One Who Went Off Grid Threatened With Huge Fines!

Editor’s Note: We reproduce below an appeal
for all who can to attend a court proceeding
that may have far reaching consequences
for those who want to go ‘off grid’.

December 20th, 2016 – There is a hearing tomorrow in the case of Dr. Georgetta Livingstone versus her homeowners association.

For those of you who don’t know, Georgetta had her electrical power cut off by DTE over two years because of her inability to have an advanced meter on her home due to a documented health condition. Because electrical power is a necessary resource and one we cannot live without, she was forced to invest in and utilize alternative energy choices for electric power, solar, wind turbine and generator to power her home.

Georgetta’s home is in a subdivision with a neighborhood association. Both the association and some neighbors who were not happy with her choices for power are suing her. There were no rules in the association’s bylaws that prohibited the modifications that Georgetta  made to her home but they still have carried through with the suit.

This is a very important, precedent setting case as it will lay the foundation for our ability to pursue alternative energy choices for our homes in the state of Michigan either in response to the advanced utility meters or just in general. The ruling will have a high impact on our rights.

Georgetta and her attorney have recently taken part in unsuccessful mediation with the association and tomorrow’s hearing takes the next step towards the trial. The association is seeking to impose very high fees on Georgetta for taking the actions she needed to have electrical power in her home.

If you are able to attend this hearing, it would be helpful both for support and in making an impression on the judge in showing support for analog and alternative energy choice here in MIchigan. We know this is very last minute but if you do have some time tomorrow morning and can make it, it would be very helpful. The hearing should be very brief.

The hearing is at 8:30 A.M. December 21st  at the Oakland County Court House 1200 Telegraph Road in Judge Hallajarbou’s chamber.

Thanks so much for your continued help and support,

Pam and Dee


3 thoughts on “One Who Went Off Grid Threatened With Huge Fines!

  1. David the title of your article is a bit misleading……she was shut off first and then was forced to live off grid, unless of course she took a smart meter on her home that was obviously making her sick and damaging her health. Living off grid was not her original choice, but forced upon her. I wonder if someone favored from DTE could be on the HOA board……that would be interesting to research. Her rights are being violated…..that is for sure. As all of ours are……..only some realize it and some don’t…..

  2. Homeowner Associations areally mini governments with the power to levy fines against homeowners. Who don’t follow their rules. I pray that she is successful. HOA’s also get undisclosed funding.

    • Helen, As I understand it this action is way beyond any fine that an HOA could levy. It is a civil suit seeking compensation for alleged damages. As such she is entitled to a trial and they have the burden to prove their case against her.

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