An Australian View of ‘Smart Meters’

Submitted on 2012/06/22 at 7:58 pm by Richard Leschen.

Hello Fellow Sufferers,
We here in Victoria Australia are under goIng the same problems with these truly Idiotic Electric Smart Meters. Many of us, me included have padlocked our privately owned Electric Meter Boxes with Industrial Padlocks to keep safe our passive Electric Analog Meters, and have erected Legal Anti trespass Signs by the High Court of Australia and the Australian Constitution on both our front fences and Electric Meter Boxes, which are our property as homeowners, and not the property of these Stinking Lying Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies who have sold their SOULS to China and Singapore. Many of us, me included have sent Registered Letters of complaint to the C.E.O’s of these Foreign Owned Power Companies and to the Victorian Minister For Power Mr Michael O’ Brien. I have told them as have many that we refuse to accept these Damnedly Dangerous Microwave Smart Meters on our properties under any circumstances. We also added in our letters that……….” Should we find that a dangerous Smart Meter has been installed on our property, against our will and better judgement, we will join the Common Class Action to SUE. These sneaky Smart Meter Installer men are taking no notice of the Victorian Peoples Legal Anti trespass Notices and just going ahead and installing these Accursed Meters when people who have not been wise enough to lock their Meter Boxes are out shopping or are not home for any reason. Talk about a DAMNED CHEEK !

I just asked the Smart Meter Installment man to read my Legal Notice right through carefully when he wanted to install one of these now proving to be Very Dangerous Meters on my property. He read the notice right through and noted the $167,000: 00 fine he would incur if he so much as put his foot on my property. You see, I had gotten his full name from his Name Badge and also taken his telephone number from his Van’s door and The Company Name he worked for. After reading the notice he said….
” S**T Mate, I’m not putting a B****Y Smart Meter on your property.”
” No,” said I. “You’re not, and I’m not your Mate, so cheerio.” He left immediately with a very crestfallen look. Whilst I keep the Safe Analog Meter locked on my property I am charged a flat rate for my power. I would think the same applies to you in California and Canada as well. The problem for Victorians here in Australia, is that if they have the so-called Microwave Smart Meter
(read dumb and dangerous Cancer Causing) Microwave Meter installed on their property they have to pay variable power rates which are 10 cents per kilowatt hour from 11.00 P.M at night to 7.00 A.M in the morning, then 20 cents per kilowatt hour from 7.00 A.M to 2.00 P.M, then 40 cents per kilowatt hour from 2.00 P.M. to 11.00 P.M. Those having a Microwave Idiotic Smart Meter in California and Canada probably have much the same or similar rate system.

When one thinks about it, this is Daylight Robbery. Who the HELL wants to do their Clothes Washing at 11.00 P.M and on towards midnight, I don’t ? ! Next, are we supposed to cook a Sunday Roast after 11.00 P.M.
This Smart Meter Fiasco is being pushed by the world’s Electric Utilities is just a Mad Grab for CASH or FILTHY LUCRE from us their Customers, and is a Bloody Cheek. These utilities don’t need to know exactly how much electricity we as individual customers are using minute to minute, hour to hour each day and whether we are running a refrigerator or vaccum cleaner or using a lathe or electric drills in our Private or home Machine shops or running our T.V Sets or computers or Printers etc, it’s none of their businesss. Anyway this constant metering of our power throughout the day is actually the same as telephone tapping and is Illegal without a High Court Order. These damned and now proving to be dangerous to our Health Microwave Smart Meters are also dangerous to our private electrical goods. I know of many and ongoing cases of fusion of refrigerators and or T.V ‘s and or Computers and or Printers and or Deep Freezers. Also there is the deadly danger of Heart Monitors and or Human Pace-Makers malfunctioning with these accursed Microwave Energies being transmitted from the so-called Smart Meters, as well as the disrupting Spikes In the Power Transmission with this now proven to be Dirty Electricity These idiotic Meters constantly produce.
I have said to many people now…..” If you get sick from the accursed Microwave Smart Meter after it has been installed, with Tinnitus…ringing in the ears, or insomnia, or headaches or dizzy spells or heart palpitations or any sickness, just go and see your doctor and make photo copies of all your medical bills and cost of any necessary medicines and then see your lawyer, ask him for the best way to claim on all your medical bills and medicines from the offending Electric Power Company who has so ruined your health. And if you can, with your Lawyer SUE this Electric Power Company, it’s certainly worth a try. Lastly you are a free Country like Australia and England France Belgium etc, so don’t let these BASTARDS OF ELECTRICITY COMPANIES dictate to you. Those of you who have been injured, or feel you have been injured by these now proving to be very dangerous Electric Smart Meters should SUE these Electric Power Companies for all you can get. I say….” MAKE THESE BASTARDS PAY !


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