The Emperor’s Clothes and Smart Meter Resistance

Movie Producer Offers False Hope to Thousands
by David Sheldon
Revised August 8th, 2017

Most of us were very impressed with the quality of the film ‘Take Back Your Power’ by Josh del Sol. It has been effective in motivating people whenever it has had a showing. This movie producer undoubtedly has a talent for dramatizing the smart meter issue.

In December of 2014 Mr. del Sol came to speak following a showing of his film at the Royal Oak Art Theater. He and an associate, Cal Washington, used this time for an illustrated presentation in some detail, of a process for (supposedly) stopping utilities from installing smart meters. Documents to be used were presented on the big screen and discussed in some detail. In these documents, liberally punctuated by biblical references, there was much about holding individual utility executives and politicians personally liable financially by using merchant law, and sending them a series of letters which would ‘notify them of their liability’.  At the end of this meeting some 20 or so individuals were persuaded to attend a follow-up meeting for the purpose of putting the process to work in their own situations.

Now Mr. Del Sol has sent out an email indicating his intention to go nationwide and perhaps even worldwide with this process. He has also setup a web site where he is soliciting funds to support his activities. He indicates the process has been tested with three “seed groups”. Apparently the Michigan group he formed in 2014 is one of those three seed groups.

There is a problem with all this: the process does not work. Despite my own visibility in the smart meter choice movement through this website and in many other ways, I have not heard from even one of the 20 people in that Michigan seed group stating that, after following del Sol’s process, they were successful in keeping a smart meter off their home.

The process is inherently flawed because it is based on the assumption that officials can be forced to deal with us on our terms and become individually liable just because we assert in letters that they are individually liable. The process also assumes that one can form a binding contract with officials by making an offer which they refuse or neglect to answer. Contract law does not work that way. A valid contract requires an offer and an acceptance. Ignoring an offer does not constitute acceptance. And for the process to mean anything there would have to be some real concern by the officials that courts would, in fact, hold them personally liable for their actions.

There is a problem with that as well. From what we have seen so far, the courts here in Michigan are not about to rule against the utilities no matter what arguments are presented to them. We have had four cases now reach the Michigan Court of Appeals. Issues such as property rights, privacy, health, the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth Amendment (takings clause) and Michigan’s own felony surveillance law, and others have been argued with thorough support from the Constitution, the statutes and case law. But the appeals court has ignored all of that and ruled against us at every turn. We have seen similar disregard of the law in some other states and in the federal court system.

Smart meters are clearly a world wide threat, being forced on people in every industrialized country. This, despite the fact these meters are not “green” but actually increase overall energy usage and add to the amount of carbon dioxide being produced. There is clearly an agenda in play, emanating from policy makers at the international level, through our federal government to our state government. Policy makers at the federal and state level are driving the agenda, essentially bribing utilities by creating vast opportunities for the utilities and the technology companies that supply them to participate in this bonanza. And our judges are not going to get in the way of that agenda. Perhaps they have been bribed or warned of consequences to themselves if they side with us.

All that said, there may still be opportunities for individuals whose very lives have been placed in jeopardy to obtain limited relief from our courts – providing they seek remedies that only carve out very narrow exceptions to the program, leaving the overall agenda intact.

Now if our courts are not going to uphold the Fourth Amendment, or the Fifth Amendment, or Michigan’s own felony surveillance law because of an agenda from on high, then why on earth would they enforce merchant law when it conflicts with the same agenda? It makes no sense whatever. The officials who are supposed to be scared straight by the various documents and letters in this process will simply laugh at them.

I believe it is important for me to publish an article exposing this process, which is akin to the Emperor’s Clothes in the old fable, because I believe that otherwise many in our Michigan smart meter resistance movement will be tempted to sign on, invest heavily of their time, and make donations to a process that is not going to help them in their individual situations and certainly not help our movement.

Why is Mr. del Sol promoting a process that he must know does not and cannot work? Who can say? His intentions may be the best but perhaps he has been misled in some way.

Our focus as a movement now needs to be on getting meter choice legislation passed. Those who can afford to make a donation or do volunteer work should be directing their time and money to help the various Michigan groups that are working toward that goal.

Those groups are:

Smart Meter Education Network                 

Michigan Stop Smart Meters                        

Analog Meter Choice                                    

Utility Meter Choice 4 Michigan                 


14 thoughts on “The Emperor’s Clothes and Smart Meter Resistance

  1. I also have seen 4-5 hours of inpower videos on youtube. And I have been waiting for years for them to actualize any paperwork in vain. I think it’s BS.
    Their promisses just stalled my own initiatives for years and I regret to even heard about this unpowerinitiative they so forcefully put out years ago.
    i sat Down With pen and paper to take some good notes to every video they put out, but ended up With absolutely nothing on my sheet. Exept for their want for donations to produce some software.
    I hope i’m wrong, but my brain and my guts tells me otherwise
    E.K from Norway

  2. Actually, the InPower Movement is not Josh del Sol’s organization. He made a video about it. He was involved with it for awhile. Now he’s not.

    You quoted “The process is inherently flawed because it is based on the assumption that officials can be forced become individually liable just because we assert in letters that they are individually liable.”
    Actually, that’s not the assumption that individual liability is based on. Individual liability is one of the maxims of common law. You are responsible for your actions.

    You wrote: “The process also assumes that one can form a binding contract with officials by making an offer which they refuse or neglect to answer.”
    Actually, that’s not the assumption that the Notice of Liability makes. The Notice of Liability is to counter the assumption made by the utility company that they have a contract with you. The Notice of Liability is a counter offer to the utility company’s offer to contract that makes it clear that you don’t agree to their offer, and that if they act on the now disproven assumption that they do have a contract with you, then they will be liable for their actions.

    You wrote: “Josh del Sol’s letters have not stopped anyone from having their power shut off.”
    Again, Josh del Sol is not the creator of the InPower Movement, nor is he currently with them. The InPower Movement has claimed that they did have success in Hawaii. I have yet to see any independent documentation of that. I have heard of local people who stopped the instillation of smart meters by sending the Notices of Liability, but I don’t have any documentation of that either. I agree that the lack of documentation of success with the InPower Movement approach is one of their greatest weaknesses, and I have asked them to work on providing such documentation.”

    You wrote: “Please let people know this approach is not effective and not endorsed by the majority of the original grassroots anti-smart meter movement.”
    Truth is not determined by a majority vote. Just because some people don’t understand it, doesn’t mean it’s not true.
    That said, I don’t know if the InPower Movement process will work, but I do know that your criticisms of it are based in misunderstandings, at best. My engagement with it is not based in false hope. It is something to try. You could say that demonstrating in the streets is based on false hope. But if that’s what move you, I say go for it. I see no benefit to attacking each other. I encourage everyone to take action in the ways that make sense to them.

    Eli Dumitru

    • You seem to think Josh is no longer involved with the InPower Movement so why does he claim to be their Ambassador? Also, the most recent version, freely available on YouTube, of his TBYP documentary promotes the InPower Movement. His presentation 2 weeks ago on the “EMF Summit” also promotes the InPower Movement. Do you honestly think such actions can be considered as non-involvement??

      • David Sheldon asked me the same question. Here was my response:
        “The story I relayed in that post is from what I heard from Cal on a group phone conference. I will write to the current president of the InPower Movement and ask her if she can provide some documentation of this. I would think it would be in their interest to do so, since Cal saw fit to end his formal relationship with Josh del Sol for his own reasons.”
        That was over a week ago, and I have yet to hear back from the InPower Movement. My recollection is that when Cal asked Josh del Sol to leave the organization, that they parted on good terms and agreed to be supportive of eachother’s work, so the term “ambassador” may apply to that. I’m sorry I brought it up without having evidence for it, but I didn’t realize that it wasn’t already public knowledge.

  3. I had a lawyer review the NOL document and have been advised it is pseudolegal rubbish that would be dismissed as such by any court. In other words, no legal validity whatsoever. Not worth wasting your time on.

    • There are attorneys that do understand the process.

      Respectfully, however, you and your attorney are making a blanket judgment without having all of the relevant information. That is a bad stance to take and a bad position to be in, especially for the client of an attorney.

      The NoL Action is a 10 step process.
      It is not anything like a law suit.
      It is not acted out in the court systems.

      InPower only has the 1st 2 rounds of docs uploaded so far as they are in the beginning stages of the roll out, only approx. 6 weeks into it.

      InPower is truly a movement, crowd-sourced volunteers working tirelessly to make this a reality. Hundreds have signed up to the Ground Crew.

      The NoL is an action of commerce. It is acted out in a jurisdiction that is above the jurisdiction of the court systems. So there is no court to dismiss anything.

      All the information above is readily accessible on the site.

      The NoL is designed to ‘stay out of court’, not because it cannot function and hold there, but because the court systems are just another part of the entire corrupt system.

      I have one question for folks to ponder. Have you ever asked yourself:

      (Fill in with any issue where harm is being perpetrated and no one is being held accountable.)

      “How do they get away with that?”

  4. Sorry if this posts twice.

    The courts our elected representatives the utility commissions and utility companies are all doing darn well what they please. No matter what anyone has done they just steam roll right over us. You said “A valid contract requires an offer and an acceptance.” in dismissing Josh’s approach. Well, not very many of us have ‘accepted’ or consented to a smart meter, but here they are. They are literally being forced upon us, our homes, and none have the force and effect of being valid.

    I’m obviously not an attorney, nor do I think the garden variety attorney would be helpful, but this is how I see this liability notice approach. It is not a contract, it is a notice of liability. A notice to those who are responsible for protecting the people or for those who are forcing smart meters onto our homes, that their actions have caused us harm and they are now on notice and personally liable.

    They are not asking for acceptance nor pleading with some utility commission to do their job that they sworn an oath to do but are blatantly disregarding like the CPUC in CA. They bypass begging our elected officials to try to get them to pass legislation to protect us. But they won’t because that would shut off the billions, if not trillions of dollars that this world wide smart grid system is generating.

    What the liability notice approach is doing is altering the playing field, – er, no not altering but actually allowing us for the first time to simply enter the real playing field – and changing the incentive of those who are making their share of the money from SM whether that is in profits, campaign contributions, bribes and kick-backs etc. It is putting them on notice that they are personally liable for their part in advancing and perpetrating this harm upon the public and their property and privacy. Most of us don’t even know where the playing field is, now we do.

    Is it just coincidence that CEO’s and commissioners and others in such high places are resigning after being served with these liability notices? I don’t know, but I am leaning to the side of it isn’t.

    As for whether or not this whole thing is giving false hope, I don’t see it that way. Josh is giving it away free. Yes, he is asking for crowd funding, so what. If you can afford $5 or $20 dollars, send it, if you can’t don’t. No one is being strong armed into anything here. Do your research and decide for yourself. Nothing else that has been tried has had any great success and maybe this won’t be a landslide success either. There have been how many? 100’s? 1,000’s? of towns and counties and municipalities that have passed legislation banning SM’s only to be run roughshod right over. I believe that our legislatures and city councils and such are the wrong playing field that those who are in power want you to be spending your time on, because they can just ignore it all because they have bought and paid for all of those politicians and representatives and council members and mayors and governors etc.

    For me, I see there is something with this liability notice approach that rings with truth and Josh is presenting it with total transparency. There is nothing hidden here, it is free. Don’t like what you see, then don’t get involved. I am a follower of Christ and I know the power that comes from the word of God. I find it empowering that the laws that are being addressed are being taken directly to their source, the Bible. Yes, common law, the law that was and still is the foundation of our Constitution and other founding documents, derive directly from the Bible. I understand that makes some people uneasy.

    I also understand, as I’ve seen it in all walks of life, that for many who are not believers in God, any mention of God or the Bible or the Scriptures drives them running the other way because it is foreign to them and they may not have a true understanding of God’s word and it’s power and of it’s purpose. They may have only had a bad experience with ‘religion’ or ‘religious’ people. That saddens me greatly. I apologize if that is the case and hope that you would search for the truth and for who God really is, all on your own and give Him a fair chance.

    From the very beginning, at the foundational level, God created us as free creatures with free agency, that’s what in His image means. Liberty, freedom, free agency, does not mean we get to do whatever we want, whenever we want. What liberty is and means is that we are all responsible for what we do with that free agency. This liability notice approach attaches to those individuals as the individual humans that they are and holds them responsible for their actions.

    Thank you for reading my take on this. Peace and blessing to you all.

  5. I am so tired of infighting within the smart meter group leaders and especially Michigan. So dam tired of it. Get off your high horses and work together. Everybody is trying to do something and whether it is right or wrong, we are giving smart meter pushers hell trying to fight all of us coming at them from all angles. I respect people who debate and professionally discuss ideas, not people who gossip and talk behind others backs. Michigan is the worst offender of these, including every 1 of us who have been in the middle of the leaders of Michigan’s group infighting. So dam sick of it! Get over it and work together.

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  8. I’m sure you have explored this option, but someone needs to find the right attorney who can and will argue the three points you made in court.

  9. Yes, perhaps he has been misled in some way… I knew there was something hinky about this. You’ve rightly nailed it as an out-and-out time waster. I’ve noticed the psychopathic criminals who pretend they run the world are very fond of sending us on wild goose chases. Thanks for spotting this one and calling it to everyone’s attention!

  10. HI guys, Just wanted to share, I attended that presentation in 2014 and something was seriously wrong with Josh, his crew and his film. It would take too long to detail why, but he is for sure disinfo. He is working for the new world order global elitists. He is trying to be a rabble rouser and in my opinion absolutely knows that this process won’t work.

    There is a term “hegelian dilectic” which describes how two opposing viewpoints are actually working together to bring about a mutually desired outcome. All of media and governments are now employing this tactic, which is why nothing changes in spite of lots of “activism” seeming to happen.

    As a Christian, and a person who was nearly killed by smart meter EMR a few years ago, but miraculously healed by God (will give that testimony soon), I know that behind all of this rages a spiritual battle and we are very close to the finish line, praise God.

    Many blessings to you and thank you for your efforts. God bless, Theresa M.

    • Why won’t you give the details of what was wrong with the presentation? You said it would take long. So take long and tell people. Don’t just gossip about it. Offering no concrete evidence.

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