The Meter Itself is the “Hazardous Condition”

By William Bathgate, Electrical Engineer
October 12th, 2016
Revised October 13th, 2016

Editor’s Note: In the following article, originally written as a public comment to the Michigan Public Service Commission, Mr. Bathgate considers safety issues with the new electric meters as related to our current discussion of a proposed rule change concerning emergency shutoffs for “hazardous conditions.” Revisions to this article are indicated in blue and consist mainly in the addition of a section dealing with the lack of lightning arrestors in the AMI meters.

Case No. U-18120
Proposed Rule 460.137 — 37(1)(a) & 37(1)(i)

 A utility may shut off or deny service to a customer “without notice, if a condition on the customer’s premises is determined by the utility or a governmental agency to be hazardous.”

I hold an electrical engineering and mechanical engineering degree and previously was employed through late 2015 for 8 years at the Emerson Electric Company. While at Emerson Electric I was the Senior Program Manager for Power Distribution Systems and in charge of an RF and IP based digitally controlled high power AC power switching system product line in use in over 100 countries and I was also directly responsible for product certifications such as UL, CE and many other countries electrical certification bodies. I am very familiar with the electrical and electronic design of the AMI meters in use because I was responsible for very similar products with over 1 Million units installed across the world.

I have just reviewed the transcripts of the hearing held in Lansing on this subject and came to realize there were many comments regarding the issues identified from the effects of both the RF emitting AMI meter and the non RF emitting AMI Opt-Out Meter. I have personally tested the RF emissions from the AMI meter and measured that the meter does not send data just a few times a day as the utilities publish. It actually sends an RF pulse about every 4-5 seconds constantly and a longer duration RF emission after midnight running about 3-5 minutes. There is no need for the AMI meter to send a pulse every 4-5 seconds all day just to synchronize and time stamp the clock inside the meter, the meter only needs to send data once a day for 3-5 minutes. All these pulse transmissions the AMI meter is doing is a complete waste of energy and because it is a short but frequently pulsing signal that is not needed to measure power consumption, it is creating needless health effects and is impacting consumers as evidenced in the testimony. Some consumers have been affected to the point of near death experiences. The Mesh Network design is saturating the environment with RF transmissions mostly for the purpose of the network synchronization not the consumption measurement of power. I could not think of a worse network design for a power measurement device.

After reading the transcripts of the hearing I noticed quite a few comments from people affected to a terrible effect by the RF based AMI meter, and interestingly also the RF turned off Opt-Out Meter. It begs the question why do people also seem affected by the Opt-Out meter? Well I went out and purchased an ITRON

Open Way meter identical to the meter being deployed by DTE. I took the unit apart to examine the circuit design of the three boards inside the meter. Generally the boards seem well made with several important elements lacking or missing.

The switching mode power supply circuit is lacking effective Ground References, Lightning Protection and “Common Mode” EMI filters. The circuit boards are lacking a direct local connection to a Zero voltage potential ground at the meter to sink (ground) the current and voltage oscillations of the circuit boards.

Ground References:

Depending on the soil conditions and a solid or not solid low impedance connection ground point or surface, the ground plane reference (called a rotating return) of the circuit boards may be floating over a Zero voltage potential condition. This will create Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) via oscillation of the ground reference return paths. The use of no direct ground reference as in use today is a poor electrical practice with the AMI meter given all the environmental variables leads to a floating ground potential that could cause strong voltage and current ground potentials varying from zero to a worse case of 240 AC volts (due to a direct short). If there was a direct short of the feed wire because of a voltage surge on the input power from a power surge or lightning strike at the pole or where the two feed lines cross each other from a downed tree limb I would fully expect the circuit boards to likely explode or melt.

I have tested several homes for EMI created by the AMI meter and found that the ground environmental conditions dramatically affected the amount of EMI present. In one home I tested it had as a ground reference the copper water line feed from the city water supply. In this home there was very little EMI present as shown on my oscilloscope. In several another homes that had a standard 8 foot ground rod as the ground reference the EMI measured much, much higher. So there is a relationship of the AMI meter to the environmental reference to ground and EMI even though the circuit boards are not directly connected to a ground rod or ground reference. There was likely a magnetic coupling to earth ground taking place at the home using the water main as a ground reference. In all these homes all other lights, TV’s, PC’s, phone chargers etc. were disabled so I could avoid other variables affecting the readings. It goes to show that environmental variables can be very different from the test lab to the field environment.


First I have to say from my prior and current experience in very tall and large antenna arrays for the common house and business; lightning is very unpredictable and it is very costly to install effective lightning protection. Thankfully direct lightning strikes that are affecting the power feed and service entrance is random and less frequent. No commercial circuit board was ever designed to withstand a direct lightning strike. The US DoD has such designs but is very expensive to purchase. TV or commercial radio facilities have as much as $500,000 or more invested in lightning protection in order to stay on the air during a severe storm. All licensed amateur radio antennas are required by the FCC to have effective ground protection at the base of a tower to shunt a strike to ground. You are actually safer from lightning to be living close to a large metal antenna array because as a general rule lightning tries to reach ground via the shortest and lowest impedance electrical path. It is not uncommon to see a lightning trace zigzag across an electrical path as it seeks the lowest impedance and shortest path to zero potential ground. Note I did not mention the potential for RF exposure which is a separate issue altogether! A neighbor’s tall (over 30 Feet) metal antenna will be a shorter path to ground for lightning than your house next door.

In the AMI meter the circuit board that powers the solenoid actuator for the remote power disconnect feeding the power blade connection at the meter box is susceptible to the effects of lightning. When the low voltage DC power source on this circuit board becomes disrupted by a lightning strike and provided that the circuit boards survive the strike at all, this circuit board driven solenoid is subject to highly rapid disruption with a high frequency opening and closing of the remote disconnect contacts causing arcing and burnt contacts within the meter. This is completely undetectable by the consumer and may or may not manifest itself with flickering or dimming lights etc. The lightning may strike from two common sources; at the power pole or/and the surrounding ground area of the business or residence. The common person or business owner may not realize that the home or business ground rod reference wire runs in the middle between the two 240 volt AC power connections within the meter box and continues on to your entrance breaker panel. This is a minimal form of lightning protection because if the power pole gets hit by lightning the surge will likely jump the air gap between the two power line connections within the meter box and will shunt the lightning via the ground wire to the ground rod. Of course the meter and meter box itself may be damaged from this along with some of your internal house appliances etc. This ground connection was never meant to protect the meter box or your house internal wiring to survive a lightning strike; it is a power safety ground in case your internal house wiring or appliances have a direct short. Though not well known is that lightning can enter a building or home via your phone, DSL or Cable connections. I have learned from several catastrophic events by having my internet connections, TV’s and PC’s destroyed by a lightning strike many blocks away traveling these connections into the home. While I could not protect the DSL modem or cable modem from damage I could isolate the rest of my network with Ethernet Fiber Media converters. Once I did this I only lost the modem and nothing else downstream from it.

Analog Meters contained no electronic circuit boards and while not 100% immune from the effects of a lightning strike, they are much more tolerant than the AMI meter.    

Common Mode EMI:

A “Common Mode” filter attenuates high frequency currents. A common mode filter in this case would look like two coils wrapped around an iron or iron ferrite core either in the shape of a donut or a small cookie bar. This filter is not present in the current circuit design and if it was there the switching circuit which converts 240 Volts AC to 5-10 volts DC would be prevented from sending EMI oscillations back onto the 240 Volt AC wires entering the home.

I am very familiar with the design elements of a switched mode power supply because I had to include “Common Mode” filters into the products I was responsible for while at Emerson Electric to minimize the Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) coming from the switching integrated circuit back onto the feeding input AC circuit and the output AC circuit. A clean 50 or 60 Hz is needed and the AC input and AC output had to be void of any oscillation introduced by the switching circuit. I would not have been able to sell the same ITRON switched mode circuit design with the products I managed. I would have been fired for allowing such a condition.

If DTE (or any Utility) was to demand of ITRON, their supplier, to provide a “Common Mode” filtering circuit and tested this design for elimination of EMI and of stray capacitance present in the current design, I believe the troubles with people becoming ill from the Opt-Out AMI meter could be significantly mitigated. This should not be ignored or taken lightly. There could be a solution to help the people affected by the high frequency oscillations created by the switched mode power supply.

In short lacking a redesign of the AMI meter switched mode power supply the solution for people affected by the AMI meter program is very simple and costs nothing, allow those affected residents and business to retain an Analog meter which is readily available and meets all ANSI and other applicable standards.


The MPSC has been asked to grant the Utilities the ability to turn off power to people and businesses without notice for “Dangerous or Hazardous” conditions. Based on my professional examination of the metering technology deployed with AMI meters, the meters themselves are “Dangerous or Hazardous” due to their Lightning vulnerabilities, EMI and RF emissions. There has been a disregard for the health and safety effects of these AMI meters on the general population by the utilities and their AMI supplier. So by their own lack of definition of “Dangerous or Hazardous” all AMI meters deployed at present need to be subject to shut off of service without notice due to “Dangerous or Hazardous” conditions. This may be silly logic on my part but the logic of the proposed rule is equally silly logic and the rule change request should be denied due to lack of definition of what is “Dangerous or Hazardous”. Based on my analysis of the AMI meter and the Analog meter the AMI meter is far more dangerous to the general population than the Analog meter.

In addition I think the MPSC should have a more active role in the technology decisions made by the utilities themselves. In the case of AMI meters the MPSC overlooked this responsibility to assure the utility monopolies are providing a safe metering technology to the consumer and businesses. Based on the effects on the population with people reporting near death experiences and crippling of their bodies with the AMI meters, this decision should be revisited by the MPSC in unison with the various groups that have reported serious issues with this technology. Otherwise the affected population at some time in the future will hold the MPSC directly accountable in a class action law suit which would have to be defended by the State of Michigan using scarce tax dollars for legal expenses. In the Flint Water Crisis the State of Michigan failed to provide proper governance and oversight of the water decisions in Flint costing the State of Michigan many hundreds of millions of dollars and it is far from settled yet.

Does the MPSC not see the similarities of Flint here with the AMI technology that has serious issues that can be simply solved? I do not want my tax dollars spent on defending the MPSC from a class action lawsuit. This requested rule set request is both deceptive and it is also obvious that the utilities want this rule provision to force every person to comply with whatever they want and bypass the MPSC to do it. This will permit the Utilities to use Social Media posts and other forms of protest criticizing them as a condition that is “Dangerous and Hazardous” and turn off power to shut people up and use the intimidation of shutoff of their power service without notice to deny them their first amendment rights. The public is not that stupid, significant numbers of the public knows the Utilities are going to use this tactic to force every home and business to have an AMI meter or else they will shut off their power without notice, even though there is no Federal or State law that specifically calls for an AMI meter. This AMI technology is specified in Federal law as a voluntary option for consumers not mandatory.

Forcing 100% compliance to AMI metering is not the solution; this will only lead to big legal troubles for the MPSC as a whole and direct legal liability to all individual MPSC members. Based on the testimony already made regarding AMI meter health issues the MPSC needs to step up and fulfill its charter to the residents of Michigan to provide SAFE and reliable power and not leave this to the sole discretion of the utilities. The current AMI meters are not safe, as evidenced of the dramatic testimony of residents that are suffering terribly and the engineering analysis such as I and many others in this field have performed.

If the MPSC approves these rule changes, then the MPSC should disband because your role in governance is of no value, merit or benefit to the citizens of the State of Michigan who are paying your salaries. You would have abrogated your governance role to the utilities to do as they see fit for their own exclusive benefit and no one else.







62 thoughts on “The Meter Itself is the “Hazardous Condition”

  1. William:
    I have an ABB time of use meter on my home in NS. I have opted to keep it rather than get a smart meter. Do you know if the ABB meter model QC30130R-19 has an SMDS device similar to the itron that you have given the damning review of?

  2. Hello, Thank You for this, I live in L.A. I have been in my place since April 2017, I have been experiencing nausea, sleeplessness, tiredness, not sleeping hair loss, headaches. I have wrote a letter to my Landlord to change my apartment because of the radiation and they sent me a bug guy. I have 13 meters by my bedroom window and it is the service entrance also. I need help to let them know no-one should be living in THIS! Thank you for your time.

    • Simone

      Quickly move away from this place and notify the landlord if he cannot move you to another apartment far away from this hazard sue him in court for placing you in a “hazardous condition”.

      Do not take too long, because the long term effects are deadly.

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  4. (The following comment has been edited for length)

    Thanks, Dave, for the additional reply. We are all giving your “noggin” a good workout. 🙂

    Re-Your-#1: that utilities “resist” eliminating ground current problems. I haven’t researched the laws but I did read a comment by a person in California who said it is illegal in California to allow current to run along the ground. I would think that would be true in all states. So it is amazing that utilities are “getting away with it.” I don’t recall Dr. Hillman specifically but have read Dave Stetzer’s info, videos, etc. re the same problem with the dairy farmers in Wisconsin that he was involved with in the 1990s. Terrible!
    –FYI: Lloyd Burrell, site owner of ElectricSense dot com, did an interview with Dave Stetzer within very recent years which I heard, & unbelievably, Stetzer said he did NOT know of ANY studies that say that MAGNETIC Fields are harmful. I left a comment at Lloyd’s site after that interview stating I was “SHOCKED” to hear Stetzer say that. What to make of it? :-/

    Re-Your-#2: I have read/heard from the experts re “When two wires run parallel, they cancel out the ‘bad stuff’.” Thank you for that very educated “physics major” guestimate re the cause of the vibration: “If … a good part of the return current is actually flowing through the ground or water pipes, the magnetic fields under your floor may not be cancelling each other. These magnetic fields in turn could be causing metal pipes or other metal objects to vibrate.” That makes sense to me.

    Re-Your-#3: Which would be better/safer ground bonding? Once “at the head” or at each unit?

    Re-Your-#4: Yes, hopefully soon (re lawsuits re DE). And thank you re why the wifi-case judge likely made the decision vs. a jury.
    –Glad to be of assistance re new ideas (Warning Signs).
    –Since someone else mentioned Jill Stein, I figured it was OK to mention Trump. If Hillary wins, forget it, we’re all dead ducks.
    –Re: Settling for “lower heirarchy” in a possible Trump Admin, naaa, c’mon Dave, you’re “thinking too small.” 😉 Trump “thinks big”; recommends everyone do likewise.

    As a matter of fact, I increased my “vision” of such a delegation to 1-person from ALL 50-states. (Trump’s had similar 50+ [church] people meet with him in his office all at once.) I even made a “sample sign”/photo each person could wear, staple a ribbon or string to it; hang this around their necks (I volunteer to make all 50, one for each state. 🙂 ):


    Now that would make an impact! 🙂 (Trump is a “visual” guy. They say most men are.)

    (Smart Meter illustration by David Dees)

    • I believe that political banter detracts from the issues at hand; it is unnecessary and potentially divisive. I hope we can agree to stick to facts here so we can continue to become more informed and remain as a unified voice against the invasion of Smart Meters.

      • Lynn,
        I have a friend who visited with our Pinckney, MI fire department. She asked whether a caged or locked meter presented a hazard. His response was that a locked or caged meter is not a hazard and in over 25 years had not seen an analog meter fire, ever. He did mention that he attended a meeting in Oct 2016 of the “Safety and Health Group” in Lansing that meets every two years. He commented that there were a lot of people literally screaming at this meeting regarding the health effects of the meters and Consumer and DTE were both there. According to this third hand report both Consumers and DTE stated that people that wanted to keep their analog meter can now do so. Now I find this hard to believe, but does anyone know of this meeting and possibly attended this meeting? If this was a recorded meeting it will sure be interesting to read the transcript. I looked on line for information and came up with nothing. It will take me a couple of weeks to get the time to sit down with the Pinckney Fire Chief to verify all this.

      • Lynn, This website has been and will continue to be non-partisan as long stated under our “Other Issues/Politics” tab. Therefore I have refrained from expressing my own political preferences. It should not be inferred that we have strayed from this by simply posting a reader’s comment in which a political opinion is expressed. We ask only that such comments be civil and narrowly focused on a candidate’s position on smart grid or the broader issues of electromagnetic pollution or electronic privacy intrusion. Since we have had a couple of comments expressing that Trump would be more likely to help our smart meter cause, it might be helpful if we had a couple of comments from those who believe one of the other candidates would more likely further our cause.

  5. Josh also mentioned a FLORIDA Supreme Court case re Sovereign Immunity vs. the Constitution, etc. That FLORIDA Supreme Court case is this one:

    646 So.2d 717 (1994)
    DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE, et al., Appellants/Cross-Appellees,
    David KUHNLEIN, et al., Appellees/Cross-Appellants.
    DEPARTMENT OF HIGHWAY SAFETY AND MOTOR VEHICLES, et al., Appellants/Cross-Appellees,
    Richard ADAMS, et al., Appellees/Cross-Appellants.
    Nos. 82994, 82995.

    Supreme Court of Florida.
    September 29, 1994.
    Order Granting One Motion for Clarification but Denying other Motion November 30, 1994.

  6. In reply to “Smart Meter Education” above at “October 29, 2016, at 8:41 pm”:
    michiganstopsmartmeters [dot] com/2016/10/12/the-meter-itself-is-the-hazardous-condition/#comment-34166

    That “precedent setting” case, which was finally heard by the STATE of New Jersey (not USA) Supreme Court (which was decided in 1970 after a first trial/dismissed, appeals, retrials, etc. in the late 1960s) is here. John Blume (retired 2008) was the attorney I was referring to who represented the widow of the deceased:

    Black v. Public Service Elec. & Gas Co., 265 A.2d 129 (N.J. 1970)
    Supreme Court of New Jersey
    Filed: May 4th, 1970
    Precedential Status: Precedential
    Citations: 265 A.2d 129, 56 N.J. 63
    Judges: Francis
    Remove [dot] & add a dot:
    courtlistener [dot] com/opinion/1549713/black-v-public-service-elec-gas-co/
    Also here:
    law.justia [dot] com/cases/new-jersey/supreme-court/1970/56-n-j-63-0.html

    One great quote in that decision (among others):

    “The National Electrical Safety Code … Rule 211 provides:
    ‘ALL electric supply and communication lines AND equipment shall be installed and maintained so as to reduce hazards to life as far as practicable.'”

    Practicable: adjective: “able to be done or put into practice successfully.
    synonyms: realistic, feasible, possible, within the bounds/realms of possibility, viable, reasonable, sensible, workable, achievable; informal: doable.”

    Surely the utilities can manage that re “stray voltage,” “ground current,” “dirty electricity,” “smart meters,” etc.?

  7. Hi, I read your article with great interest, particularly in light of a stray voltage problem we have at the house. The electric company has confirmed that their neutral line to the house is causing several volts on the electrical ground system. Only when the neutral is completely disconnected from the house will our ground voltage go to zero. Usually the ground voltage varies between about 2-3V most days, but we’ve seen it as low as 1.3V and as high as 6.3V as we randomly check it (relative to soil). This has been going on 6 months now since reported and confirmed, but still no fix. When I initially contacted customer service, the emergency crew and then power quality came out to investigate, I remember hearing a series of comments such as “Wow!”, “Hmm, it’s usually either 0 or 120, not a slow leak this this….”, “We’re still working on it…don’t understand it yet…”. I’ve measured the ground voltage only on one other neighbor’s house so far. This neighbor does not share a transformer with me. The proposed ‘solution’ for my house would not even address the stray voltage on my neighbor’s house. MY QUESTION is, if I understand your article correctly, perhaps the smart meters on the grid along the entire street are potentially causing this stray voltage???? This might explain the problem and the fact that the utility was so perplexed…. Thank you!

    • ALM, (1) The way you describe it maybe the source of the problem is on your neighbor’s property and some of his return current may have been flowing through ground to your water pipe and from there through your neutral and back to pole. Disconnecting your neutral might have been a useful experiment to narrow down the problem, but certainly doesn’t sound like any kind of solution. The utility should make sure your neighbors have adequately sized neutral wires back to transformer. (2) I have not heard of smart meters causing stray currents or stray voltages, though they certainly cause a whole bunch of other problems.

      • Thank you, Dave. Interesting suggestion. The permanent solution (yet to be done) is put up a pole half way up my driveway with a new transformer, and disconnect me from our closer neighbor who does share our current transformer. Apparently we are a split off his line. Disconnecting the neutral from our house was part of the diagnostics the utility was doing… An interesting tidbit I didn’t mention the first time is that when this closer neighbor shuts off all of his circuit breakers, it significantly cleans up the incoming power to our house–he recently converted all of his lights to fluorescent lights and we are blessed with ALL of that noisy power. So the utility promised to disconnect me from his house with this new transformer. I’m hoping the negative effects from the smart meter may lessened when I don’t have SOOO much incoming dirty electricity. My clinical symptoms went from bad to worse the very day the smart meter was installed. I had to sleep outside in the yard it was so bad in the house, until we learned to shut off our circuit breakers at night. The utility thought that disconnecting me would help with the stray voltage, and hopefully they’re right, but this Other Neighbor also has stray voltage and I’m assuming his won’t be improved after I get my own transformer. Thus, I wondered that the root of the problem was bigger…and perhaps related to the smart grid given Mr. Bathgate’s article. But maybe not…

      • Aldon, to measure the ground voltage, I put a ground rod into the soil (>10ft from the electrical panel) and run the connecting wire through the window and into the voltmeter. The other wire from the voltmeter goes into that little 3rd grounding hole in any of the house outlets. I can also touch that other wire probe to the metal plate above the bathtub with the same results. This is what we have been referring to as stray voltage, too. I’m actually very curious how many other people with noticeable ill effects from smart meters may also have additional contributing problems like this, or am I unique?

    • ALM,

      You have a problem with some appliance or other switched mode power supply such as a PC laptop power supply, phone charged etc. Leaking voltage to Ground. This is extremely dangerous, because not everyone knows that it is common to see current on the ground circuit. Current with zero voltage is no issue, if you add voltage this can become a real hazard. It is not likely the Smart Meter is leaking to ground because it has no connection to ground.

      Start to unplug appliances, shutting them off at the breaker would be a double check.

      • That’s what odd–with ALL circuit breakers off to the entire house, the ground voltage is there, unchanged. It doesn’t go away until the electric company’s neutral is disconnected from the house.

      • ALM

        If the input to the house is leaking voltage, it is possible the transformer on the pole has a defect. This is very rare.

  8. Mr. Bathgate, do you have any comment regarding the circuitry of other brands of smart meters, such as the Landis+Gyr meters used in Philadelphia? Do they contain the same faults?

  9. Thank you for the article! Appreciated the “legal discussion” in the comments as well. (There should be a “Smart Grid Legal Discussion Forum” online. I’d would love to know how people are faring with that, for those who have sued any utilities, & more specifics of what legal strategies they used, how it turned out, etc.)

    I think I’ve read just about all I can read (over the past 2.5 years since the nightmare began here) & there isn’t much talk among Smart Meter sites/articles/comments re Floors/Walls/Plumbing literally vibrating (causing body/internal organs to vibrate as well) along with the horrible obnoxious noise that goes along with it. (I’ve only seen maybe 4-5 comments/stories max over that period of time & some went back to 2009 or so, where people said their floors &/or internal organs vibrate, & those have been spread across the country, none local; & none of them ever knew why/how it was happening. I think there has to be a specific reason/commonality, such as/possibilities: underground powerlines, underground meter pipes, concrete floors, rebar in the concrete floors, underground plumbing pipes, & maybe even corrosion of any/all those “underground” things, etc.(??) A more recent example by an AZ lady who also has underground powerlines & says her house vibrates is here:

    I’m not necessarily 1000% convinced it is due to ONLY-RF (though a govt. expert witness in the BC-PUC case testified that RF “CAN” penetrate the ground up to 3-FEET! Then he backtracked, of course, & said “Penetration does not necessarily mean Harm” or words to that effect.)

    Also, the noise it makes is more often than not a “Deep” sound as what ELF might sound like & not HF-RF (not that I really know what either ELF or HF-RF sounds like, officially). The noise fluctuates per Intensity of the vibrations. So it can sound like a Humming to a Fast-Drumming/Thrumming, to sometimes a Warbling (I imagine like a submarine might sound, “warbling” through the deep ocean as seen in old movies), & even 4-times it went into VERY LOUD “ROARING” mode (with VIOLENT vibrations & the room SWARMING with “energy”) as if a half-dozen jets were hovering over the high metal roof! That ROARING 4x occurred in the first year/2014 between August & December, so I figured they must have been “tweaking” their system, OR it “went OUT OF CONTROL” [or THEY “lost control of it!”]. At some point I read a Pakistani report by 5 of their engineers (over at who wrote that the utilities were creating a MONSTER & that the MONSTER “may not OBEY ITS MASTERS.” That sounded like a perfect description of those 4x of “ROARING.”

    Mr. Bathgate piqued my interest with descriptions of *”voltage oscillations”* & *”Ground References”* & *”via oscillation of the ground reference return paths”* & *”EMI oscillations”* & *”the AC input and AC output had to be void of any oscillation introduced by the switching circuit”* & *”high frequency oscillations,”* etc. Would any/all of that be the reason(s) for the Floors/Walls/Plumbing (& my bed & internal organs) vibrating? When it is “cranked up” into Strong Intensity, I tell you it is nothing short of literal & brutal TORTURE, sometime for weeks without letup (thank God it lessens Intensity in mid-Fall for only a few very short months which, I’m thinking, might have to do with what the utility refers to in its PSC reports as “REAL vs. REACTIVE DEMAND.” Either way, somebody needs to HANG for this nightmare!

    Sorry for length. Hope nobody minds!
    “Reporting” from FLORIDA, btw, as…
    /”Smart Grid Vibrations & Hum” (SGVH)

    • SVGH, There are a few folks here in Michigan who have experienced some of the problems you are describing. One of the causes has been the tendency of utilities to not use appropriately sized neutral conductors between the main circuit breaker panel and their transformer on the pole. The neutral bar in main circuit breaker panels is bonded to ground – usually through a connection to the water pipe near the water meter and/or to a ground rod. With inadequate sizing of the neutral conductor what happens is some of the current that should be flowing through the neutral conductor actually travels through the water pipe and/or the ground to get back to the transformer on the pole. With smart or digital meters, there is a switched mode power supply in the meter which is well known to put “dirty electricity” on the wiring of a home or business. These are frequencies in the kilohertz range that cause undesirable currents to flow in the wiring in walls. These currents in turn cause magnetic fields. Hopefully some of the folks who experienced the things you wrote about will join this discussion and tell us what they had to do to correct the situation.

      As to legal, we have a whole section about court cases under the “Legal” tab on this website. There have been 4 cases that reached the appellate level in Michigan: the Cusumano appeal of the MPSC’s opt-out ruling for DTE customers, the Rison et al appeal of the MPSC’s opt-out ruling for Consumers Energy customers, the Sheldon appeal of the MPSC’s decision to provide funding for DTE’s smart meter program, and the Stenman appeal of a circuit court ruling in favor of DTE. About the only thing these cases have in common is the convoluted logic by which the appeals court managed to rule in favor of smart meters at every turn – often by contradicting its own ruling in one of the other aforementioned cases. Draw your own conclusion. We hope to put up an analysis of these 4 cases soon, pointing out the obvious contradictions in the rulings.

      • (The following comment has been edited for length)

        Thank you, Vigilant Dave, for that detailed reply (cool name!), & empathies to any folks in your neck of the woods with the same terrible vibration+noise problems. Did the utility fix their problems willingly? It sounds so simple to fix it, the way you described!

        Not sure if this matters, but this is a one-story multi-unit building in a small complex of a half-a-dozen buildings, all one-story. The transformer (6’x6′ approx.) for this bldg. sits on the ground up at the same end/front corner of the bldg. where the smart meters are on that end wall. So there are no “poles” as the powerlines are underground. Then the pipes from each meter also run underground the full length of the bldg., those pipes coming upward “in two’s” between every other unit, to connect to each unit’s circuit breaker panel. I heard that utilities usually “gather all the meter pipes together” at the starting-end & put them in one trench underground to run along the entire bldg. clear to the opposite end/last unit. If that’s what they did here, I’ve got meter-pipes for four other units traveling under me & I “betcha” 100-bucks, that if they are all in “one trench” that it is not a very deep trench!

        “The neutral bar in main circuit breaker panels is bonded to ground – usually through a connection to the water pipe near the water meter and/or to a ground rod.”

        Thank you! By “main circuit breaker panel,” do you mean each of ours individually in each unit? Or is there some other “main” one? Would it be at the end wall where all the smart meters are? If so, it wouldn’t be “that far” for them to add an “appropriately sized neutral conductor” between that end-wall/meters & the transformer on the ground at the same front corner of the bldg. Are utilities prone to resist doing such “fixes”? I guess so or people wouldn’t be having these problems.

        “With inadequate sizing of the neutral conductor what happens is some of the current that should be flowing through the neutral conductor actually travels through the water pipe and/or the ground to get back to the transformer…”

        So is that “neutral conductor” thing a “metal bar” or a “wire”?


        Also thank you for the info on your legal cases & the obvious effort that has been put forth by those attempting to fight these dogs. I’ll have to look around at that section of your site. Has anyone tried personal injury (from DE, Ground Current, ELF, Vibration, etc. rather than re MWR-RF) &/or property damage lawsuits?

        Curtis Bennett has written articles many times stating that the “high-speed penetrating EMFs” are “vibrating buildings at atomic & molecular levels at 1.8 BILLION times PER measurable SECOND” & that that is breaking every building code re Vibration in every city/county/state, no matter where everyone is located.

        The only legal case I was able to hear details about, belatedly, (which long-timers like yourself probably already know about, but for any newbies), was the wifi in schools case from a few years ago & the attorney did a few interviews in 2014 with James Tracy at MemoryHoleBlog. That attorney, Shawn Abrell, said the judge totally “cowarded out” by deciding: “Even though I have ALL THIS EVIDENCE IN FRONT OF ME, if I decide in the Plaintiff’s favor, I would be going AGAINST the FCC; I cannot do that” (or words to that effect). What a contradiction. He recognizes the EVIDENCE then IGNORES it. (Not sure why a judge was deciding vs. a jury?) Abrell said before he took the case, he personally put in 4,000 hours STUDYING ALL the science, so he was well-prepared.

        As for drawing my own conclusions, I think many a judge is part of the “Old Boys Club” (take your pick of “which one” 😉 ) so they “scratch each others’ backs.” That, or they have stock in “Green Energy” or they have been blackmailed, or they are plum scared (or stupid). It can’t be “legal reasoning,” because as you described, they are inconsistent – tripping over their own feet. Maybe they can barely “think” anymore because they are being radiated in their courthouses. Ha.

        So… I’m always looking for the perfect strategy before proceeding, since there’s no “winning” re MWR-RF/FCC limits, at least not yet. So there has to be another way.

        One older case I ran across totally by accident. took the utility all the way to the State Supreme Court re… guess what? WARNING SIGNS! Back then there were NO Warning Signs re High Voltage powerlines. An attorney was representing the widow of a fellow who happened to be standing on the ground NEAR a crane when that crane accidentally touched a high power line way up there; it instantly zapped/killed the guy standing on the ground.) So the argument was, the utility KNEW or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that the High Voltage Powerlines were dangerous; therefore they should have Warning Signs near All such High Voltage things. Of course the utility said the crane operator SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, but, too bad, the higher court disagreed. Then again, judges may have been a little bit more “sane” in those days than now. But it’s high time we demand Warning Signs on all Smart Meters, if not re the RF (need to figure a way to get around the evil FCC), then re the SMPS/DE, etc. Do you legal-beagles think that would “work” as a strategy? Or would such an “argument” get laughed out of court?

        One last thought I’ll throw out there: I’ve been thinking for awhile that a group of anti-Smart Meter advocates, those healthy enough that is, should go see Trump in person as a small group (if he wins, see him between Nov. and Jan.); have a meeting with him to get him “up to speed” fast. We “feeblers” could all pitch in for the trip. Initial contact could be made through either of his sons; let them put the “bug in Dad’s ear.”

        I’m done rambling, thank you for your patience (I don’t do this everyday, I’m usually too “fried”). Grid is still in Super-Low/Mild-Intensity mode ALL DAY; I’m in heaven with a “working brain”! Grid is “Warbling” (noise) but as if “distant” and very “faint” (rather than “up close, louder, potent, pulsing & penetrating” as it is when it increases to Stronger Intensity). The Vibes are super MILD as well, thank God!

        Thanks again!

      • SGVH, (1) Our experience with Michigan utilities is that they resist fixing ground current problems. Dr. Donald Hillman, retired professor at Michigan State University, was very much involved in researching and testifying concerning dairy farm issues with ground currents. A number of dairy farmers were put out of business or had to relocate because one Michigan utility would not properly remedy a ground current problem that passed electric currents through his cows causing the cows to not drink and not produce milk. (2) One point to consider is that when a circuit completes entirely through one twisted pair of wires (or a pair of wires in close proximity), the magnetic field from the hot conductor is mostly cancelled out by the opposite magnetic field from the neutral conductor. Now you describe a situation where the main feed wires for some of the units are running immediately under your floor (you think). If you add to that a situation where a good part of the return current is actually flowing through the ground or water pipes, the magnetic fields under your floor may not be cancelling each other. These magnetic fields in turn could be causing metal pipes or other metal objects to vibrate. This is just my speculation as a physics major. It would be great if an electrician with actual experience with multi unit construction would join this discussion. (3) The neutral conductor is a wire. I don’t know, in multi unit construction, whether bonding to ground is done only once ahead of all the unit meters, or is done separately in the circuit breaker panel of each unit. Again, maybe someone familiar could comment. (4) Legal: We have no case yet that has been argued primarily on the dirty electricity issue but I think such a case may come to court soon. What you saw with that judge in the wi-fi case is all too familiar to us. Probably the reason it wasn’t in front of a jury was because the judge was making a summary judgment before the case could get as far as a jury. I like your idea of bringing a case on warning signs for the meters. (5) Trump: we are officially non partisan on this website, but I think your idea has some merit. Might have to settle for briefing somebody a couple levels lower on the hierarchy.

      • Could you please provide a citation for the Supreme Court case you were talking about? Thanks.

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  11. Don’t be surprised if your MPSC does nothing but go along with your Utility Co. Here in CA the CPUC (supposed to watch after the People) does simply Everything the PG&E wants. They’re in bed together. Contacting either is a farce. Yes, apts/condos/duplexes, etc. may be worse, I live in a SFR & kept both analogs (gas/electric) but am surrounded by neighbors who took the Smart Meters. When the PG&E 1st turned on the power to read them, what happened to me was the absolute FEELING that my heart had somersaulted in my chest – a feat that is physically impossible, but nevertheless the exact sensation. Alarming, to say the least. It was so loud that after several nights I was convinced my analog had been switched, but only got as far as my driveway and stopped realizing that the “sound” was full on the street – about 10pm at night. It wasn’t just “in” my home. What I have now, I think, is transient electricity and some nights so loud I need a sleeping pill. I can’t wait to move and be totally Off the Grid! Sovereignty! For products to protect, go to for the home or office, etc., for more personal shielding go to for more information go to the Coalition Against Smart Meters at: And a word about Cell Towers. In a ten yr period in Belo Horizante, a very affluent and highly educated population in Brazil, there were over 8,000 deaths and all by cancers, many in “clusters” – adjacent apts, or bldgs, etc. Their Public Health Dept attained documents from their Census Bureau to learn ages, genders, cancers, and proximity to Cell Towers. The highest number of Cancer deaths lived within a third mile radius. The further out one was, the cancers decreased somewhat. The same thing happened at UCLA: Two young men in the same dorm, another in an adjacent dorm, and a teacher in another bldg. There were seven deaths altogether. Their Administration has denied any connection to their cancers and deaths and to the cable from the Cell Tower on the hill overlooking these bldgs and running under them. Go to and type in your address and learn how close you may be living to a cell tower. Line of sight won’t help when you learn there’s more than one within a few miles of where you live or work. Even more outrageous is that Thomas Wheeler, Director of the FCC, recently announced that Cell Towers will now be 5 Gigahtz AND will also be in Rural areas – you know – to make sure none of us can escape. One more note about wireless – all wireless transmits by emissions of Radiation. Right there is the chief reason why none of this is healthy for any living thing. Take a look at trees or shrubs near a Smart Meter and watch it turn brown within a few days; they desiccate from the inside out – imagine what they’re doing to animals and people! Okay – one more fact: check your insurance policies if you are a user of a cell phone. Many have followed the Gold Standard of Lloyds of London and exclude health coverage for cell phone users AND the Insurance companies are also NOT covering Telecom companies Cell Towers with product liability coverage because they know the numbers will be coming in….and another important note about Thomas Wheeler, Director of the FCC who decides all these things. Before he was appointed to THIS job, he was THE CHIEF LOBBYIST for CTIA – the Telecom Industry’s Association. Any conflict of interest there? Not after he gave Obama a “donation” in the amount of $700,000! Do y’all want out? Vote for the Only Candidate for Us, the People: Jill Stein, Green Party! Check out her platform at http://www.JillStein2016 and read her stance on the issues. She is a Harvard Medical Graduate and a Medical Internist. She gave it up to run for the Presidency to also fight Climate Change (nothing hotter than Radiation) because she wants to leave a viable planet for her two sons and everyone’s child. She’s a Peacemaker, not a war monger and has taken not a dime from any SuperPAC or corporate entity. Her funding has come all from us so she owes “them, the 1%” absolutely Nothing! YEA! Hope is Here and Help is on the Way with Jill, not Hill and I’ll bet Analogs and their safe record of 60+ years will be completely understood by Dr. Jill. IT’S IN OUR HANDS!” Yes, it is!

    • Diane, I like what you have said here. I like some parts of Jill Stein’s platform. Unfortunately she does not have any realistic chance of winning, unless she sees her role as a spoiler for both leading candidates. To those of us working to stop this Smart Grid on our homes being dictated to us, voting for HRC is the wrong choice on this subject. Only DJT is the person that will even see this subject in a more favorable light for us and has a chance to win. He is fighting the Globalist and their Agenda 21 objectives, which is where all the Smart Meter initiative began. Now I myself find some offensive comments etc. troubling, so I think he will need to clean up his act on that front. However on policy I think he is leaps and bounds better than HRC. She will further erode our liberty and through the use of force make us all robots for the state. DJT can clean up his act, there is no way Hillary can suddenly stop lying to us.

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  14. Hi
    2 things

    1- The analog meter is equipped with 2 surge arrestors (2 metal plates and internal device) at the back of the meter that will redirect the voltage surge to the ground. Smartmeter are not equipped with those importants features for safety.

    2- Since end of the nineties, every meter has a backplate made of thermoplastic instead of bakelite. Bakelite was reinforced with asbestos fiber so the backplate did not burn or melt. The backplate made of Bakelite was acting like a heatsink and the hot sockets had less effects for fire.
    Asbestos fiber is now banned in every country that is why you don’t find any more bakelite backplate

    • Thanks for the comment on Bakelite. Manufacturers have changed to using fiberglass instead of Asbestos in a Bakelite parts. The Bakelite parts do not shrink after releasing from the mold. The part dimensions remain the same and you can make a more precise part. Thermoplastics parts actually shrink after release from the mold. Most plastic parts today are thermoplastics and take less production time to mold the part. So a thermoplastic part is cheaper to make but you can still get Bakelite.

      I still get Bakelite parts form two different suppliers today.

      • Maybe you can find bakelite but it is the asbestos fiber that make the big difference. Without asbestos fiber, meter backplates are melting by ten of thousands everywhere in the world and that is why there is so many fires.

  15. Thank you for this article! My question is this: we have a PLC/Tracs meter system out here in rural Nebraska. The meter has a wire that connects underground to our utility circuit board in the house. I can not measure the dirty electricity this is generating onto the house wiring, but I know that it is doing so. I am an EHS person, so I am well familiar with the health effects that we are experiencing in the house 24/7. How can we shield against this dirty electricity? We shut off the power to the bedroom at night, but we still have sleep disruption and body pain.
    Thank you.

    • Ruth, One suggestion would be to turn off all circuits in your breaker panel during sleep hours except for what is essential, such as your refrigerator and furnace. If this does not solve problem you might also buy a pair of Stetzer filters (about $35 each) and install at the breaker panel – one for each phase. You might need an electrician for that. If you still experience sleep disruption you might invest in a gauss meter – which measures magnetic fields in a room. These fields may be created by dirty electricity in your wiring or by most electronic devices in your home, such as a TV, VCR, DVD player. There are a couple of gauss meters offered for sale on Watch the video linked there to Alpha Labs UHS2 gauss meter. Perhaps others of our readers with experience will weigh in.

  16. My name is Neil, I created the EMF Safety Zone Channel on YouTube. I call myself an EMF consultant, however, I am not a trained Building Biologist. Although I do have a lot of valuable experience whereby I can assist many people around the world in living a safer and more healthy lifestyle in regards to reducing their wireless radiation exposure. I am sorry to be the one to announce this. But somebody needs to say it. Apartments and condominiums are no longer safe dwelling places for anyone who cares about their own health and the health of their family, because all the neighbors are exposing each other to wireless radiation through the walls. These days I am like a broken record, I just keep repeating the same suggestions over and over again as follows: 1) Buy yourself and learn how to use a decent quality “radio frequency meter.” Learn how to measure and discern safer places to live and work. 2) Never live in an apartment building or condominium, as you could be dealing with wireless exposure from numerous directions from neighbors. 3) Rid your home of all wireless devices. Use corded landlines, hardwire your computers using an ethernet cord and disable the wireless option on the computer and modem/router. 4) Never live near a cell tower, especially if you can see it “line of sight.” 5) Never hold a cell phone to your head, use speakerphone or an airtube headset. 5) And do not carry the phone around ready to receive a call, put it in airplane mode until ready to use it.

  17. You have confirmed what many just right off as conspiracy.

    My blood boils as I think how much damage they could be doing to my body. My bedroom is within 12 smart meters due to neighbor home being 5 units and only 8ft driveway seperation. I know my house has dirty electricity now too, as many lights flicker, and bulbs blow within 2-4 months of being new. My memory and cognitive function has plummeting immensely over the past year. (meters here were installed 1-2 years ago). My general fatigue, muscle fatigue and decay is also intense, and I put all this towards the effects EMF’s can have on the body’s ability to regenerate and rebuild at night, and go figure that is exactly when the meters go nuts. Pulsating us even more while we sleep. Is this a nightmare? or remind anyone else of the riddler & batman 20 years ago? Someone wake me up.

    This is even a more perfect thought out plan of human destructiveness and potential population control(EMFS & Fertility!!!), than any past agenda’s I know of. I thought fluoride in water & toothpaste was bad. Lead! Vaccines w/mercury. Fake salt & Iodine Agenda to name a few.
    History repeats? The elite/gov/corps can trample over our rights, limit & remove them. Destroy our health, and even enslave us in an illusionary monetary system, but when, and I say WHEN!? will we quit playing by their rules? and fight fire with fire, or with blood. WE ARE THE 99.99999%

  18. Thank you Dave. I finally found a physician who is familiar with Environmental Sensitivity. After our discussion he agreed that RF is dangerous and is responsible for poisoning communities. Cell towers, wifii, and smart meters should be removed. The author of the latest document is also very special. Finally someone with education, experience and bravery has affirmed what people with environment sensitivity have been reporting. Time for DTE and Consumer Power to admit their equipment is dangerous and needs to be removed immediately.

    • Joe

      Good idea I will do that. I do not know what good it would do. But the similarity to the Flint situation may get their attention.


  19. Excellent! This is the very best description of the needless RF transmissions and Unfiltered SMPS voltage transient pollution have ever read. Turning off the RF function still leaves you with the pulsed electric pollution that these meters can inject into your private wiring circuits.

    Eric Windheim
    Building Biologist
    Sacramento CA

  20. Wow, what a fantastic job dear sir! Nothing else needs to be written or said. Though sadly, it will never be enough to stop “them”. . .
    That being said, we must not give up the fight, beacuse it is for our children and grandchildren and their children!

    • Please note it is a lot easier to sue the MPSC than the Utility company. The utility can throw a lot more money and lawyers at this than the MPSC can. The MPSC is no slouch but they do not like being held to account in front of the public. The Utility does not care as I and many others have discovered.

      • William, thank you very much for the suggestion to sue the MPSC rather than the utility company. This suggestion will come in very handy in the near future.
        John K.

      • Joseph, I believe your point is well taken. Generally either the federal or state governments can claim sovereign immunity unless their legislature has passed a law to allow suits against that government for certain kinds of claims. There has to be an enabling statute to allow a suit against federal or state government. I have not researched to see if such an enabling statute exists here in Michigan that would apply to a claim against MPSC for dereliction of duty. If anyone knows, please join this discussion. It is sometimes possible to sue individual agents of a government if they have acted outside the powers properly granted to them by the legislature.

      • Yes, you are right on that, David. Government agents have sovereign immunity.

      • Hi David, Joseph at al,

        No one is above the law in this country — despite recent events of high level politicians temporarily “getting away with it”.

        There appear to be those who want to convince people that they have no individual rights and the government can do whatever they want. This is incorrect.

        Government immunity only covers government actors who are doing their duties according to law. It does NOT cover those who are either violating law, acting beyond the permitted scope of their duties, or (in a commercial perspective) causing harm to individuals.

        The supreme law here is still the US Constitution, and those who have sworn an oath to it are specifically individually liable for causing – or allowing the breach of it to cause – harm to the people they are obligated to serve.

        We the people have generally not figured this out yet.

        While Wikipedia is certainly not to be trusted as an authority, this does put it in simple language, in this case:

        “State sovereign immunity does not extend to cases where a plaintiff alleges the state’s action is in violation of the federal or state constitution. In Department of Revenue v. Kuhnlein, the Florida Department of Revenue claimed that sovereign immunity prevented plaintiffs from bringing a case that alleged that a tax violated the Commerce Clause and, furthermore, that if the tax was unconstitutional, the refund request could not be given because it did not comply with state statutes for tax refunds. The Florida Supreme Court rejected those arguments, stating: “Sovereign immunity does not exempt the State from a challenge based on violation of the federal or state constitutions, because any other rule self-evidently would make constitutional law subservient to the State’s will. Moreover, neither the common law nor a state statute can supersede a provision of the federal or state constitutions.”[9]”

        -Josh del Sol

      • FYI re suing PUCs:

        Re: specifically the FLA PUC, ie, the FLORIDA PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION (FPSC):

        I copied this directly from their website back on 4/10/2015. They obviously want to distance themselves from SmartMeter RF & health damage therefrom:

        –“The FPSC enforces the safety standards found in the National Electrical Safety Code for all electric utilities, which does not address radio frequency (RF) emissions.

        –“RF emission standards are established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

        –“The FPSC’s authority does not extend to health issues related to meters.

        –“Smart meters periodically transmit a low power signal.

        –“RF emissions from smart meters are well below the FCC standard.

        –“Smart meter transmitters are certified for compliance with RF emission standards by the FCC.

        –“The FCC deems that meters in compliance with these emission standards do not have adverse health impacts.”
        End Quotes.

        Maybe they could be sued re the “conducted emissions” via SMPS which causes DE due to SmartMeters not having the FCC-B Classification as is required for all other computers, since SmartMeters ARE also computers. (??)

  21. Mr. Bathgate: Since you have a great degree of experience and technical knowledge regarding smart meters, would you please comment on the technical information provided for the filter and meter described at the link below. (In other words, does the information make sense?) I found this site through the Research section of the Michigan Stop Smart Meters website but I lack the technical knowledge required to understand the description. Until we can have smart meters replaced with analog meters, do you think that the use of these filters and meter have significant potential to reduce household electromagnetic exposure?
    Also, “Thank you” to Vigilant Dave for maintaining the website.

    • Lynn, Yes they can work. I qualify the word can because when you divert RFI energy you create magnetic energy. I would apply these filters sparingly, it would be best to obtain their meter first and only buy the filters you require after testing the outlets in the areas of your home you use the most, such as your bedroom and kitchen. Keep in mind there are many generators of RFI in a home. TV’s, PC’s and Laptop power supplies, phone chargers, even your alarm clock.(after I tested my clock I threw it out and got a battery operated one.) and florescent and CFL lights are examples. Get the meter first, then experiment. These filters are expensive to buy ($35.00 Each). I have tested Green Wave filters and they mitigate more RFI but they also create more magnetic fields. One type is not worse than the other, they just operate differently. Do not go out and buy 10 filters just to try it out.

      • Good advice, Use a Stetzer meter to locate devices that create DE and remove them. After this, very few filters will be needed unless it is coming on the utility service feed which you can test for if you have absolutely everything in the house off and unplugged. I have installed two Stetzer filters at the main electric panel with one on each phase. This seems to be the best way to stop DE at the main panel and from coming into the house at all. Keep in mind that these filters have limitations.

        Eric Windheim
        Building Biologist
        Sacramento CA

    • Dam good question. Anyone who knows EMFs/RFs knows its near impossible to fully protect yourself. Such an expense in hopes to deter their attacks against us. I don’t think they are worth it. You are better off hiring an electrician to come test for dirty electric and if so, have him install a ground if possibly. Get a signed letter head of your findings. Take them to court if their meter is doing such now that you have evidence. World wide take over with meters and the evil intentions behind them and what may come is devastating. The most good any of us can do is flyer neighborhoods and tell everyone.

    • I do not like Stetzer filters, and not just because they make me feel quite ill. One of the big problems with them is that you must install them in your living space. They “gather up” dirty electricity from your home wiring into the filter. Well, that field doesn’t stay in the filter. It radiates out into your living space. I’ve measure it with a Trifield meter, and it’s high. So, while you have taken dirty electricity out of your lines, your gather it up into the filter and re-radiating it into your room. Of course, if you use their plug-in meter to test for dirty electricity, it will read well (usually) because the dirty electricity is now in the filter–and radiating into your room!

      As for installing Stetzer filters at the breaker box, it’s a better solution than throughout your home. However, there is an even better solution. I wrote a comment above in reply to Ruth Ruddock’s question about filtering dirty electricity. I’ll copy it here, since you might not be able to find my reply.

      Ruth, I would not recommend that you get the Stetzer filter. The Stetzer filters cause problems for many EHS people, myself included and do not seem to be effective with PLC, probably because they have only one filter and can’t get at the really low frequencies sufficiently. I have a filter that will work incredibly well with PLC. A year ago, I began to search for a filter that would work for me, as I am highly EHS. I wanted to test how well this filter works, so I decided to install it on my parents’ home. They have PLC, and I had read on eiwellspring that it is impossible to effectively filter out dirty electricity on PLC. If it worked well on PLC, then I knew it would do a really good job of filtering out low frequencies with smart meters.

      I installed this filter on my parents’ home in February 2016. I wasn’t expecting it to do much, but the results were phenomenal. Dirty electricity readings that ranged from 500 to 1200 went down to 47 to 120 with the filter installed. Anything below 50 is acceptable. (Some of the higher readings are due to the fact that my parents have CFLs and the like, and probably a lot of wiring errors in their home.) You can expect a 90% reduction in dirty electricity with this filter.

      The filtering component is composed of three state-of-the-art polymer-film–based harmonic rectifiers (unlike the single filter in Stetzer and Greenwave plug-in units). Within those rectifiers are six filters in the part of the bandwidth scientists have found to be most detrimental to health. In addition, there is a filter for the ultra-high frequencies (smart meter), and one for the ultra-low (super-low dirty electricity). All this means that you are filtering out all kinds of frequencies that most other units do not even address and that will not be picked up by the Stetzer and Greenwave metering tools (the tools most commonly used to measure dirty electricity). The harmonic rectifiers are self-healing, so they virtually never fail. The other good thing about this filter, which installs at your breaker box, is it is a surge protector, will prolong the life of your appliances (because they will not be stressed by dirty electricity), and will likely reduce your electric bill.

      I have had a lot of good feedback from people with smart meters whom I have sold this filter to. It has helped with tinnitus, sleep, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, memory problems. etc.

      If you want more information on it, please contact me via or at

      Linda Kurtz, director of the Smart Meter Education Network

      • My wife had a problem with some prescription medicine. She was diagnosed as medicine sensitive. We had a wind turbine project proposed for Mason County, Michigan. Residents fought it, but the county needed the property taxes. The turbines started operating on November 2012. By June 2013 my wife was dead. I found “Electric Sensitivities and the Electrical Environment” by Cyril Smith during an internet search. I think the turbines produced a frequency that triggered the same response her body had to the prescription drug. She had only taken one pill and the body’s reaction to it was not nice. I purchased a Fluke 199C scopemeter, a Metex digital multimeter modified to detect magnetic fields, and a EMFields acoustimeter model AM-10. I found pollution sources at many of my electrical outlets. The only item I found after an internet search was the Stetzerizer. After purchasing and installing the Stetzerizer, I was able to eliminate electronic pollutions problems in all areas except by my dish washer. It still has a small magnetic field around it which I do not know how to fix. I felt better after installing the Stetzerizers. The only way I can describe it is a weight lifted off my mind.

      • Like I said in an earlier post it can work or not work for you. It is very hard to know why

  22. Thank you greatly for your info…i am reading this late at night and i plan on re-reading it later and i wish to state more of my thanks, thoughts, opinions and questions. Thanks again!

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