Two Causes that Merit Your Support!

SEPTEMBER 18TH, 2018 – TWO CAUSES THAT MERIT YOUR MOST URGENT SUPPORT!  Readers of this blog are aware of the harms that can be caused, both by smart meters and by the coming onslaught of 5G cell towers. We have meter choice legislation, Michigan House Bill 4220 before the House Energy Committee and must get the facts out to a much greater population if we are to finally get this passed in this legislative session. The most effective way to get the word out is with our 1 minute radio ad that is already playing on many Michigan radio stations. But funds are needed to continue this very effective program.  Click HERE to donate!

Meanwhile telecom companies are trying to get two bills passed, Senate Bill 637 and Senate Bill 894, which would fast track a massive installation of new 5th Generation cell towers and strip local governments and property owners of any say over the location of these towers. These bills have already passed the Michigan Senate and are to be heard before the House Energy Committee on October 4th. Many of us are working very hard to bring in experts who will back us up on the harm these new towers will cause. But money is needed to fly these experts in. Without funds we won’t be able to match the experts the telecom industry will produce.  Click HERE to donate!

3 thoughts on “Two Causes that Merit Your Support!

  1. Thank you very much for all your informative information!  I plan on donating but i need a couple of days.  We need to stop this action or at least have our voices heard more effectively into the public.  Do you have a FaceBook page?  I will look for it now…and befriend (or like it) you. Thanks again for everything you do! Dr Larry Aiello

    • Larry, We do NOT have a Facebook page because we do not want to participate in or help to promote a business whose business model is violating everyone’s privacy. Facebook views its users not as customers but as the product which they sell to the corporate world, advertisers, etc. We got into the smart meter battle originally because smart meters violate privacy.

  2. So you’ve been fighting these ‘smart’ meters for years now, are you making ANY progress? Doesn’t seem like it according to the stuff I see on the News. I used to work for the government, and I had issues with them, and I tried to take them to court, and quickly found out that it is damn near impossible to ‘fight’ the government. I stand with you AGAINST the Smart meters. I don’t like them. I don’t want them. And I think they do cause health problems. As I’m sure ALL these wireless signals flying around everywhere nowadays do also. I keep telling people that, but nobody seems to care. ONE day it WILL come out, watch. Just like the early first cell phones caused brain tumors with too much usage. I am not a fan of all this crazy technology. And I don’t like how when I asked them NOT to install an electric Smart meter on my house- I talked to the installer guy going around the neighborhood DIRECTLY and asked him NOT to install it. He said okay and moved on. Later that week, upon returning home, I notice that the jackass DID install it while I was away. I was steamed! I have health issues, and I suspect some of them may be caused by those Smart meters. NOW try and get it removed and put the old one back, and it’s IMPOSSIBLE. And even if they did, THEN they want you to PAY them an extra sum of money EVERY month, like $20 ($240/year), to keep the old one! WHY do I have to pay MORE money for the SAME service?? These electric companies are a crooked fucking MONOPOLY and I don’t like it. But what the hell can one do? I support your fight, and I hope you succeed, but I don’t know. Good luck.



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