Write To News 10 Reporter About Your Inflated Electric Bill!

February 4th, 2017 – NEWS 10 (WILX) is a tv station serving Lansing and Jackson. Their reporter, Clayton Cummins, just posted yesterday a story headlined as “Consumers Energy blames cold winter for spike in bills”. In this story he interviews a number of people who saw their electric bills double or triple soon after installation of a smart electric meter. He then presents Consumers side of the story – that these sharp increases are caused by the unusually cold winter in December.

Pam and Dee are urging any of you who have a similar story about sharp increases in your electric bills, to send your story to reporter Cummins. There is the possibility that if he hears from enough of us he might do a followup story. His email is: clayton.cummins@wilx.com

Please be respectful and on-point with your comments meaning that this specific story is about the “increased bill” aspect of things, not the whole smart meter issue itself- When we stick to the point at hand, we think we have a better chance at making larger initial impact and the fuller story can emerge from there….



2 thoughts on “Write To News 10 Reporter About Your Inflated Electric Bill!

  1. Best to approach this scientifically by doing a financial analysis. Easy to do if you have regular billing (charges composed of monthly fee and price per kilowatt – not TOU or demand pricing)

    First pull out a bill for the same month last year. Check the number of days it covers and see if it is the same. If not, you will need to adjust for # of days difference.

    Did you use more kilowatts? determine the number.

    Isolate the price differences. Most likely rates have increased. You can do this by calculating your current yr bill with last year prices.

    Typically it is only heating and A/C that vary by weather (or pool if you have it). So check the average temp this year versus last. Sometimes it will be on your bill, but if not you can google it.

    At the end of this analysis you should be able to have a breakdown of why your bill increased-
    1) # of days may be higher
    2) prices are higher
    3) kilowatts used are higher.

    Then you should be able to determine if the higher kilowatts used makes sense based on average temperature. And if doesn’t, make them explain why.

  2. To whom
    my elrctric bill has gone up from $120 per month to $320 per month after the smart meter was installed. DTE tells me I am using three times as much electricity, as my neighbors. ..B/S…..

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