Nerve Disrupting Frequencies Radiating from Smart Meters


warren-woodward-videoIn this startling video Warren Woodward, well known smart meter activist in Arizona, arranges for a technician to demonstrate the presence of harmful frequencies below 50 Khz that travel through your home wiring once a smart meter is installed.The meter used in this demonstration is a Landis-Gyr. We recently published an article by William Bathgate, electrical engineer, that discussed the Itron smart meters being deployed in Michigan. In view of the lack of a common mode filter and lack of a zero reference ground in the Itron meters, we have every reason to suspect that a demonstration of these meters would show similar results to what is depicted in the video of the Arizona meters.

These are not radio frequencies and they work their harm even when the radio frequencies are turned off, as in the so called “non transmitting meter” opt-out meter that DTE offers or the digital meter that Consumers Energy offers their opt-out customers. Some of these frequencies are known to the medical establishment as “nerve blocking” frequencies because they can be used instead of anesthetics during surgery. While they may be helpful in the context of surgery, they can cause havoc when a person is exposed to them 24/7/365.

Click on the link to watch the video here.

If you click on “Show More” below the video, links to original research papers in PubMed are shown.

4 thoughts on “Nerve Disrupting Frequencies Radiating from Smart Meters

  1. So we finally got our smart meter recently despite sending a formal letter explaining the detrimental health impacts and putting DTE on notice that they are liable for ill effects. I immediately installed a Meter Guard over the meter as this will isolate/ground most of the radio waves, but in light of this report what sort of filter could be installed on the main line to filter out the harmful frequencies? Stetzerizer filters throughout the home?

    • Andy, For the dirty electricity problem, you might try putting a pair of Stetzer filters, at $35 each, at your main circuit breaker panel. You will need one for each phase and may need an electrician to hook them up. Another good and inexpensive step would be to turn off all non essential circuits during sleep hours. If you need to diagnose dirty electricity beyond these simple steps, consider buying a gauss meter to measure magnetic fields in your rooms. It is ultimately the magnetic fields generated by the dirty electricity in your wiring that causes most health effects. One such is the AlphaLab UHS2. If you still have concerns about the radio frequency you may want to buy the Cornet ED88T Electrosmog meter. Both of these meters are featured here:

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