We Need Your Help!!!

DECEMBER 16TH, 2017 – WE STILL NEED HELP!!!  Two months ago we made an appeal for donations to cover our ongoing costs for flyering, educational efforts and possible newspaper ads. A few of you contributed generously and we appreciate that. But we need more of you to step up and help with this – by donation or by volunteering.

Again, how much we can do will depend on your generosity in donating to us at this time.

If you are angry at what DTE, Consumers Energy and their cronies in state offices are doing to Michigan utility customers, and you appreciate all that we are doing to fight these injustices, then PLEASE HELP US by donation or by volunteering your time!

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2 thoughts on “We Need Your Help!!!

  1. We are very passionate about getting these Smart Meters and Digital and wireless cell towers removed. We are struggling just to keep the electric paid and keep our dogs and ourselves as well as possible with the little money coming in ourselves. I wish we could help in the area of money, but we are strapped at this time. We do tell everyone and pass out flyers at our own expense, but thankful for the many pass outs on the Smart Meter Education Network site.

  2. I am passionate and do all I can, but I do not have the additional money to help at this time. Trying to keep above the high electric and our health issues with us and our dogs keeping us broke 😦

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