Michigan Senator Colbeck Condemns Smart Meter Shutoffs

September 20th, 2017 – In a newsletter to his constituents in Michigan’s 7th Senate District, Senator Colbeck reports that he is receiving huge numbers of complaints about unreasonable shutoffs of electric service because of smart meter disputes. Many of these shutoffs are happening even when there has been no locking of meters or attempts to block installers.

Colbeck beautifully sums up the whole issue with this “The MPSC says citizens have a choice. But choosing between having electricity or not having electricity, as hundreds of people in the 7th District and across the state are finding out, is no real choice at all. It is coercion.”

Read his whole opinion in his newsletter HERE.

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4 thoughts on “Michigan Senator Colbeck Condemns Smart Meter Shutoffs

  1. DTE Shut my power off at the pole 2 months ago, for my refusal of the AMI – Smart Meter. I have been camping in my own home sporadically running on a generator to the fridge cold and some lights on. The extorsionistic tactics Detroit Edison is using are inexcusable. They have absolutely no regard for the consumer that stands up to them and their agenda. I refuse to bend to a state sponsored monopoly.

  2. Hi Dave, I’ll try to help this group of folks. First, have the individuals contact the Michigan Attorney General’s office requesting help under the Consumers Protection Unit. All should maintain a copy of what was sent to the Attorney General and a copy of the response from the Attorney General.

    Ask them to ask the Attorney General under what law/regulation that requires the customer to take a smart meter instead of the regular meter.

    Also, have all of them file a dispute under the Consumers Standards and Billing Rules to the Michigan Public Service Commission and to the utility company requesting an administrative hearing to dispute that there is no law requiring those persons to take a smart meter.

    Then send copies of the requests to the Attorney General, his response to those requests, the request for an administrative hearing, and the responses to the requests for an administrative hearing.

    So, 1) written complaint to the Attorney General; and 2) written complaint to the Michigan Public Service Commission and cc: to the energy company

    I’ll take this information and write-up a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, Consumers Protection Bureau, and/or the Federal Trade Commission’s Anti-Trust Division.

    The folks can mail the info to me. Theresa Sundquist, 7557 Lions Gate Pkwy, Davison, MI 48443

  3. Thanks for posting David. I wrote an email to Senator Colbeck to thank him for supporting meter choice and to tell him that I will be contributing to his campaign for governor in next years election.

    • John, I too will be contributing to his campaign for governor, as I have already assisted him as a volunteer in his efforts to collect enough signatures to get on the primary ballot as a Republican. I would encourage all of our smart meter resisters to help him get on that primary ballot by either volunteering or donating. I don’t see this as a partisan issue. It is about having honest candidates to choose from in the general election, candidates who have not sold out to the corporate interests. If any Democrat publicly supports our meter choice cause as Colbeck has repeatedly done, I will encourage primary ballot support for that candidate as well.

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