What does a father playing with his child have to do with the new surveillance?

Apparently Everything According to a
New GE Commercial

by Vigilant Dave

In this GE commercial we are flooded with warm fuzzy images – a father playing with his child, a mother affectionately holding her baby. Then the commercial goes on to tell us of the wonders of appliances we can monitor and control from our smart phones, appliances that listen to us and respond to verbal commands, and so much more. What about our privacy? Blankout! What about giving up control of our appliances to utility companies or energy czars? Blankout! What about the fact that devices that can listen for our commands can also record every bit of conversation that happens in a home? Blankout again!

Were all these new features created in order to satisfy consumer desires? Or are we being soft soaped into accepting all this to satisfy the desires of a political and technocratic elite who want to manage our lives?

Everyone should watch this video and decide:

Before we get too excited about the possibilities of this new technology we should read GE’s privacy policy here.

For details as to all this will affect specific appliances see “The WiFi Connect Kitchen” here.

Finally, on a humorous note, watch this spoof of commercials like the one you saw above:

5 thoughts on “What does a father playing with his child have to do with the new surveillance?

  1. There is no way I would let one of these Wi-Fi appliances in my home. I read the privacy policy, it effectively is no privacy and will share your habits with any 3 rd party they like and you would not know it or even agree to it.

  2. What’s really sad is that the majority of the population buys right into it. In this case, advertising is not only a science, but a major propaganda campaign. We are here on this site to enlighten our friends and family as to what is REALLY going on.

  3. She can’t turn the oven on because she’s slicing a bell pepper — a few feet from the oven. What a first world problem!

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