One Who Has Done Much to Help Us

by David Sheldon

February 27th, 2017 – All of us who care about the meter choice issue owe a debt of gratitude to Mark Lerner and the organization he represents, Constitutional Alliance. Mark has given generously of his time and experience in legislative matters to assist us in achieving meter choice legislation. Constitutional Alliance has, as its main issue, a campaign against forced biometrics. One of the central principles of his group is A free society and a surveillance society cannot be reconciled. Biometrics is the linchpin to a surveillance society.”

Forced biometrics involves the Real ID Act, any requirement that people submit to high resolution facial photographs or retina scans for id purposes. These technologies pose an unprecedented threat to human freedom, in a society where there are high resolution cameras on every street corner. Individuals can be tracked with precision and all their movements stored in a central database. The ability of individuals to participate freely in political discourse or protest demonstrations becomes chilled in direct proportion to this breakdown of anonymity.

Mark saw in our smart meter movement issues and positions, particularly those dealing with privacy, freedom from surveillance and property rights, very much in harmony with what those for which his organization stands. Mark regularly works with legislators in many states to resolve issues involving privacy and biometrics. He has worked with us in recent years to help persuade Michigan legislators of the need for meter choice legislation. His efforts, along with our own, have brought us to the point where we have House Bill 4220 being heard by the House Energy Committee and a real shot at getting this legislation passed – at least by the House.

Michigan Stop Smart Meters is and has been from the beginning a non-partisan organization. We are not right or left. We have not so far endorsed any candidate for political office. If we do so in future, we will pick candidates who have helped us in our smart meter fight, regardless of party. Mark has written an excellent commentary on similar principles his organization follows titled My own appreciation for the organizations that work together to protect our freedom” here.

Again, thank you Mark for all you have done!


5 thoughts on “One Who Has Done Much to Help Us

  1. I was one of the “LUCKY ONES” I got to keep my analog meter after paying the $70 non-instillation fee plus the $10 monthly meter reading fee (even those fees are very unfair). It will be GREAT if everyone gets the chance to be saved from the EVIL power company’s’ control. I want to Thank ALL the people who have worked so hard to protect us from the harm and dangers associated with those un-UL approved meters.

  2. Thank you for such a nice tribute.
    After they carried me out of the Energy meeting room in to the lobby I met an associate of Mark Lerner’s and he was so kind. I told him how grateful I was that they decided to stay and help us. I can’t remember his name as I am not good with names he was so nice and I am glad Mark and his partners stayed and are helping us.
    If in any way a Disabled Woman is Northern Michigan (or the Northern MI connection as we have been told) can be of help, let me know because I have lots of time of my hands and very willing to do what needs to be done. The guts and heroism it takes to beat the “bad industries” and thank you Mark Lerner and your team. Thank you all again. Joe and Jaime Chimner, Cheboygan
    without electricity since 9/11/2015.

  3. The world is a dangerous place not because of evil people but because of the people doing nothing about it. Mark it is people like you who make it a better world. We are so fortunate and appreciative for your acts of heroism. Thanks for using your talents in seeing that our voice be heard. I have grown to see that every act of communication is a miracle. You truly have helped in the gathering of the truth. Thanks Mark

  4. Please convey thanks and appreciation for those lobbying for analog choice – even those based on this position for health reasons! Thank you Mark !!

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