Announcement for Smart Meter Mini-Retreat

March 17th, 2013 1:30 to 6:00 pm at Cynthia Edwards’ house in Ann Arbor

The MPSC is poised to accept DTE’s plan, which will result in a smart meter on everyones’ home. We want Rep. McMillin’s bill regarding smart meters to pass this year by Dec. 31. We have other fronts to rely on to ensure success. Learn what they are at this mini-retreat.  Brainstorm more ideas for success.

This is a positive, dedicated group of people—come and join us. We will have a break in the middle of the day with food and a walk in old-growth woods.  Bring a snack to share and a seat cushion or chair.

Become of our group, add your ideas, and let us know where you fit in and what skills and energy you have to offer.  If you can’t attend and want to help, please let us know.  We will coordinate all of our efforts for the upcoming year.

We have identified the following areas to work on:

  • legislation
  • publicity
  • fundraising
  • survey of health effects
  • weekly news summary
  • getting doctors, electricians, beekeepers and farmers, environmentalists, and government officials on board
  • testing homes
  • helping the three people who are being sued by DTE for taking off their smart meter

What skills do you have? How do you  want to help? What other avenues do you  see us pursuing?

Event Planners: Linda Kurtz, Cynthia Edwards, Dr. Darren Schmidt, Dave Sheldon, Leslie Panzica-Glapa.  RSVP and directions by emailing or call (248) 604-7545

P.S.  DTE’s opt-out plan, which the MPSC is set to approve, will result in a smart meter on your home! Under their plan, a smart meter will be installed on everyone’s home. The opt-out meter is a smart meter whose radio-transmitter DTE will at some point (weeks or months after installation) turn off. This is not enough! The wireless frequencies we’ve all heard about are the least of our problems. The dirty electricity generated by smart meters, with or without the radio frequency turned on, causes the same health problems as the wireless and emits a much stronger field. So, if you want to keep your analog and your health . . . .

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