

If you live in Michigan, please email Lois your name and phone number and state if you are having health issues because of a smart meter or you have had to limit your activities because of a smart meter. You may also submit your name and contact information if you live in Michigan and have had your power turned off or threatened a shutoff over a smart meter dispute. Email: Or phone Lois at (734) 799-6040. If you live in another state you should contact the civil rights department in that state.
Enforcement Process: Michigan Dept of Civil Rights (MDCR) is an administrative agency with investigative and enforcement authority. The Enforcement Process is defined as all of the tasks performed when a customer interacts with MDCR about a civil rights-related need or concern, including investigation and resolution of complaints of discrimination, outreach and education programs, community relations, and contract compliance.


By Dominic and Lillian Cusumano


We are continuing to show our Legislators that the medical conditions are still continuing to grow since they last heard from us at the MPSC House Oversight Committee Hearing on December 2, 2014.
For those that participated, thank you for being pro-active and getting your voices heard on the record, and for the documented health affects and public outcry related to safety caused by smart meters on the record.

The bottom line is we are working to help people recognize and verify that the illnesses that they are experiencing can be directly attributed to smart meters

We are in need of additional medical letters from those individuals who have been adversely affected by the installation of the smart meter.  (Please send your letter(s) to the address shown below)

Many individuals have contacted lawmakers and others, stating they have experienced new “conditions”/illnesses or the exasperation of existing medical problems when exposed to smart meters.  As important as it is for people to contact their officials, it is equally important that those same people provide the evidence or documentation to support their assertions.

We are receiving a lot of calls and email from individuals who are feeling sick, and it is important to know that lawmakers will not take your concerns to heart if you self-diagnose.

Please see your doctor who can and will write a letter for you supporting your condition.  See list below of doctors who are diagnosing smart meter caused illnesses.

We are not asking for the medical records of the people but we do need a letter from their doctors stating in the doctor’s professional opinion, their patient is experiencing a medical condition or the exasperation of an existing medical issue/illness that the doctor directly attributes to smart meters.  It is equally important to have your own personal letter written, addressed to “Dear Legislator” (or Legislator in your district) … and explain what symptoms you are having due to the installation of the smart meters, in your own words.  Send us your letter along with your “doctor’s letter”.

It is important to note that public utilities spend millions of our dollars advertising ” Know Your Own Power” and portray themselves as trying to help you any way they can, but don’t spend one dime on educating the public about the health concerns surrounding smart meters.  Ask yourself why!  It’s time for all of us to really “KNOW OUR OWN POWER… PUT THE POWER IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE and “the people” show the power in Lansing!

Please have your letters sent to:

Dominic & Lillian Cusumano
25801 Harper #4
St. Clair Shores, MI  48081

The letters collected remain private and are presented to lawmakers.  We will be presenting all the medical letters to our Legislators who have recently been appointed to their Committees and to ensure the passage of a new House Bill and Senate Bill.

Again, see your own doctor or one of the doctors below to obtain a letter, if appropriate, relating your illness or symptoms to the presence of a smart meter on your home.

Thank you for your support!


Dominic & Lillian Cusumano
Michigan Team
(586) 738-5271


Medical Doctors – Smart Meter Diagnosis           



Integrative Medicine Institute
18714 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI  48203
(between Golden Gate W and Robinwood St W)

Senior Clinician, CEO
The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor

Here are some doctors who have been treating patients, for your convenience

Listed by city, sorted alphabetically.

Davey, Paula G., M.D. (Ann Arbor)

Dean, Amy L., D.O. (Ann Arbor)

Dhillon, Gursharanjitn, M.D. (Rochester)

Kovalcik, Laura , D.O. (Clarkston)

Page-Echols, D.O. (East Lansing)

Wycoff, John O., D.O. (East Lansing)

Natzke, Gerald D., D.O. (Flint)

Oliver, Sharon, Neurology (Detroit)

Osterhout, Steven T., D.C. (Portage)

Rogers, Joseph T., D.O. (Trenton)

Schmidt, Darren, D.C. (Ann Arbor)

Ziobron, James., D.O. (Bruce Township)









In our September 29th post titled “How To Be Heard On Our Health Complaints” we announced a national campaign in coordination with the California based national website  In addition to that group we wish also to thank smart meter groups in Indiana, Wisconsin and Florida (and perhaps others) for featuring this campaign on their sites.  In our earlier post we urged all of you who are experiencing smart meter related health symptoms to get diagnosed by your doctor and ask him or her to write you a letter expressing professional judgment that a smart meter is causing your symptoms or is aggravating a pre-existing health condition.

If you were successful in getting diagnosed and have obtained such a letter we are asking that you write your own letter to your representative in the Michigan State Legislature and attach a copy of your doctor’s letter and MAIL THESE ON OCTOBER 25th FOR GREATEST IMPACT!  When you do so please send us a copy to one of the addresses below so we can keep track of the growing body of evidence that may be needed for our further efforts going forward.


Most doctors will require you to sign a HIPAA authorization before they will provide such a letter.  The authorization can be limited to the release of the letter and not be inclusive of test results or other medical records.

We realize not all of you will have been able to get a proper diagnosis of your condition.  Many doctors did not acquire, as part of their medical training, the expertise to recognize and treat complex health symptoms that are caused by electromagnetic radiation.  They may recognize the symptoms but ascribe them to other causes. Many of them are gun shy about getting too far out front on this issue until the cause and effect mechanisms are more widely accepted in their profession.  If you have not yet managed to get a diagnosis or a letter do not be discouraged.  We will be providing more information about how to go about this in a future newsletter and will no doubt do a repeat of this letter writing campaign.

If you did get a diagnosis and a letter from your doctor we would like to hear your story.  Please mention any diagnostic test your doctor used to establish electro-sensitivity. Did your regular doctor refer you to a specialist? If you tried but have not been able to obtain your doctor’s cooperation, we would like to hear your story too.  Were your symptoms ignored or attributed to other causes?  As we accumulate more information along these lines we may be able to offer more guidance to our readers as to what approaches work best.

Please email a blind copy of your letter and your doctor’s letter to our National Coordinator, David Lonier at davidlonier@gmail.comOr send snail mail to David Sheldon at 215 W. Troy  #4004, Ferndale, MI  48220.

If you have questions about this campaign, please phone David Lonier at (248) 373-9111 or Michigan Stop Smart Meters at (248) 604-7545.

Link to our September 29th post on this campaign.


Update on this story at this link:  Day of Action!


We need to reach decision makers in all the states – legislators, judges, health care providers.  To do this we need medical documentation of symptoms or illnesses caused by “smart meters”.  Personal testimonials will not be enough.  WE THANK ALL OF YOU WHO RESPONDED TO OUR PREVIOUS APPEAL!  BUT WE NEED MUCH MORE OF THIS KIND OF EVIDENCE!

If you have experienced serious symptoms or illness after a smart meter was installed on your home or business, we are asking you to get a doctor to diagnose your situation and write a letter that:

(1)     States that, in the doctor’s professional judgment, you have symptoms that were caused by a smart meter, or

(2)  That you have a medical condition that, in the doctor’s judgment, would be aggravated by having a smart meter on your home or place of business.

Be sure your doctor knows what you are doing and has consented to do so. That is important!!!  If the doctor is called upon, they can support your health claim and this will greatly assist with abating the smart meter and keeping your analog meter!!  We can’t wait for the 1st person to die!

Once you have such a letter from your doctor we are asking you to write your own letter to your state representative or state senator but, for maximum effect, hold off mailing it until October 25th

EVERYONE  mark and set this date on your calendar…

October 25, 2013

This is the DATE when your letter or e-mail will go out!

Those that have not yet participated, this is the time and day for you.  Those that have already done so, you do not need to do anything except spread the word….

In your letter or email describe your symptoms in your own words, why you believe a smart meter caused these symptoms and what action you would like your representative or official to take.  Then attach a copy of your doctor’s letter.  Medical records or test results need not be attached. Also please send your own letter with copy of doctor’s letter attached to your state’s governor and your state’s attorney general and ask him or her to take all action within their power to address this situation.

Finally, it is important that we have some way to keep track of how much evidence is being accumulated.  We want to leverage this evidence in followup communications to other decision makers. So we ask you to email a blind copy of your letter and your doctor’s letter to our National Coordinator, David Lonier at

As these letters are being supported by your doctors and are sent to your Representatives, Governor and Attorney General, they will never again be in a position to argue that they had not been presented with hard evidence to back up the health claims.

Please feel free to share this email with other website advocates who can help support this project. We can’t wait for the abusive deployment and then try to fix this problem with a band-aid.

If you have questions about this campaign, please phone:

David Lonier at (248) 373-9111 or

Michigan Stop Smart Meters at (248) 604-7545.