Michigan House Energy Committee to Hear Smart Meter Bill

MARCH 5TH, 2017 – The Michigan House Energy Committee will hold its second hearing Tuesday March 7th at 9 am, on House Bill 4220,energymtg2-02212017 proposed legislation that would assure utility customers (electric, gas and water) of a choice to have or keep their analog meters at a minimal fee or no fee if they self read.

please-attend-hearingPlease attend the second Analog Meter Choice hearing this coming Tuesday. If you want to present testimony, please come prepared to speak and fill out a card before start of meeting. Those who come to speak should dress professionally. However, since the hearing is only 90 minutes long, know that there may not be time for your testimony to be heard this Tuesday. More hearings may be scheduled in the future. You can always email your testimony to the members of the Energy Policy Committee before House Bill 4220 Analog Meter Choice legislation is voted on in Committee.  We don’t know when this vote will take place, but we will keep you posted.


4 thoughts on “Michigan House Energy Committee to Hear Smart Meter Bill

  1. My dog saved my analog meter from being replaced as they Consumer Energy has tried for two years to get into my yard. Thank God, they, the CE meter readers did not get to change my analog meter, they are liars and kept trying!!

  2. We just received notice that Consumers is going to change our meter within the next weeks.
    What happened at the March 5 hearing?
    What should we do if anything?

    • We had a 90 minute second hearing March 7th of Rep Glenn’s meter choice bill HB 4220. This included a presentation by Consumers Energy, hardball questions from the committee to Consumers Energy, a presentation by Cynthia Ayers, Deputy Director of EMP Task Force on how smart meters make our entire grid vulnerable to a blackout, and statements by a number of our smart meter activists. You can watch the whole hearing on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyoQUykqgOc

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