How to File an Accommodation Letter / Discrimination Complaint Associated with RF Radiation from Smart Meters

from the Center for Electrosmog Prevention

July 20th, 2017 – People with disabilities and medical conditions may feel they are being discriminated against – involuntarily exposed to RF radiation from smart meters on their property or neighboring properties that may cause harm, risk, exacerbate an existing condition, or are being charged fees to opt-out of smart meters for medical reasons (illegal surcharge). Accommodations may be requested of the PUC or utility for qualifying disabilities or medical conditions. A discrimination complaint may be filed if accommodations aren’t met.

Each state and local gov’t, including a municipal utility (run by local gov’t)  is required to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act under Title II .  Privately-owned utilities may be covered under Title III (see below). The ADA (more at is enforced by the US Dept of Justice (US DOJ). Privately-owned utilities that accepted federal funding for smart meter and smart grid projects also must follow certain additional federal discrimination laws, such as Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (as amended), as it applies to equal access to program benefits and services (equal access to essential utilities such as electricity and gas or water)**, with enforcement by the US Dept of Energy.

People with qualifying disabilities**** under the ADA*** may wish to file a complaint against the state Public Utility Commission and the utility company involved, if they feel their rights have been violated through denial of accommodations for their disability or medical condition.  More


Editor’s Note: Helpful supporting evidence for a discrimination complaint may soon be available from new genetic screening procedure.


2 thoughts on “How to File an Accommodation Letter / Discrimination Complaint Associated with RF Radiation from Smart Meters

  1. This does not accommodate the EMF from the digital meter. We have been exposed to since July 2015 and we and our German Shepherds are being affected with Thyroid issues, migraines, insomnia, bloody noses, nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations, and just over all constant headache and we cannot get away from this anywhere and worse when I have had to go into town where they have the Smart Meters, I get even worse. We need to be able to have analog for any of us that have the digital too, not just the Smart Meter that is also very deadly, so is the high EMF I will attach what our meter reads, plus this is all throughout this house and all around the house as the overhead wires are right in front of the house too. Our neighbors all have the smart meter, so again, we cannot get away from it and it is costing us a fortune in health for us and our dogs and just getting worse. Sonja K Youdes We are in Jerome Mi.

  2. Perhaps this is the “foot in the door” those with documented disabilities to get an analog meter and some of them, their power restored.

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